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Hello Everyone,
So here we are with another tried and tested post. I have such wonderful opportunities to try products so here is how I got on with a few newbies...

Fabuloss Detox Tea- a teatox, we've all looked at them and thought, not a chance will that work on me, I was the same, I thought I  like my 'normal' tea but then I started to think, 14 days it can't be that bad.

“The Morning tea is said to: Increase Energy, Burn Fat & Reduce Appetite and is a Morning Boost.

The Night tea is said to: Increase Energy, Burn Fat & Reduce Appetite but is a Night Cleanse.”

I started this teatox after Christmas, I thought I’d like to feel much better for the weekend. It really did work, I wasn't keen on the flavour, I felt I had to add something small to it such as a dilute juice as a buffer and I flew through the two weeks. There was a morning tea and a night tea and although I’ve heard of some people really struggling with the night time tea, I think I was making wiser food choices so it didn’t affect me as bad at all.

The packets are sold @ €14.99 each or two for €20 in Sam Mc Cauleys . I would absolutely recommend you buy the two and get the most benefits.
I would say give this a go if a detox tea is something you’re interested in trying. It’s easy to use as there are separate packets for day/night tea with individual tea bags. You can make a cup and bring it with you if you don’t like it hot, I tried this but cold tea is not my thing.

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Aloe Vera Eye Makeup Remover-
At Christmas I won a lovely little hamper from Lindsey’s Aloe Vera Facebook Page linked HERE. I had read a bit on Aloe Vera products so was delighted to have won a little comp so close to Chrsitmas. The product was in such high demand, Lindsey had to reorder it for me so when it arrived I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I like eye makeup removers, I mean it is sometimes inpossible to feel like you have a really clean face when really some of your eye makeup is left on, some cleansers just aren’t up to the mascara/liner task. Here is a short blurb on the Aloe Vera Eye Makeup Remover:

“This gentle, lightweight aloe vera gel formula works quickly and gently to thoroughly remove eye makeup. Aloe Barbadensis Gel (our own stabilized aloe vera gel), provides the caring, conditioning and soothing benefits suitable for the delicate eye area.
  • Gently conditions and moisturizes eyelashes
  • Leaves no residue – you may immediately apply eye makeup after use
  • Unique, oil-free formulation
  • Do your skin a favour: never go to bed with makeup on. Clean skin is healthy skin!
I really like this product, at this stage I am half way through the bottle because I use a lot of eye makeup and as I said nothing worse than going to bed with any scrap of eye makeup on. Inglot’s no.77 black gel liner can be a nightmare to take off so this doesn’t get it all off in one go, sometimes I’ll take a cotton bud and give it a good 2nd rub and then I’m good to go to my leaba. I’m not sure what this retails at as it was a prize.

Saphir Perfumes-

Have you heard of these little bad boys? Well I hadn't and I was raging I missed an event that they were at. These are Saphir Perfumes which retail at €7.99 each and smell identical to your high end scents. How is this possible you ask….

“Laboratorios Saphir is a leading Spanish company in the perfume development and manufacturing sector. It is backed by over 50 years’ experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry. At Saphir, every aspect of the production process is integrated, from the development, mixing and maceration of fragrances, to packaging and distributing of the Saphir perfumes. Saphir combines the most up-to-date technologies with experience and personal skill, seeking complete customer satisfaction in a safe, reliable production procedure, which respects the environment. They apply the most advanced systems in perfume manufacturing, aiming to satisfy our customers’ highest expectations. Committed to Qualityabout2At Saphir, fragrance development and manufacturing processes follow the strictest procedures. Saphir is totally committed to producing quality products. They work closely with suppliers to ensure their supplies are always of the highest quality.” (

I was sent four little beauties, 3 female and 1 male scent. They come with a little index card so all Saphir perfumes have their own name but then correspond with a high end brand perfume. It would just have it that the three female scents I was sent are actually perfumes I own already so I could easily tell how close they were….absolutely the same!! I was given, Armani Diamonds, Paco Robanne Lady Million & Lancome La Vie est Belle. 

Now the only thing to point out here is that from using my Saphir perfumes to their ‘original’ perfume, the high end ones do last longer scent wise but I rarely think to put perfume in my bag. The Saphir perfume bottles are perfect for this, small and cute looking I’ve been lashing them into my handbag and bringing them out during the day to freshen up. These for me are a great idea for the teens in your lives who want the high end fragrances but cannot afford them, on the website you'll see loads of stockists so they can pick these up with their pocket money and change their scent as often as they like. There’s nothing worse than paying €50 for a bottle of perfume and realising it’s not ‘you’ at all and hating it!

Caribou Cosmetics Brushes- One of the best things about being a beauty/makeup lover is you come across so many brands you have never heard of and sometimes you're lucky enough to get to try them out. One such brand I found on Twitter was Caribou Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to have two of their makeup brushes sent to me to try out.

All Caribou brushes are hand-crafted and use naturally sourced bamboo handles, to ensure our makeup brushes wield the strength and sustainability you deserve. - See more at:

The first brush I tried out was the:
Dual Fibre Precision Contour Brush- I really like this brush it retails at £16 reduced from £29.00. The brush is so soft and it really works well to lightly contour the hollow of the cheek. I like to use this more as a blusher brush. I think for my face personally it works really well to apply blush to my cheeks and create a flawless makeup look. 

Dual Fibre All Over Eye Brush- This brush retails at £14 down from £19. Again this is a lovely soft brush, it works really well into the crease of the eye and it was a delight to try out.

Although I really liked trying out these brushes, I think the price point is just a little high as to what I'm used to. As any of my avid readers know, my absolute favourite brushes are the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes and of course the Artistic collection from Nima Brush. I really like the ethos of the Caribou Cosmetics brushes and to know that your brush is hand crafted is such a special treat so I can understand the higher price point. I think if I was to pick one to buy I would go for the all over eye brush just as I have naturally been reaching for it on a daily basis.

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