Inspiration at Waverley Academy


Evening All!!

My Thursday evenings are possibly the best time of my week outside my lovely new apartment that is, I just love the atmosphere in my class and our tutor Tanya is just fantastic!

Last week was slightly different in that we had director Derek O Kelly come in to talk to us about career prospects and also an aspect I love to look at in people, confidence.

Confidence is something people can really struggle with but for any of us looking to get into the world of makeup it's something we really need to have, or at least be able to turn on when needed.

Derek had a whole presentation ready for us and the part I think I loved best was seeing how interested he is in the subject and how well he would love to see us all do. I am going to interview Derek specifically on this I will see if we can meet or we may do it over the phone but I'd like to be able to show you where he is coming from and to be sure I make his point correctly.

I think what drove me to Waverley so much was the commitment I see from Derek and Veronica, they literally eat sleep and breath the college, there are family members involved and each one is a dedicated to being successful and wanting the best for every student that walks through their door.

I have been thinking about where I would like to go next after my course and I would love to stay on at Waverley and do more courses, gain more experience and hopefully one day even teach there.

We are starting the bridal look this week so there'll be loads of pics, after Derek left us on Thursday it was makeup theory so I'll be snap happy this week!!

Emma x

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