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Miss Fit Skinny Tea

Hey All,

So here we are on another Tuesday but for me it’s a different type of Tuesday. I've realised I have 11 weeks until I fly to Portugal for a week. That’s 11 weeks to turn this around and be in my best shape yet heading off. I bought two bikinis at the weekend tried them on and I was not happy, at the moment there'll be no strutting down any beaches, it’ll be hiding under a canopy somewhere.

So what’s all that go to do with a tea? Well after Christmas I was sent a 14 day teatox from Miss Fit Skinny Tea. This is an Irish company and I had been in touch with Ruth, the owner and we decided it'd be a great idea for me to try this out. I was really excited as like for most ladies, Christmas was a heavy time and I was all geared up to start 2015 a fresh and had a wedding late Feb to get ready for. I started cutting out bad food in Jan and was ready to start the tea early Feb. I wanted to use it close to the wedding so I felt really good and the big question is, did it work?

Miss Fit Skinny Tea - 14 Day Teatox (Infuser Sold Separately)

Absolutely it did!! Before we get into how I felt before, during and after let’s look at what you need to do and can get out of this tea;

“Drink just 2-3 cups of Miss Fit Skinny Tea first thing every morning and last thing in the evening for 14-28 days to get the following results:
Reduced Body Fat
Reduced Sugar Cravings
Metabolism Boost
Better Digestion
More Energy
The blend of ingredients combined with our very own meal plan and exercise guide
will help you achieve your desired weight loss goal” (http://www.missfitskinnytea.ie)

So before the wedding as I said I was doing ok, I had cut out nearly all the bad stuff, alcohol wasn’t really on the cards apart from two occasions in the month so I had that good to go, not half as many take aways during that time, really upped my water so I felt in a good place to start the tea. Now I have to be honest, the taste is tough going for me, I am so used to a good old fashioned tea first thing so this was a bit yucky when I first tried it. I struggled to drink the 3 cups a day as they were so I added a slice of lemon for the first day or two. This still really wasn’t helping so I then took the plunge and added a small drop of juice. It just took the edge off the taste. I knew this wasn’t probably the best plan but for me, it was the only way I’d drink it. I am not a big herbal tea drinker but I really need to get my head around this as now with the holiday coming up I am trying to cut as much tea out of my diet as possible. Our office in work is really cold so we lean to tea just for heat rather than even wanting it so that needs to change. Getting through 2-3 cups a day wasn’t bad at all! It’s not hard to do when you bring your infuser to work. I would often drink 5 cups of tea a day so to replace three was not an issue really.

I was on the 14 day package which you can buy from http://www.missfitskinnytea.ie/ for only €24.99 and the infuser (cutest little strawberry) for €5 the 28 day package comes with a free infuser so the total cost is €44.99 reduced from €59.99 at the moment!! 28 days would be an excellent habit to get into for anyone now looking at that beach body and thinking…yep I’ll have one of them!

During my time on the tea I felt awesome! I really did. So I’d wake up and make my tea, take my vitamins and have a breakfast and I was set them until lunch time. No mad 11am sugar cravings, I felt full and content and had a good bit of energy. I would then have a healthy lunch ( I actually became really conscious that I was using the tea so what was the point in eating crap food) As I also said, the sugar cravings were gone so I didn’t want my crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks. I wanted soups and salads, I wasn’t even sick full or overly hungry so my 14 days passed in the blink of an eye and I was feeling brilliant.

When I finished the tea I thought ‘this is great’ and ‘I’m sorted now’ but my lifestyle change wasn’t long enough for me. I tried to keep up with all healthy things but slowly and yet surely, my sugar cravings came back, I started to miss breakfast and I just missed the tea! I think for me if I had used the 28 day tea, it would have been more time to really make those positive changes and maybe then I wouldn’t have reverted back as much as I did.

Now I’m not saying I gorge on junk food all day every day now, I am trying to stay healthy, drinking smoothies, lots of water but I am craving things and little packets of biscuits have appeared in the office L It’s time to sort this out again in the next 11 weeks so when I go away I won’t think about it. My plan going forward, is to take the tea again before the holiday, as I work out and start to shape up, the tea will help with the energy levels and then I think when I actually go away I will bring it with me. I think on holidays it would be a great idea to have that first cup of tea in the apartment (which I will deffo have) as my Miss Fit Skinny Tea and then have another one during the day. I’ll have that beach bod I just know I will!!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed reading all about the tea before I started, really loved how I felt during my use of the tea and now miss it a lot. For anyone that wants a boost and to kick start the summer body or even just to feel better, get onto Miss Fit Skinny Tea now and order yours!

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  1. This is a great review Emma! Thanks for being honest. I've been considering giving this a try and I think I might give it a go when I get paid and see how I get on.

  2. can you drink it it your own meal plan and do u drink it on empty stomach :) great review


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