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Last Thursday, after a hard days work I hit the road for Liffey Valley shopping centre. It was freezing outside so I couldn't wait to get inside. The shopping centre is beautiful and the decorations were just amazing.

I was there on blogging business and tonight I was attending another Inglot Masterclass.I had seen the advertisement on the Inglot Facebook page so booked myself in. Tonight’s look was very festive, a smokey eye with a pop of colour in the middle of the lid.
I took a seat next to a shelf which turned out to be perfect to be able to jot down all my notes as I watched.

Kate was the model for tonight and Avril, the manager of Inlgot Liffey Valley was our MUA. Both girls were so welcoming and unfortunately for Avril, she now had to raise her voice as a choir has set themselves up right beside Inglot. I sat and watched with a hot chocolate so I was feeling very festive altogether.
To begin this look, Avril suggested when you are using a loose pigment or glitter on the eye, it can be better to do your eyes first before any other makeup in case of fall off.

Eye shadow primer: This is so important for a good eye look as it stops creasing and it also helps to make your colour last longer. Inglot sell their primer for €10. Another option for Waterford people who maybe cannot access Inglot at the moment is the Urban Decay Potion and you can buy a small tube for €11 in Debenhams. I love the texture of the Inglot primer so will be investing once my UD is used.You can apply primer with your finger but it helps to blend it out with a big fluffy brush afterwards, Avril used the 6SS brush.

Eye shadow: To begin this look, apply a light brown colour (342) blended into the socket and upper crease and for this you can use two 6SS brushes. One brush is always for application and one is for blending. You only need a small amount of product, *The key is, you can always add more colour but it is extremely difficult to get rid of too much product* your second brush is for blending. This must be a clean brush. The darkest part of this colour should be at the outer corner of the eye.
The next colour to use is a medium brown (327) Use the same 6SS brush for the application of the colour and use just on the outer corner of the eye. Again you need to blend this out using the 2nd 6SS brush. There should never be harsh lines when it comes to eye shadow.
Use a flat brush for the inner corner of the eye. You leave the centre of the eye bare as this is where the Teal (pop of colour) will be applied. Again blend this back out with the 6SS blending brush.

Pop of colour: To apply pigment, Avril suggests you should pat/press this colour onto your lid. This will reduce the fall off. Once you have the teal colour pressed in, you can see where you might want to go back in and blend in the (327) medium brown colour.
Next you apply a light cream matte colour (355) from the inner most corner of the eye, above the brown up to the brow bone. This is to soften any harsh lines you may have.

Gel Liner: To apply gel liner, look in the mirror straight ahead, draw your flick and then fill in with your eyes closed. To create the flick, do not stretch your eye, you need the flick to look exactly how you want it to as you draw it because this is where it will sit. You can place the gel liner on the lash line and then stretch it out with a concealer brush. This sharpens out the flick. You can then clean up the flick with the concealer. ( You have no applied foundation as of yet so now is the perfect time to make a perfect flick) An angled brush is the easiest to use for this.

Duraline: This is a fantastic product to use on the eyes when you are creating a glitter look. Duraline is sold in Inglot for only €10 and a must have for this seasons sparkly looks. It acts as a sort of adhesive of glitter, unlike eye lash glue, it will not look clumpy. It comes in a drop bottle and you only need a tiny amount each time. Put a drop onto your hand first, then onto your finger and onto the teal shadow in the centre of the lid. Taking the flat brush you already used for the teal pigment, apply the glitter with this. The glitter pot used tonight was a white coloured glitter which attracts itself to the colour you are using so teal, berry and purple eye shadow look brilliant with this glitter. Glitter pots cost €15 in Inglot and come in a range of colours.
Once your glitter has been applied you can go back over your liner with your angled brush.

Face: For the rest of Kate’s look, Avril used;
A mix of the YSM (€18) and AMC (€22) foundation applied with a flat brush. Avril then blended out the foundation using a 4SS brush which is a bigger blending brush. She finds it creates a more flawless finish.
Undereye concealer: €13 new product in 7 shades for Inglot applied with the 4SS brush. This will then need to be set with a powder as it is a water based product.
Setting powder used was no.55 and applied with a powder brush.
The rainbow bronzer 15pjf was used as the contour powder with a blush brush, taking the lighter side as Kate is quite pale.

Sparkle dust no.2 champagne was then applied as the highlighter. This was applied with an angled brush. It was buffed onto the skin above the cheekbone.

Finishing the eyes: Using the 327 colour, apply a little product onto the bottom lash line using the 4SS brush. This technique is called 'blowing out'. Run the teal colour with the flat brush 16PP under the centre of the eye.

Lashes used for this look were the 75S. Always use DUO Glue Adhesive (this is recommended in MAC and Inglot) firstly place some glue on your hand, then drag the lashes through the glue. Leave it set for 15 to 20 seconds. Try use lashes with a thinner lash line as these look most natural and also are more likely to stay in place.

Mascara: Always apply to your bottom lashes first, looking up. When you apply to your top lashes be sure to tuck your own lashes into your falsies.

Lipstick: For this look Avril used 62 soft precision and 412 matte lipstick to create the berry lip on Kate. *A tip from Avril, use a balm before a matte lipstick, exfoliate lips with a baby toothbrush once a week.

I had an amazing time at the masterclass in Inglot Liffey Valley. All the girls were so so helpful so if you have the opportunity to pop in and get stocked up on their amazing products, do. It's brilliant quality and much better pricing than other brands.

I'm booking myself in for a one to one lesson soon so will keep you all posted.

Check Inglot out on;

Twitter: @inglotireland
Instagram: inglotireland

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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  1. Omg i LOVE your eye makeup!!! New bloglovin follower :) I found your blog through twitter and love it! xx

    1. Heya thanks a mill.... This was actually a masterclass I attended one evening after work but the MUA Avril is just amazing!! Followed you back on bloglovin... love your blog xx