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Hi Everyone,

January is here…am I blue? Absolutely not! It’s my birthday this weekend and I'm soooooo excited! days to be exact and I love my birthday. This year is extra special because I am heading away to Edinburgh with some of my girlies and I cannot wait!!

Like most beauty lovers we all got treated to some fab gifts this Christmas so today I want to talk to you about some gifts and some purchases I loved this Christmas.

I had seen the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess doing the rounds on social media and there is no better time than Christmas to whip out some glitter so I picked this up in Penneys for €9.50. I also picked up the Inglot pigment which was €15. The other goodies in this post are blogger review posts and as always I am honest to a tee.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess: This baby is not for the faint hearted, I love it on my legs when they have tan on and I have every intention of bring some with me to Edinburgh next weekend. I tried to use it on my collar bone one night and it just didn’t look as nice as I wanted. My top smudged it a little so that wasn’t helpful but if you want a really good use for this product then you need to use it as your highlighter. I did this so many days over the Christmas holidays and it was just beautiful. Anyone who reads the blog knows I’m not really into dewy makeup as I never want to look oily but wow this golden goddess on the cheekbones is amazing. You don’t look anything like a disco ball. I dabbed it on with a damp beauty blender and it was really stunning, a staple going forward for sure and such good value for a multi-tasking product.

Urban Decay GS palette: I did post about this palette before but it needs another mention. So many lucky ladies got this palette for Christmas so I made sure to bring it home to Waterford and really test it out over the holiday period. I just love it! My only gripe if you’d even call it a grip is that it doesn’t come with a brush. Now for me personally that’s not an issue as I like to use wither my Blank Canvas or Nima brushes but I think for a UD palette it’s always nice to get a brush if you’re a newbie to the beauty world. Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay have completely knocked this palette out of the park with the stunning colours and beautiful long lasting pigment. I am still experimenting with the colours but one day I created a stunning rose gold look using zone and Anaheim in the crease, steady and baby on the lid and of course blonde on the brow bone. I blended out the bottom lash line with zone.

I saw online that here is a blush palette coming soon and also the lipsticks which I have samples of and really like so that would make for some new shopping in the coming months. I have been loving my Naked Skin Foundation in the shade 5 for when I have tan on, it’s so weightless on the face and you can’t go past the concealer from Urban Decay for the under eye area. It might just mean a little purchase when I get to Edinburgh of a new shade of foundation or even another matte lipstick, my 1993 is nearly gone already.

Inglot Pigment: This was something I just had to have this Christmas. A bronze/copper pigment. Pigments are actually something I thought I would have no use for but now I absolutely love them. My bestie Lainey bought a stunning purple one in Inglot in Limerick when we went there for her birthday and her eyes were just amazing that night. I used my copper pigment no.116 on new years and so many people complimented my eye makeup so I must have done something right! Having a pro card for Inglot is fantastic so I will deffo stock up on a few more pigments.

They have just launched their new foundation sticks available from Monday. At €33 each I am unsure as to buying two straight off so I will certainly keep an eye out on social media to see how to use them and then I’ll decide. I’d actually love to go and get my makeup done soon in Inglot, I think the products are amazing and I have never been disappointed with a makeup look I’ve received.

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Blusher & Bronzer : These gifts were a complete surprise just before Christmas and kindly sent to me while I was already at home so J brought them down when he came to visit. I have used the blush during the day a lot, it gives the cheeks a beautiful sheen and I really like the subtle colour or you can even build it up a little if you have tan on. The bronzer is a beauty. I didn’t use this as a contour as I just feel anything you use for contour should always be matte but as my tan was still dark and my foundation wasn’t, I decided to use this all over my face and it had a lovely finish.

I used the bronzer on my colour bone and neck area and I loved it. I actually like to have a shimmer on my chest when going out. I remember when I was younger all I wanted was a dark tan and sometimes I had the dirtiest looking neck when I was heading out, it was truly awful so now I leave my chest alone after applying my tan and go back in if necessary with a bronzer or a shimmer product. Physicians Formula is a stunning brand and so far any of their powder products have always suited my skin type.

Mane n’ Tale Deep Moisturising Shampoo & Herbal Essential Conditioner: My hair…awh my hair, some days I love it, some days I hate it. The colour at the moment I love thankfully after so many colour disasters. Lisa and her amazing team in Zinc Hair & Beauty have been taking great care of me the last while so now my biggest gripe is the length. I just don’t know what I want any more. I am seeing so many beautiful haircuts short and pretty but I just know if I would love it still an hour after leaving the salon. So the most important thing at the moment was keeping my hair in tip top shape and really letting it grow and be as healthy as possible.

Mane n’ Tale has been doing the rounds on social media. They average I think €9.95 and you get a huge bottle of product. I have washed my hair every 2-3 days over the last three weeks and I love it. My hair is brushing out easier when it’s wet, my colour isn't fading quickly either and better still I am not seeing the same hair loss I was in the shower when I wash it. That was really starting to freak me out lately, seeing these huge clumps of hair coming out in the shower, I don’t know was it stress or what but thankfully this is stopping. On a total side note to this shampoo and conditioner the colour is a really cool turquoise green which I am really starting to love. It’s amazing what will attract me to something. Good value, good amount of product and the fact it’s actually working.

So there you have it….a snippet of some of the products I've been road-testing the last while. If you have any questions on the products I’d love to hear from you or any other suggestions on how to make an impact with your tan on your chest. I always find it fades so much quicker there.

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