W7- Can it be that good for that little money??


Hi All,

I am a lover of a bargain, I mean these days who isn't... life is just getting so expensive between bills and new taxes and just wanting to believe I have all the money in the world to buy whatever I want but... I dont!!!

We have seen in recent blogging/makeup circles a focus on the more purse friendly brands, we have seen brands like Catrice sky rocket from moving into Penney's, we see Essence the same and now with the american giant Wet & Wild invading our lives we're probably still spending as much but getting more for our money so I am certainly not complaining!!

I had heard a little about the brand W7 so was thrilled to be sent some products for review by not one but two companies!!

Amazing amount I know!!!

The brand W7 has actually been around for 10 years now, but it has recently undergone a total overhaul and now is possibly one of the fastest growing budget makeup brands in the UK & Ireland. W7 has over 100 individual products and have a range of colours and accessories. Most of the products I was sent are available in a number of shades and all of them retail under €5...now that's great news for us makeup lovers!!

I am going to breakdown the review into the relevant categories such as face, eyes and lips and will have a little look at each product I was sent and had a chance to try. From my research, the W7 range is available in pharmacies nationwide such as the Mulligans group in Waterford, and online at Cara Pharmacy https://www.carapharmacy.com/cat/w7 and https://www.carapharmacy.com/cat/w7_new 

As you can see from the above pictures there is a huge amount of products to get through so I have been working hard to use and test them all but you can appreciate it can take time to work through this many and come up with a full conclusion on how they work/ last. I have created looks with them in college as well as myself so I have used them on different skin types. 

So onto the face products I have tried:


W7 HD Foundation: I like this foundation, it's cheap as chips but will actually last longer than some other more expensive foundations I have tried. For my own skin type which is normal with an oily t-zone, I think it works well. I always have to top my foundation off with a powder to seal in that oil but this was quite good. I also used it on a model in college one evening and it applied to her skin lovely.

Catwalk Complexion (Powder Compact): This is a great little compact powder. I like the colour I have and I love how it sits on the W7 HD foundation. My only flaw with this product is I don't like the little sponge it comes with so do bring your own or if like me you prefer a brush then deffo use that. Another thing I do like about this product is the little mirror it comes with under the powder itself, this is so handy for when you are out and about.

Bronzer: This matte bronzer has been ideal for contouring, I really like it, again it is quite dark but as stated above many of the products in the W7 range come in different colours, so I use this bronzer when I have tan on to contour my face. I like how the powder glides onto the skin (remember people less is more) and as the makeup lasts so too does your bronzer, I wasn't left with any yucky marks on my face so this is deffo one I'd recommend. 

Blush (The Cheek of It): Look at this pink! And yes it goes on just as pink... I have used this (lightly) for some of my day looks, I like a flushes look and this pink can be a little heavy so please be careful when applying it. I also think you should try use it as an eyeshadow, the texture is perfect so multi-task so why not give it a lash!

Blush (Honey Queen): I really like this little square of beauty! To me it does appear to be similar to a Benefit blush but hey for under €5 I'd give it a go, I really like this product and wear it regularly since receiving it. I prefer it on my more tanned skin (bottled of course) but I find it give the cheeks a lovely colour and just like your Benefit blusher, it comes with it's own little brush and what's not to love about that!!

Puff Perfection: Setting powders and oily skin can be difficult. I have that normal to oily complexion with my T-zone driving me mental most days, I like to monitor shine all I can. There is loads of product in this pot, I found the colour suited well to my skin and as always, when you apply a powder to your face, try and use a downward motion with your brush so the powder doesn't sit on the little hairs on the fair and make you look blotchy. I keep this in my handbag with a small brush to top up my face during the day.

Bronzing Pearls: Bronzing pearls are always a handy thing to have in your makeup bag, they're the sort of addition to a face that can really help with the summer feeling. I created a W7 look at home a few weeks back and because I didn't have tan on I didn't feel the need for a lashing of a matte bronzer, I used the pearls lightly across my entire face and neck and I just got this lovely glow to my skin. I liked how they were suited to my skin even though I am a total white chick so again this is a product I would recommend for the summer.

Blush/Highlight: Duo: I loved this!! Possibly one of my favourite products I received from W7, a beautiful duo of a cream shimmer highlighter and a rose gold blush... I was in heaven. This is by far one of my 'go to' products so deffo invest in this one ladies!!

Super Tint (tinted moisturiser): I am not really a fan of tinted moisturisers ladies, I haven't been blessed with the best skin so I do find it hard to use this and feel I have enough coverage. I think it you are having a lazy day and just want a quick fix to the skin then this tinted product is as good as any for that look. If you want coverage, a tinted moisturizer won't do it for you I'm afraid!

Catwalk Concealer: The shade I received was similar to the darker foundation I wear going out to unfortunately I haven't been able to test out this concealers highlighting effect which is what most of us use our liquid concealers for lately but I have to say... I really liked the coverage over my blemishes and even wearing it under my eyes, wasn't too heavy and the staying power was also quite good.


Get Real Lashes: I am a false lash lover and this are so fluttery for the cost of them, absolutely worth it. I cannot comment on glue because I only ever use DUO glue on my lashes, it's safe and medically made so your eyes are not in danger. This applies to any lash glue and not just w7 but for me it is only ever DUO glue.

Mascara (Eyelust): I  love the wand on this mascara, actually both mascaras are great from the W7 range, I like how black the pigment is in the mascara and how easy it is to apply to the lashes, you don't end up with clumpy lashes as you can with some cheaper mascaras but to be fair to eyelust, it's really good to create volume in your lashes.

Eyeshadow Palette: This is a fantastic palette to have in my kit, the rain of colours is brilliant and I have really enjoyed trying them out. The pigment is OK, I do need to build it up but once it's there is stays put and lasts the day without needing to be topped up. I think this is a great palette to have for your summer collection.

Naked Nudes (Eyeshadow): Who doesn't love a good nude palette and this little compact baby is exactly what every little handbag needs. I loved using this for my day looks, I like the pigment in the shadows and they blended very easily.

Purple Haze (Eyeshadow): As with the above comments, you may need to be a little braver to take on the purple shadows but I am definitely one for trying the mad colours so this palette will be put to good use by me1!

Prime Magic (Eye Primer): Eye shadow primers have become so popular in the last couple of years, that if you don't want to go spending a fortune on one then this is the one for you. I always try to use an eye primer as they really do enhance your eye makeup. The texture of this one is lovely and if like me you don't like using the little wand it comes with, blend in the primer with your finger onto the eye lid and make your shadows appear much stronger and last longer. 

Chunk Eyes (Shadow pen): This bronze pen shadow I have been using like a base colour to then add more bronze and brown tones to. I like to apply it after my eye primer and then get working with stronger colours. A shadow pen is handy again for that quick and easy day look if you just want a touch of colour then you can lash on the pen and blend with your finger although ladies you know you should use brushes!!

Aye Aye Captain (Liquid Eyeliner): I am not good with liquid eyeliners... me and these pens just don't go so I just want to say I don't think it is anything to do with the W7 product, it is deffo me! I can safely say the black pigment is very strong, it is easy to apply but I'm afraid liquid eyeliner just does not do it for my ability. I have been practicing though and getting better all the time so as a budget beauty product, the black is really good and does not fade at all!

Just Brows (Brow Pen): I think this might be the one product I was not happy with, for all the world, it appears to be a marker for your brows and this just makes no sense to me. I would really love to hear from someone how best to use this but for me it was just too dark and I couldn't put the right shape onto my brow so this is the only one I cannot say run out and buy now.

Brow Twister (Brow Pen): This product is quite cool I must say... It's a brow pencil and although I have gotten so used to my little tiny HD Brow brush and shadow this was a really quick and easy way to fill in my brows, have them still looking well but natural and not my usual 'going out brow' look that happens by accident in daytime!

Mascara (Lashtastic): The wand on this mascara is totally different to that of Eyelust, this is a smaller rubber brush but still gives lovely length and separation. I have found recently when doing my lashes, I will reach for this mascara for my bottom lashes mostly as I feel it gives a much cleaner finish seeing as I don't have such a wonderful steady hand!


Chunky Lips (Lip Pens): I liked the chunky pens, They apply easily and give a soft colour which is not overly glossy. The stain in the pens is light so you will need to re-apply if you plan to wear the colour all day. These are a good pen to throw into your handbag for day makeup but the darker colour is perfect for a night out!

Lip Paint (Lip Gloss): Wow now this is a gloss, I found it easier to apply this product with a small lip brush as the shine is superb. I would advise anyone with hair like mine that go astray without much wind, then tie your hair up as mine got caught in the gloss a few times. I like how it's not overly sticking while on your lips and the colour is amazing.

Full Colour (Lipstick): A very good rival to the new Wet N Wild lipsticks which have come out recently, I loved the stain from this lipstick. It wasn't drying at all on my lips and I felt for a budget brand lipstick, it's a really nice go to lipstick for day wear.

So there you have it! A huge run down of the many W7 products I have been lucky enough to try. Sometimes as I said before with budget makeup you can think really?? Any good?? but I am impressed with W7 I think it is a perfect range for the teenagers starting out, college ladies who cannot afford the higher end products but still wanna look fab and to be honest anyone who doesn't want to have to invest hundreds on a new face of makeup... try W7!!!

Not every product will suit you skin, but better to pay under €5 for something and learn that lesson than paying out loads more... lucky enough for me I have two sisters (twins) who will be more than happy to take off my hands anything I personally felt didn't suit my face. I don't ever want to diss a product but I will be honest in my review of them.

I created a bridal look using all W7 in college and it looked just as flawless, I have worn my full face of W7 makeup and been happy out. I am crap at using liquid eyeliners and tinted moisturiser is not for me but if these do suit you, or you are just so multi-talented to use liquid liner (mail me and tell me how) get yourself some new W7 makeup.

Here is a picture of the products I used and the day look I created... Bear in mind what I've already said about the liquid eyeliner, this picture is proof it is me that's shocking and not the liner, oh and don't mind my hair either!!

Here is a bridal look I created in Waverley Academy using the W7 range.

Thanks again for reading through this post and as always if you have any questions or comments let me know at emmajosephinesheehan@gmail.com

Don't forget to check out W7 Cosmetics on;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/W7makeup
Twitter: @cosmetics_w7 

Emma x

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  1. Ooh do they have the foundation in mulligans waterford?

    1. I haven't been in home in a couple of weeks but I contacted my bestie and she said of not this week they will have a huge range in by next week so hopefully you'll get it but Cara online is amazing!! x

  2. I like the look of these, not sure we can get them in the uk :) xx

    1. One of the PR companies was UK based so hopefully you will be able to find a stockist soon x

    2. The glitter girl on facebook.

  3. lovely! good post!
    xoxo see u!

  4. I have the brown eyeshadows and they are good :) you can purchase of W7 make up in peacocks store all over UK

  5. Can I find these products in the U.S.?

  6. I have reviews this brand on my blog, you can find it here at... www.daisychains16.blogspot.com

  7. Thanks for Sharing! I cannot wait to try this brand, I am in America and ordered Foundation, Lip, Eye, and Setting Spray to try.

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