Edvard & Pink Dundrum- My Murad Facial


Hi Ladies,

Awh look at that sunshine, the world is such a beautiful place when the sun is shining! I had a great quick trip home last night and a lovely stroll on the beach with my mum I have to share a pic before we get down to business…Tramore is so pretty in the evening sun.

So now that we're all relaxed from seeing that pic and thinking of a lovely walk on the beach, let me tell you…last Friday evening I was floating on a cloud and it’s all thanks to Edvard & Pink in Dundrum town centre & The Publicity Loft.

A few weeks ago I attended an evening held on the Level 6 Cosmetic clinic hosted by the lovely ladies in The Publicity Loft and I spent the evening checking out all the treatments rooms with Anita from Adorn and Bernie from Beauty Minx blog. Be sure to check both ladies out. We had a wonderful time, the views from Level 6 are just amazing, we were treated to champagne and the two ladies even got some mini treatments on the night. I went home with loads of information and little goodies to try out.

I was then over the moon when I was offered a Murad facial in the Level 6 venue last Friday. I had a 5pm appointment so it was perfect after a hard week at work. I was greeted and welcomed and offered some refreshments and magazines. 

I filled out the relevant information forms for the clinic and was then greeted by Kate and taken to a treatment room. The room had soft lighting, soothing music and I was left to get myself ready on the treatment bed. I was lovely and cosy wrapped in towels and a big cosy blanket.

Kate had a really good look at my skin and after seeing some sensitivity and redness, we decided on a Redness Therapy Facial from Murad. “Whether a redness flare up is triggered by exposure to stress,sun, wind or extreme temperatures, this breakthrough treatment provides fast relief to calm and sooth easily inflamed, sensitive skin”. The Key products used in this range was the Soothing gel Cleanser and Our redness reduction treatment gel. The facial was wonderful, Kate suggested that I might feel some heat on my skin but I was perfectly comfortable and I think my face was more than happy to receive such a lovely treatment.

Possibly the best and biggest surprise on the day was as well as a luxurious facial, I was also given a head, shoulder and neck massage. OMG!!!  I had stated on my form that I was at a level 8 on the stress scale (I wasn’t lying it was a really tough week in work) but Kate worked out loads of the tension, I felt like a marshmallow afterwards.For the massage Kate used the “Murad Soothing Massage Cream, This is a moisture-rich cream that instantly soothes and gently restores suppleness of the skin. This cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid which improves the skin's barrier function, attracting and locking in moisture. Camomile soothes irritated skin, while Allantoin heals and hydrates your skin.”
I was truly delighted with the service I received at Edvard & Pink and Kate was a true professional. 

Afterwards I was given a consultation list with suggested products for my skin. I would of course love to get them all on the day but this just wasn’t financially feasible. I have my beloved well warned that they are now on the wishlist and in time I’d love to have the whole suggested list and really get my face in shape. I felt that Kate wasn’t out to sell sell sell when it came to talking about the products. The staff at Edvard and Pink are highly trained in a range of brands. They want you to have the best skin condition you can and they are so kind and helpful in discussing your concerns and performing your treatments. 

Here are the two starting products Kate suggested for my skin:

Anti-Aging Moisturiser spf 20 This remarkable 3-in-1 moisturizer controls blemishes, boosts hydration and superior protection against age-accelerating UV rays to prevent wrinkles.

Essential c eye cream is an antiaging eye cream with UVA protection that brightens, renews and protects the delicate eye area.

The multi award winning beauty salon, spa, medi- spa and male grooming lounge is superbly located on level 4, 5 & 6 of Dundrum Town Centre. Edvard & Pink invites guests to experience the best of Dundrum Town Centre and simultaneously escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you need any more information on Edvard & Pink or my treatment please let me know. My Treatment was on level 6 Edvard & Pink Medi- Spa contact number 01-2164773.

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