My review of the Cocoa Brown Spray Tan in Edele's Beauty Clinic Tramore


Hi All,

So I made the journey home for the weekend back to Blaa land to get some home comforts in Tramore and lucky for me I had seen on Facebook Edeles Beauty Clinic was holding a comp for 3 ladies to get a FREE Cocoa Brown Spray tan as it was new to their salon, my name is pulled from the hat so I booked myself in for 12:30pm on Saturday.

The weather was horrific on Saturday in Tramore, I was so worried the rain would make me all patchy but luckily only one drop landed on me so I was able to cover that up.

I arrived in and was taken to a lovely warm treatment room, I hadn’t been to the salon since it had moved to Elm Park. It's beautiful inside, all the staff are wonderful and you can tell you will be looked after once you arrive. Edel and I had been speaking on the phone on Friday about how pale I am and how dark I like to go and told me Elaine would be taking care of me on Saturday.

Elaine was so friendly we chatted away about tanning and nails while I was in the salon and she gave me clear instructions on how to best maintain my tan.

So in preparation for my tan, I had showered and exfoliated using the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff and make sure my skin was all buffed and good to go.

In the salon, I had no products on my skin at all and I really liked the initial colour the spray left on my skin. I agreed with Elaine to leave it on for the 3 hours at least as I wanted a darker tan, I had to nip into town so all in all by the time I showered, my Cocoa Brown spray tan had been on my skin 5 hours.

I did notice a lot of colour washed off and I wasn't sure it was dark enough for me. I agreed with my mum and my sister that leaving it on for the 5 gave me a really healthy natural looking tan, perfect for occasions and the likes but for me I do tend to go a little darker on nights out especially if I am wearing dark colours as I feel very pale in general. The next day I was out with friends and the girls all loved the colour and said it looked really healthy.

To maintain the tan, you don't need to moisturise within the first 24hrs, then for the next 48 hours you use an oil free cream which is exactly the product Cocoa Brown have called Chocolate Whip and then following on from then you can use an oil based cream or lotion to help your tan come off easily and cleanly.

As an introductory offer Edele's are doing a full body Spray Tan of Cocoa Brown for €15. You can get a FREE spray when you get your HD Brows done this week only!!

Here are a few pics of me over the last few days...

This was the spray before I washed it off

This was day 2 when I was looking nice and tanned and wore a dark foundation

This was day 3 still looking nice and healthy

If you haven't tried the Cocoa Brown range yet.... You need to get on this! I am a total CB lover and will deffo get another spray tan in between my own weekly applications of their amazing tan. At the recent Beauty Show in Dublin, I picked up the latest CB products and love them all, there is literally nothing bad I could say about this tan at all!! Check out Cocoa Brown by clicking on the name.

These are all my current Cocoa Brown products

Really hope the spray tan takes off as I really liked it and I love how I am not patchy anywhere, I've been looking after my tan and it seems to be lasting well and starting to fade naturally. There are a number of salons now using Cocoa Brown and where better to start your collection than an Irish fave Penneys! All products seem to be under the €10 mark so you really can't go wrong ladies!

Emma x

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    1. I really liked it so dark but to be fair I was glowing so once it washed off I was happy x