My facial at Carmel's Skin and Body Clinic... well this was a first for me!!


  • Hi All!

  • So a couple of weeks ago I had been in contact with Aisling who works over in Carmel's Skin and Body Clinic in Lucan. We had met at the From Matte to Metallic Workshop and got chatting about a review of a facial for the salon, of course I was very excited, my skin is something I've never been overly proud of but I have to say, I've been feeling a lot wrose about it lately, I think with a mix of stress, poor diet decisions and general hormones, my skin is not in great shape at all! As a blogger I also wondered, is it down to trying out too many products on my skin? I don't know if any other bloggers experience this so I'd love to hear from you if you do find this?!

  • So for now I would just like to acknowledge, most of the info contained in what we did in the salon has come from Aisling herself, it was all very science based for me and I think I was in a little shock at the time, I needed her help to tell me all we had dont.

  • I had a microdermabrasion!! As I said earlier this is nothing like I have had done before, Aisling hasn't seen my skin in a while and I had told her, I had been having some irregular breakouts so a 'pamer' facial may not be the best thing for me at the minute. After seeing my skin she agreed that we would start with a microderabrasion which is fantastic for resurfacing ur skin, helps smooth out fine line n wrinkles and is also fantastic for picking up complexions of dull lifeless skin. This is also brilliant for improving and smoothing any scars on skin and great for lifting pigmentation on skin, stimulating the colour under our skin. This didn't hurt really at all but it's almost like a tiny tube like a hoover which literally sucks all the 'badness' out of your skin. It can be a little uncomfortable when it goes over an imperfection, but nothing you cannot handle and nothing more painful than actually having the spots themselves. My skin felt so clean after this and I did also have quite deep lines on my forehead which also appeared clearer just after one application.

  • Next Aisling applied oxygenating cream on my skin after which isn't normally part of a microdermabrasion but at Carmel's they custom all facial to clients needs and as my skin had fresh breakouts, that cream is antibacterial so it helps kill n dry out impurities on skin & also helps calm down redness after my first treatment.

  • At Carmel's they would recommend a client to get two treatments close togethger about 10 to 12 days after first one as skin is renewing itself and then every 4 to 6 weeks depending on clients skin. Carmel's provide medical grade facials in the salon.

  • The salon opens from 9 to 9 Monday to Friday and Saturday 9 to 6.

  • The cost of a dermabrasion start from €75 up, they will also have specials coming up as the salon is getting new Cathio machine, which is the machine Aisling used for the oxygenating cream.

  • Carmel's also have specials some Friday's with 10% off facials.

You can find out all details on Carmel's by checking out their website HERE 

I have to say, I had never really looked after my skin in the way Aisling did on the day of the treatment, I think I can get complacent about my skin and then that can lead to breakouts. I know with all of us, we can get stressed and run down but I am really hoping to keep up looking after my skin and the rest of me while I'm at it. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get back out to Carmel's between a manic work schedule and being in college, it just hasn't worked out time wise. I do hope to go back soon and really get a handle on my skin. I think going for a pamper facial can be lovely but it may not help your skin with whatever trouble it is having. Be sure to always drink plenty of water and also wear SPF, it is vital to protect your skin. I have been extra careful since my facial to ensure I am doing what is best for my skin.

If you do have any questions on the facial I received or Carmel's salon please check out their Facebook page or you can email me and I will happily pass on any enquiries. I would like to thank Aisling and Carmel for having me out and taking such good care of me. I will deffo take better care of my skin now that I can see how much there is out there to get it looking it's best.

Carmel's Skin and Body Clinic Facebook:

Emma x

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