My 1st attempt at the Cream Contour with Laveesha Cosmetics Contour Palette!


Hello all, oh this is a tough one for me today feeling slightly sheepish today after a serious weekend of rugby.

I am very proud Munster woman and delighted with the win on Saturday so we jetted back up to the big smoke from home in Tramore to watch the Leinster game out with friends and unfortunately poor Justin's dreams of another Leinster Heineken Cup are over so C'mon on the red army!!!! 

Anyway...... back to more important business of contouring and highlighting. I was sent the new Laveesha contour palette a couple of weeks back and couldn't wait to try it, with all this moving I literally hadn't a chance until yesterday so in the new bathroom I attempted my 1st cream contour look. My regular readers will know, I never claim to be an expert and I can safely say cream contouring is not as easy as it looks on YouTube at all but I do feel with a bit of practice I'll be smashing!!! I have to say now trying to find decent lighting in my room and bathroom wasn't easy, I only had my phone camera on me (the big one is still all packed away) so the pics aren't great but I will deffo have more posts on this in the future.

So here with are the 1st picture of me bare faced just primer added...

 For yesterday's look, I wanted it soft and summery seeing as the sun was out yesterday so I went for a medium coverage foundation as my base. I am loving my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 brush and not just because it's pink it is as amazing brush and at €13.99 it really is a must have, applies makeup so easily!

Then onto the contouring and highlighting dun dun dun!!!! I found it a little hard to choose the colour which I thought suited so I took a guess as I had tan on and went for a colour I thought was 2 darker than what I was wearing. I applied the contour colour on my face with the Fuschia flat foundation brush.

Because I'm a square face like Simon Cowell I decided to contour my forehead (loads) and then went for the hollow of the cheek and along my jaw line trying to give my face a better shape. I attempted to run the brush down the sides of my nose but it was too thick so note to selves, try a smaller brush for your nose!

Next was onto the blending, this is deffo the hardest and most important part of creating a good look, you really need to work on the blending, you have to be ready to move (you don't want your product sticking in lines on your face) but I have to say what I like about Lavessha Palette is the product didn't set and blending was very easy. For this I used my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I thought this brush would be the easiest as I had seen in many tutorials people using duo fibre brushes. I may have to invest in a smaller duo fibre brush or the new Blank Canvas F30 I have had recommended to me.

Onto the highlight then... I applied this in the V shape between my brows, under my eyes and above my cheek bones, I placed a small dot on my cupids bow and on my chin also. I used an old fakey MAC brush but it wasn't my best choice I think I will go for my Inglot 4SS in future, I just couldn't see it at the time.

Once again I went in with my Real Techniques brush, I had given it a little wipe to see if there was much dark product left on it first and went for a serious blend. The key to the cream contour is a good blending brush. I do like the RT Stippling brush, I think it works really well but I would love to hear from you if you have any good ideas on a blender for me.

Here is my finished face and I then went on to apply my summer look makeup...

I found it really hard to take a decent pic in my lighting :(

 Here is the finished look...

I have to say for my 1st attempt at using the Laveesha Contour Palette, I really liked it. I know my talent wasn't the best and that's ok because I'm all about learning and practice so please don't be disheartened if you don't feel you have the total Kim K look on the 1st go. The packaging with Laveesha is simple and compact which is great, its so flat you can bring it with you anywhere! The value is also amazing at only €19.99 and can be bought through the Facebook page Laveesha-cosmetics or on the website Laveesha 

I just want to thank Louise for getting me to try this product, it will definitely be a staple now on my nights out to ensure I get the Kim K look perfected by summer. If you have anymore questions about the product or the brushes used please feel free to mail me on my Facebook page Emma Sheehan Blog 

Emma x

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  1. Emma, you're gorgeous withou makeup. It seems to me, though, that the products apply somewhat heavy, or is that a trick of the light? I haven't tried it myself, as I mostly use powder products, but I think you might benefit from trying the RT sponge or something like it that doesn't drink up too much of the product, for blending. Like I said, I haven't tried it, but I've a feeling it might work :)

    1. Awh thank you I can't say I go out much without my makeup on but during the day I like it to look natural enough :) Yes the products were quite heavy but that's why I only used a medium coverage foundation and built the colour up onto that then. I think if you use a full coverage foundation and then the creams on top you could feel very heavy. I topped up my contour and highlight with a touch of powder after and it held all day on my face xx

  2. Great post Emma. I love seeing how other people contour.

    1. Awh thanks Sinead, was a bit all over the place but hoping it'll get better... do you use your F30 a lot for the cream contouring is it worth the €20? xx

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