Cailyn Cosmetics Ireland- A mixed & honest review from me!


Hi Lovelies,

I have really been building on this post for the last while. Rather than review just one product at a time I decided to publish this post once I had tried a number of products. Unfortunately for me it hasn’t always been plain sailing with Cailyn but I think this post will highlight to you that a brand with so many products may mean that they won’t all suit your skin or your ability. When I say ability it’ll make more sense later in the post. None of these products were sent to me by Cailyn but I just want to say that this post is just me being 100% honest and the customer service I received from Cailyn was outstanding at the Beauty Show and after. Any purchase I made was either at the show or from a leading stockist Castle Pharmacy Waterford.

Cailyn is a brand which burst onto the scene last year, I have seen loads of makeup artists and beauty bloggers loving the products from the brand so little by little I wanted to try more and more. Laura Dempsey only recently created the most brilliant festival tribal look using some Cailyn products and it was unreal!!

Gelux Eyebrow: 

Waterproof + Long Lasting + Built-in Brush

Arch your brows to perfection with CAILYN Gelux Eyebrow. With our innovative gel formula that is waterproof, 24 hours wearing, your brows won't lose definition or colour under any circumstance. Conveniently built in angle brush makes it an ideal travel companion. Available in 8 natural shades, you can find the perfect shade that works best for you. Simply shape, define, and fill for impeccably groomed brows!

I have the shade no.6 Oak. This was actually the first product I purchased from Cailyn. I was watching the girlsies like Laura and Jen from Too Dolly Makeup loving their Gelux. I wasn't sure of the shade to buy between Cocoa and Oak but after testing them I decided Oak was more suited to my hair colour. It's a tough enough consistency, I find especially for daytime brows I need to use a teeny drop of Inglot Duraline. This is a miracle product from that company so it's handy I always have it ready. I think if you don't have duraline you might find the product a little tough to use especially with the brush that comes in the lid of the pot. I really like this product, as I said just a tiny drop of duraline once a week and I can have beautiful brown brows with a really easy application. It is on the pricey side you may think but you literally use the smallest amount of product each time so it's going to last you ages. This makes it really good value in my eyes. I think if you are a brow lover like me and you want your brows to last and not smudge down your face then the Gelux gets a 'yes from me'. 

This retails at €20

Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact:

Foundation + Corrector + Brightener + Moisturiser
All-in-one beauty cream in a portable compact!

CAILYN BB Fluid Touch Compact features a moisture rich formula to moisturise, brighten, correct and conceal skin imperfections. Vitamin E delivers essential hydration to maintain a dewy and luminous finish to your complexion. The handy and unique compact is designed to easily dispense fluid by simply pressing a button to prevent tarnishing formula. An eco-friendly refill cartridge is available to replace empty compact.

I tried Shade no.4 in Nutmeg.  It was a beautiful shade but unfortunately for me this product did not suit my skin at all. I couldn’t understand why, I used different moisturisers and different primers but it wouldn’t last on my skin at all. I watched so many other people love this product and it looked so lovely on them but for me, I just had to admit defeat. At the time of trying this I had no idea a foundation was on the way so I thought I’d never get a face product from Cailyn….boy was I wrong!

This retails at €30

Cailyn O WOW Brush:

Simply put, this brush is an awe-inspiring, wow inducing miracle!

Through its velvet-like bristles and densely packed ultra-fine fibres, this amazing brush is made to ensure an airbrushed effect, with an immaculate streak-free touch. This brush features a dome, angular shaped surface that is beautifully crafted to blend foundation, powder, cream, moisturiser and primers seamlessly into your skin. The pointed tip is designed to fit perfectly underneath the hollows of the eye, and helps contour your facial features. The sturdy, self-standing handle with a slip off cap prevents bristles from germs, dirt and dusts, making this makeup tool the ultimate travel companion.

So this brush…€30, I couldn’t think of the last time I paid that much for a brush. With the brands like Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Nima Brush right on my doorstep I always struggled to ‘buy into’ other hype. I actually bought a €1 ebay version of the O WOW brush but there is a difference. I have seen lots of other online retailers charging €10 or even €12 for a brush so similar to my €1 ebay brush that I had set a really high standard for the O WOW. I picked this up at the beauty show and waited until I had purchased my HD Foundation in Castle Pharmacy to try out the brush. As this is the only product I’ve used the brush with so far it gets a huge thumbs up from me. I really like how it feels on my face, the foundation doesn’t drag or pull my skin. I think if you’re really interested in either of the Cailyn face products then this brush is worth investing it. I haven’t used it with a liquid foundation or with a powder product so I can’t judge it on that. I’m happy to keep it for my HD foundation and I think it is worth the money as there’s a big softness difference between the €1 ebay brush and the O WOW brush.

This retails at €30

Cailyn 7in1 Liquid Gel:

The first 7 In 1 Liquid Gel liner provides a sleek rich charcoal black matte look! While providing a long-lasting, water-resistant and smudge-proof wear, it effortlessly delivers gentle control and accuracy with its custom easy grip handle. This innovative heat treated brush tip, allows smooth and fine precision for a high-performing application of natural or daring expressions. This highly-pigmented formula stays true to its colour all day to give you the perfect alluring eye!

I have this in the shade 01 Black. I bought this also at the Beauty Show in March in the RDS. I hadn’t intended on buying this product but looking at all the claims and my trouble with liquid liner I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase it. Unfortunately I got my liner home, went to use it and the brush head was faulty. It was frayed too much to be able to create a thin fine line. I contacted Cailyn straight away and they were so easy to deal with. They offered to send out a new liner to me immediately and I sent my one back. The liner arrived in a couple of days and I was really excited to try it. Although the brush head was more tightly packed than the first one, I have now tried it on three different occasions and it’s becoming more and more frayed. His product just isn’t for me. I have a hard time using liner as it is, all too often I work ages on eye makeup and then spoil it all with my liner. It’s really annoying so I need a tightly packed brush to help that process along. The other day I went to liner my lash line on top and because there is a sparse hair, it put liner onto my lid and before I knew it I was taking all my eye makeup off. I do hope it’s just a bad batch of brushes but for €19.95 I wouldn’t recommend this product at all.

This retails at €19.95

(not my picture)

Cailyn Dizzolv’it:

One Step Cleansing + Makeup Remover + Cleanser + Moisturiser

Melt away your daily dose of grime, dirt and all traces of makeup in an instant! Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm dissolves sunscreen, foundation and even the most resilient waterproof makeup thoroughly to leave your skin clean, supple, and luminously radiant. The balm type texture responds to body temperature and melts into silky liquid that deep cleanses and rinses off completely. Gentle and mild, this cleanser will not dry or irritate the skin. The powerful antioxidant ingredients let you soothe, refresh and indulge all at once!

Before anyone thinks this is a bashing of Cailyn it isn’t by any means, this makeup remover is a gods send as far as I’m concerned. Castle Pharmacy Waterford had a 10% sale when the new Cailyn products launched and I decided to try this product instead of another makeup product. Dizzolv’it is just brilliant. It’s a massive sized tub for the price, it has a little spatula in the lid which you scoop out a €1 sized amount. The amazing thing about this product is when you rub your hands together it turns into an oil, you rub this around your face and you will literally see your makeup dissolve. Don’t be alarmed by the absolute state you turn into honestly it’s just the product working but with strong night time makeup it’s all I use now. I am a massive fan of the Dermalogica pre cleanse but this is cheaper and I love it! Well done Cailyn making removing makeup so much easier for us all.

This retails at €25

Cailyn Super HD Pro Coverage Foundation:

The hydrating antioxidant-rich formula instantly melts into skin, delivering luminous, satin-smooth and matte finish to skin. Packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Punica Granatum Juice Extract and hydrating , this oil-free non-greasy formula ensures light-weight fully-concealing coverage. CAILYN Super HD Pro Coverage Foundation is available in 10 show-stopping shades to match all skin tones.

I have shade no.2 Adobe. I got this beauty in Castle Pharmacy Waterford, they are an absolute hub for Cailyn cosmetics in Waterford, constantly selling out of the most popular products and always updating their stock to have the latest instalments on the shelves. After the BB Foundation I was naturally a bit cautious but again with all the positive promotion the foundation was getting from bloggers and makeup artists who had used their own funds to buy the products, I gave in! I didn’t want to buy too dark a shade to start off with and following on from advice from Kate McCormack and CharleneFlanagan I decided on no.2. It’s similar in shade to that of MAC NC20 which is a light tan shade for me. I haven’t been able to wear the foundation on a night out yet but after day wearing, my oil levels were really good. One thing I hate on my skin is when I get too shiny, it just really annoys me. I really like this foundation. I hadn’t used a compact before and I think with the combo of the O WOW brush it’s a match made in heaven. I know it seems pricey but with the O Wow brush, I don’t feel I use a lot of product for each application so I can see it lasting ages. I’m really excited to use this during the summer and watch how the oil on my face copes.

This retails at €34

So there we go, a long post but I wanted to include the relevant information from Cailyn themselves and then my overall thoughts. I know that sometimes people worry that Bloggers are not being honest when it comes to reviewing products but I think we must all remember that people’s faces are different, you can go through a great patch with your skin and then a really rough patch. As a girl your time of the month can play a part in how you feel and how your skin is. I have really learned the importance of diet and recently had an awful time with my skin so I am focussed on resolving that at the min with good food and lots of water.

Even though I had a mixed lot with Cailyn and unfortunately a really poor time with the liner I won’t rule out buying further products at all. I think of course it will make me cautious not to drop money based on others opinions but some of the products look just too good not to own.

I would like to get the Lip Liner Gel Pencil in Whiskey Sour much loved by the amazing Diane Everett and then the 7 in 1 Dual 4D Fibre Macara. As the foundation is working well for me at the moment the next shade I want is no.5 Chateau I was advised then to mix it with shade 2 and it should be lovely for tan. Again thanks to the lovely Kate Mccormack for her advice on that.

When the summer months are over I can totally see me adding the Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint Shade no.4 Expressionist coming into Autumn. I have seen this on Blossoming Beauty by Jan and it’s simply stunning on her. I always love a bold red lip.

If you have tired Cailyn and loved it, I’d really like to hear your recommendation on products or is you think there’s a way to fix my liner brush then do please let me know. Cailyn Ireland is growing in stock all the time so keep an eye on all their social media. They have new glitters coming out soon that I can only imagine will be a million times prettier than they are online so can’t wait to see them. You can look up stockists online at

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