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Today I am bringing you a very exciting post that has been more than 4 weeks in the making. Why so long you ask? Well of course because I have just completed 4 brilliant weeks in the Urban Decay Makeup Course held by Meg & Lisa in Debenhams Blackrock. The counter is located in the Frescatti Shopping Centre in Blackrock with loads of parking and great opening hours.

My happy haul

I spoiled myself back in June buying loads of new Urban Decay goodies from Manager Meg and wrote a whole post on my experience which you can read all about HERE. On the night I was in store, Meg invited me along to their next 4 week course to see what it’s all about and to share with you all what’s involved in the course also. Although I wasn't asked to pay for the course on this occasion, I had just spent the value of the course in store and was offered this place in return for an honest review to help with the future roll out of courses like this. The views that I express in this post are completely my own, I am a genuine fan of the Urban Decay brand having purchased their products for years and as I said was in as a customer buying supplies for my collection when this opportunity came about.

I was snapchatting every week :)

So 4 weeks and the first thing people will want to know, and rightly so, what is the cost? Well for the 4 week course its €200. Now please, don’t panic I know it sounds like a lot but the next piece of news is brilliant, the full €200 is totally redeemable again Urban Decay products! I was super surprised by this as to be fair it means spending €200 in one go but coming out with €200 worth of product on night one and 4 full weeks of lessons. The lessons for this course took place on a Thursday evening at the Urban Decay counter from 6:30-8:30pm at least with extra time been given if the participants wanted to complete looks. There were two MUA’s on hand manager Meg and her colleague Lisa and they were just brilliant at teaching and helping the participants. I was surprised when I heard the cost was completely redeemable as many makeup lovers will know, makeup is not a cheap business, whether it’s buying products or trying to upskill yourself, this trade costs some serious money. Most courses you attend will allow you a discount while on the course and maybe a small goodie bag but this course is literally costing you nothing as you can spend all of the €200 on yourself…Amazing!

Meg working on Lisa
I will come back to my €200 wish list at the end of the post giving you some options on all you can get for the €200 so you can see just how good value this course really is but for now we will go back to the 4 week course.

So what is it all about?

Well…Meg & Lisa had planned out 4 weeks of training for the participants which included, Face, Eyes, Lips & Brows, all you need to know about makeup from Urban Decay. You were all seated with pen and paper and for your own looks you were given the use of all the Urban Decay products, your own set of UD Brushes, cleansing supplies and mirrors. You had your own little work space which I think made it much more comfortable to practice in.

Let’s take a look at the week’s content:

Week One: Complexion

This was a great start to the course; the girls demoed two types of complexion looks. The first, an easy day time look and the second a complexion more suited to a night time look.  I really enjoyed this class as I had purchased a lot of complexion products in my haul so this was really useful for me.

After the complexion section was complete, the participants got to try out the looks on themselves with all products and brushes supplied and then the exciting bit of getting to pick out their own products to the course value of €200. I won’t lie I was super jealous of this as I could have easily picked out another €200 worth of stock for myself  :)

Week Two: Day Eye Look

Week two was really good fun, there was great excitement surrounding the launch of the new Naked Smoky Palette which Meg informed us we would be using on week three YAY! For week two, both Lisa & Meg created two eye looks using different shades and techniques which I was really interested to look at as sometimes you can find a makeup artists way difficult to do on yourself so getting options was really helpful. Again after the demo, the girls used all products and brushes at the counter to create their own looks with Meg & Lisa on hand to lend any support if needed.

Week Three: Naked Smoky Dramatic Eye Look

This was my favourite week by far. At this point I was still totally undecided on the new Naked Smoky palette but of course after watching the demo, I was growing to love the palette more and more. I find cooler tones hard to work with on my own eyes so it wasn't appealing to me too much. Meg showcased a fab look on Lisa and rounded off the lesson with a strong complexion, filled brows using the new brow products and also the new matte lipsticks. The look was beautiful and something I would like to try out on myself for a serious night out look.

The girls on the course were so excited to try out the Smoky Palette and I couldn't wait to get swatching myself. To be fair to Urban Decay if there’s one thing they well it’s got to be their palettes, they are always a must have and a great variety between the mad colours of the electric palette and the classics of the first Naked palette.

Week Four: Electric Palette, Liquid Liner & Lashes

Week four was really enjoyable, the girls showcased a great coloured look from the electric palette, we also got to use liquid liner and apply lashes as they can be a must have for any dramatic look. I picked up some fab new tips and tricks which I won't spoil as you’ll have to go to the course to find out but in all the time I have been attending courses and practising makeup, I never learned tips like these so week four alone was the highlight for my curious mind.

I can 100% say I learned loads from the 4 weeks. I now have a lot more knowledge of the products I have bought not to mention the best way to use them. I also of course treated myself to a few more goodies at the end of the 4th week. This is what happens when you bring a makeup lover to a course of a brand she loves, I of course had to have some of the new products we had used over the four weeks so here’s a pic of what I bought myself.

My little treats to myself 

The Perversion lashes look just amazing can’t wait to wear them. They were €16. I then picked up the amazing eyeshadow colour Riff which I have seen everywhere since first hearing its name and then I had to have the new Matte Lippy in the shade 1993. It’s not like anything else I have so it was a totally justified buy. The eyeshadow was €18 and the lipstick €19. I was delighted to receive a few samples from Meg when I was leaving also which was a lovely Thank You gift.

Here is my €200 Urban Decay Makeup Course Wishlist:

  • Pore Perfecting Primer €27
  • Naked Foundation €34
  • Naked Skin Concealer €22
  • De-Mattifying Powder €24
  • Naked On The Run Palette (Amazing product including Mascara, Liner, Lip Gloss, Five Eyeshadows, Contour/Blush/Highlight) €44 I really need to get this palette for my weekends away!
  • B-6 Vitamin Spray (travel) €14
  • Eye Primer (travel) €14
  • All Nighter Setting Spray (travel) €12
Price Total: €191 (And me...I'd totally spend the extra €10 and add an lipstick to that and look a complete face look all for the price of the course)

I have really loved the Urban Decay counter in Blackrock since its launch and I have written a few posts on this which I’d like to share with you.

Shopping with Urban Decay May 2014: HERE
An Evening with Urban Decay August 2014: HERE 

Meg is a wonderful manager and so helpful when you are shopping. I was delighted to meet Lisa over the four weeks also, her face is just too pretty and her brows are to die for. She’s totally Irish though and can’t take a compliment but thankfully she’s no control of me writing this so she can finally take a compliment in writing.

Meg at work on Lisa on Week 4

 I will happily keep shopping for all my Urban Decay needs in Blackrock, the counter is beautiful, always fully stocked and the girls are so helpful that you can safely hand over your cash on really good products without being pushed or coerced into something you don’t need. I know that’s an out there statement but let’s face it, any makeup lover will have had that awful experience of wanting to ‘look’ at a makeup counter, money in your purse ready to treat yourself but because of the sales person you just walk away. I hate that panic of being pounced on and then afraid to say what you’re interested in because you fear you’ll next thing be in a chair, 6 products on you and the expectation you’ll buy four when you only wanted one!! Thankfully that will never happen you on the Urban Decay counter in Blackrock. I have been in store enough to see people approach the counter and walk away happy with the service and not like frightened sheep.

I think I need this!!

I have a feeling the new Naked Smoky Palette will be mine in no time so I will keep you all posted on that bad boy when I pick it up!!

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Meg for inviting me to do the course, Lisa for the great lessons and also Roisin, Meg’s manager for her gift and support to have me on the course.
If you are interested in the next Urban Decay Makeup Course in Blackrock then please call Meg on 01-2001752.

The next four week course should be taking place in January 2016, plenty of time for saving

A very exciting plan for Urban Decay Blackrock is a new 1 day Intensive Sunday
Masterclasse from 1-5pm. This course will cost you €120 again fully redeemable on the day. The first 2 hours will be complexion contouring and day time eyes and the second 2 hours will be smoky eyes and lashes. There will be Limited availability for this day but I will be sure to send out the dates as soon as I get them. I think this would be a fantastic way to spend a Sunday and a chance to meet the UD ladies. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on the Blog masteringyourmakeup@gmail.com or Meg on 01-200152.

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