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Hi everyone,

So today’s post is both an information post and also a review/pointer post on my behalf. As you all know, I love to buy Irish and I think Ireland as a country has amazing talent when it comes to makeup brushes. The absolutely majority of my brush collection comes from two Irish companies, Blank Canvas Cosmetics owned by the lovely Una from Donegal and Nima brush created by the fab Niamh Martin. Today’s post is a brand focus post on the Nima Brush Artistic collection and all the brushes I currently possess/use from this range.

I would like to say before I get on with the post, I have purchased almost all of these brushes in my collection, two each at a time at recent beauty shows then three at a recent masterclass and I was delighted to be gifted two extra brushes on the day thanks to Niamh. I am going to include with each brush review, the description from the Nima Brush website first so you can read for yourself what the brushes can also be used for. I don’t use them for exactly the same purposes but it just shows how versatile they are.

My pic

The pricing on the brushes is also a huge bonus, they range from €10 for the smallest to only €22 for the largest brush in the collection which I currently don’t own. You can view all the Artistic range and every other product Nima Brush have on their website HERE.

So let’s get down to business and talk through the brushes as I bought them and how I use them. I think we cannot go any further without mentioning the beauty of these brushes. The duck egg coloured handle and gold ferrel is just beautiful. Niamh is an extremely stylish lady and not only has she picked her favourite colours for the brushes, she also chose the material on the handle to ensure a better grip for the user, your brush won’t slip or fall and still looks really pretty. I think even better than the colour of the Artistic collection is the sweet fact that Niamh has named each one of her brushes in the Artistic collection after a lady in her life, friends and family they’re all in there.

First up I bought two brushes at the September Beauty Show in the RDS.

Tara- Angled contour brush. This brush can be used to contour the face by applying a shader product underneath the cheekbones and pushing the colour into the desired area. This brush can also be used to apply blush onto the cheekbones. Rock the brush back and forth from the middle of the ear straight across to the side of the eye, no lower than the nose.

I love Tara! She was the first brush I bought and she has since lived in my hand. I do use my Tara brush for contouring almost every day. The only time I don’t use Tara is if she needs a clean and I swap for the BCC F104 brush. I really like how soft the brush is, how it easily picks up product and can be used to create beautiful face shaping.

Emma- Concealer Brush. Use this brush to softly pat concealer onto the inner corners of the eyes or onto any blemishes on the face.

Emma I used to shape around my brows once I have them filled in. It has quite a thin head and that makes it very easy to run under my brow and sharpen them.

At the March beauty show, the Nima Stand was mental! I actually went to go to the stand but there were so many people I had to walk away and come back. Again I knew which two brushes were on the wishlist for that day and thankfully Niamh had both in stock.

Nichola- A dome shaped eye blender for working into the socket line of the eye to create a ‘smokey’ blended contoured eye. Pick up shadow on the tip of the brush and work into the crease of the eye. Holding the brush horizontally, rock the brush back and forth across the socket line, following the shape of the eye. Circulate the brush to help blend out and diffuse your shadow.

After using this brush for the first time I was cursing myself I hadn’t bought it sooner. It is essential for a decent  eye look. This combined with my beloved E25 from BCC are a perfect match for my eye shape. The Nichola is a brilliant done shaped brush which works into the crease with a breeze. I like to use this as my clean blender brush because it moves product easily around the eye and doesn’t leave a single shadow line.

Blaithin- Precision Blush Brush. A domed pony hair brush which can be used to either apply blush to the apples of the cheek or to shade or highlight areas with the fine tip. If applying blush, pick up product on the side of the brush and sweep it across the cheekbone. If highlighting or shading pick up your product on the tip of the brush and work it into the desired area.

Awh this baby is so lovely; I do use it for blusher but not my strong coloured blushes. I am still a little afraid of this brush as I am only using it a number of weeks. It is a really big soft and fluffy blusher brush but wow it does a good job at picking up product. I think this is slowly creeping up on my love of Tara but I’m not sure it’ll overtake it just yet. It’s such a lovely brush and I think if you were to start with a face brush. Keep this in mind for sure!

Now that I had four Artistic collection brushes and loved them, I decided it was time to get my ass in gear and buy some more. It’s not that I really need any more makeup brushes at all but dammit I wanted them! So when I was attending Rebecca from Lipstick Glitter & Me Masterclass recently, she had told me Niamh would be attending and showcasing the collection. 

My pic

I took to the internet again to read other bloggers posts on their Nima brushes and see which ones I was going to buy next. I had decided on the Patricia as one brush but unfortunately she was sold out on the day. Thankfully having Niamh there made making a new decision extremely easy. She was able to guide me through the collection and I decided on three new brushes.

Wendy- This beautiful goat hair contour brush is perfectly tapered to fit into the contours of the face. Large enough for sculpting under cheekbones but tapered enough to a fine point to highlight the smaller areas of the face.

When I bought the wendy, I was so sure I’d use it as most other bloggers I’ve met and use it for the contour of my cheeks but for me it’s just not working that well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the brush, I think for me I am so familiar with the Tara and so used to the motions that I use when contouring that this is more comfortable for me. What I do love using the wendy for is to highlight. The brush is so soft, you only need a little product and it glides onto the skin. It’s a really cute brush and maybe in time will be used for contouring.

Lisa- Duo fibre crease blender/concealer. Use this brush to apply concealer quickly and seamlessly into the inner corners of the eyes. You can also use this brush to blend shadow into the socket line when doing more detailed crease work. The extremely fine tapered finish to this brush allows you to get in with fine detail work ie. ‘Cut crease’ look.

Lisa, an odd shaped brush for me to use but I have found a fave use for it nonetheless.  I like to use Lisa for applying an eyeshadow base to my eye lids. This may sound odd but I’m useless with my fingers, I find when I pat concealer/base to my lids I can tend to use too much so the Lisa is perfect for quick movements to get just the right amount onto my lid. I got this when the Patricia was sold out and I’m glad I tried it.

Becca- Lid shader brush. Use this brush to gently pat colour onto the lid of the eye. Small enough to get right into the lash line and also to soften shadow as you get closer to the socket line

Becca is a another great eye brush from the Nima Artistic collection, it’s perfect for packing on some lid colour or using pigments. I don’t know what else to say about this brush, if you’re a BCC lover then I would say it’s similar to the E24 but I do feel the Becca is a little softer so I like how comfortable how it is to use on the lid. It holds product well and washes really well also. Sometimes your lid and foundation brushes can be the worst to clean.

Debs- A crease blender finely tapered at the tip to get right into the contours of the eye and effortlessly soften shadow seamlessly. Using goat hair this super soft brush will apply your shadow effortlessly.

Another beauty, and please do remember this is not a sponsored post but a really honest opinion of Niamh’s brushes, she has done an outstanding job at creating really good tools for makeup lovers. I really like debs, similar to Nichola it is used almost every day (when it’s not being cleaned) so I would highly recommend this brush if you are looking for something to help blend out shadows on the eye effortlessly. I also agree with the description that the tapered end aids you applying colour into the inner corner without hurting or poking yourself in the eye, which I have done many times!

Ollie- This brush is used to create the perfect smoky eye look. The short round dome shaped head is perfect to use for shadowing and smudging around the lash line. Also can be used for densely shading and blending on the eyelid.
Ollie is such a handy little brush to have for smoking out your under eye area. It’s soft and gentle on the under eye area which again can feel quite sensitive at the best of times.

So there you have all the details on my current collection from the Nima Brush Artistic Collection.
Next up on my wishlist are:
·         Patricia
·         Rosie
·         Andie
·         Danielle

Be sure to check out all the brushes on and @nimabrush on Twitter, Have  a fantastic weekend x

*I used the pictures from the Nima Brush website so you could see exactly what I'm talking about and also stated when a picture was mine*

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