A letter to my followers....


Hi Everyone,

So here we are in April, I'm now blogging over 15 months and I feel I've totally lost all my flow with writing and also my creativity….bad mojo times for me!

Blogging is hard work! I’m sure for the most part of portraying pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat we look like we have the time of our lives, getting ‘free stuff’ in the post, attending events where wine & cupcakes are just customary but…for every event and every gift you receive there is this unrelenting pressure to then ‘blog’ out it. Now before I go on please don’t get me wrong this is not a letter of complaining or negativity but more a commitment to motivation which right now I really feel I need.

My own life is pretty busy right now, as is yours, you've probably just grabbed a minute to read this piece because you think it’s something you want to hear about, rather than having hours on end to read each and every blogger who takes your fancy. I’m lucky to be part of Blogging Networks on Facebook so there’s these things called sharing threads and when I get a while to sit and read I catch up on people that way. It can be hard even as a blogger to find the time to support others in their ventures as we all have our own commitments.

So why write this letter?....Well I feel you deserve more than what I am giving you right now. I am trying my best/ well 80% of my best with the blog at the minute, I have shared my snapchat to track anything interesting happening in my day (although not all makeup related) I am mindful to tweet as well as post on facebook and share things on Instagram but there’s not enough actual posts and that’s something I swore I’d never do. I would stick to a timetable and not let the readers down by random postings and just all pics of ‘oh look at me and my wonderful life’ I hate that bullshit! Excuse this language but I do feel so strongly that posting pics with a one line caption on your social media account is not a blog!

For posts that I write I like to include; links to websites to buy or see what I’m talking about, pictures of the product on me or swatched or what it looks like in daylight. I like to talk about my personal experience and make it clear that my opinion although valued by myself you do not need to take my word as gospel. You won’t see me slag off any other blogger be them named directly or that nasty bitchy thing I see where ‘you know your one with the name/hair/pics/tagline’ whatever that basically tells you exactly who they are talking about but just doesn’t say ‘That Emma Sheehan one’. 

Anyway…blogging as I said is hard and if you have the time to give it 100% of you then you deserve 100% of the benefits and perks that promoting a product professionally and opportunities which can enhance your own learning or career path. That is my opinion. The sense of ‘entitlement’ in some bloggers I have experienced over the last 12 months is sick and completely unprofessional. I like to conduct myself in a manner like my blog is my business. You won’t see much about my personal life on the blog as it’s just something I don’t see as relevant to my makeup & beauty world.
I have made some decisions last night while I sat and pondered where is the blog going and what am I doing so I’d like to share them with you…

I started this blog with my journey into the makeup world and that is by no means over. I love learning, I would attend course and workshop day in day out if I go. I panic when it comes to practicing but all that is going to change from now on. I have so many posts to write at the moment that if you bear with me I will get on top of them all.

I am no longer going to post randomly throughout the week, I am going to post three times a week on designated days and I think for me and my life a Monday, Wednesday & Friday would suit the best. I cannot guarantee when in the day the post will be sent out but it will be on those days. If I can manage to get the hang of scheduling posts then I may just do that.

As the post are going to be regular so too will be the theme of what I’m writing about, For instance; I am going to finally complete the ‘How to’ series on the blog and I haven’t forgotten all the suggestions from you lovely people. I am also going to feature a Ziaja product each week as this is a brand which has given me a huge opportunity and one which I firmly believe in and support. I will continue to feature reviews of products I have tried and also blog about workshops/courses/events/salons and MUA’s I visit be it within my own personal time or for review purposes on the blog.

I feel extremely grateful to have been given so many wonderful opportunities on my blog and I never want anyone to think that I take that for granted with shoddy reviews or blatant entitlement shining through my posts. I do have an extremely open mind when it comes to products be them high end or high street. I review products that I am sent and also that I have bought myself. I will admit I feel a bit snowed under with the amount I have to review which have been sent to me but I buy a lot of makeup and beauty products myself. I would love to have the funds to purchase high end products at least once a month and feature them but you know what life is like…the best laid plans never work out and my wish list just keeps growing!

I hope you see this letter, as a positive letter because I am feeling very positive about the Mastering Your Makeup Blog. I love my blog and it’s going to be awesome because I am going to make it into something more wonderful than ever. So with all that said I look forward to building my little beauty empire online. I really hope three posts a week will be enough for all my beauty lovers. I hope you like the content and really hope you follow me on all social media because I love interacting and hearing from my followers. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the blog then please do get in touch. One of the biggest reasons for starting my blog was to make new friends when I moved to Dublin so I’d really like to keep growing my network.

Thanks for all the lovely support with my Mastering Your Makeup up to here and onward and upward we go J Have a wonderful weekend xxx

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