Meet Some of my Class From Waverley Academy!


Hi Ladies,

A slightly different post based on last week’s class ladies but one I feel you will like… This is the meet some of my Make Up Class post!

Last week I arrived early to class and a few of the girls were already in the class so I decided to ask them why they were attending Waverley Academy and what they hoped to get out of going to this course.
So let’s get started…..

Lindsey who follows my blog (thank you) sits two rows up from me and got married last year which was very exciting to hear about. She has always had an interest in makeup and now finally has the time and the drive to move into the industry. She would love to go on and work on TV or Film Makeup. Lindsey is from Dublin.

Elaine sits next to her and like many of us has had an interest in makeup for years. She would ideally love to be a freelance MUA or work in fashion makeup. Elaine is from Dublin.

Danielle is beautiful, a little doll and a fellow leftie like me, she loves makeup! She thinks she would like to work on a cosmetic counter such as MAC when she finishes the course. Danielle is from Dublin.

Next up is Roz, who has already mastered the makeup in the 20 mins we have for the exam which I am so jealous of! Roz said she would like to work in the fashion industry doing makeup or again make her money freelance. Roz is from Kildare now living in Dublin.

Lisa sits at the top of the class and is actually one of my closest friends in secondary school’s little sister. I hadn’t seen Lisa in years but was great to see her on the 1st night of the class. Lisa is now studying arts in Dublin but is hoping to move to Canada after college and would love to work in makeup over there.

The last two ladies I have for you today are another Lisa and Sinead. Sinead actually wasn’t there, she was away in San Francisco for the week but herself and Lisa work together so she could fill me in. Sinead is a singer, a wedding singer and said she would love to combine her talent into makeup and work on the bridal scene. She also has a huge interest in the skincare side of the course so may want to progress into that also. Lisa and Sinead both sit in front of me in class and Lisa is gas, I was working on her last week and at the end of the class, my tutor discovered I was a leftie and standing at the wrong side of the bed all the time, it explain why I found it all so awkward! Lisa wants to learn how to master her own makeup and possibly move on to working on cosmetics counters.

Unfortunately we were missing a number of students last Thursday night in my class, such as Kelly who sits beside me and Gemma who is just the best laugh you could have in a class.

We got started at 7 as always and more of the girls arrived so I will start to feature them all over the next few weeks. I am really enjoying my time at Waverley and this week we are starting the evening look so the girls have all been warned the camera will be out!!

Last week I also attended Little Kiva’s last class with her group of 8 ladies and you can read all about it here… Little Kiva's Class

Most of last week's class was on skin disorders and although it was fascinating some of the pictures were horrific, I really must have a word with college director Derek, he's out to get us with the worst samples of skin disorders we all felt really really ill after it!! I'll spare you those pics but on a plus note, Waverley have been excellent in choosing the ITEC course as with all the skincare knowledge, if this is where your interest lies, you will have such a large range of knowledge you could work on a skincare counter and get more into the science of makeup.

That's all I have for you this week,

Emma x

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  1. Hope you like it, I completed the practical part of the exam yesterday in Waterford College of Further Education. Wasn't near as bad as i thought it would be.

    1. Heya Rachael awh wow I'm so glad to hear it wasn't as bad as you thought, we are doing the evening look tonight in class, really looking forward to that so hopefully it'll go ok I get so nervous working on someone i don't really know! x

  2. I did the ITEC and CIBTAC makeup artistry course in Waterford Institute of Beauty and found the skincare fascinating as much as those pictures are horrid i know! When doing your practical make sure you are talking to your "client" as much as possible and informing her of everything your doing, showing your knowledge, examiners love that. And constantly sanitise your hands, they love that too! I got caught with the rotten questions though like the ingredients of a primer and stuff, as soon as she left I remembered them haha. Hate being put on the spot like that! Hope your enjoying the course :) x

    1. Hey Anna-Leigh thank you so much for the advice, I'll deffo be looking for all the tips I can get closer to the time, I think my exams will be in late June/early July so really hoping I do well in it. I'd love to get working in the industry even part time so it would be excellent to come out with a good result x

  3. Anna Leigh was the makeup artistry in the beauty institute good? im thinking of starting it in june