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Hello everyone,

So you will all have seen the new W7 cosmetics products I received a week or so ago. As with all makeup I like to give it a little time and wearing before I will make a call on it. For anyone who hasn’t tried W7 Cosmetics it’s a super cheap brand which has a massive range of products available and will cater to every makeup lover’s needs.

What I’ve noticed from w7 in recent months is that they bring out very similar products to the high end, high priced products on the market. I say similar because I think the word ‘dupe’ implies it performs the same just because something looks like it’s more expensive counterpart but that’s not always the case. I do think you need to be careful in assuming because something looks the same that it will work the same, but in saying that I will be writing out the W7 products as they are and there is one in this bad ass bunch which I am happy to call a dupe in my opinion.

Let’s get start with that shall we? So the W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder is a very happy favourite of mine which I have put to the test against my Ben NYE Powder. I wore the two powders in the one day, one on each eye and I was really happy with the result of the W7 powder. It’s a much cheaper alternative and Ben NYE can be extremely difficult to source so this is by far my favourite product in this little bundle of loveliness I was sent. The RRP on this is €5.95....Bargain!!

Next up is a product I was interested to test out as it has been getting rave reviews from other bloggers, it’s the Argan Eyes Mascara. While I can agree the pigment is fab the wand is not my favourite kind of brand to use. I found for me personally, it was a little difficult to use on my lashes. I am not sure is this because how I was holding the wand or it is because I am just used to a more sparse application wand but I kept hitting the wand off my eye lid or after applying it perfectly, it would then tip off my bottom lashes and I’d end up with the awful panda eye look. I certainly got better with more practice but I think for the quick lash and go this mascara isn’t my favourite. I actually used a disposable spoolie with the mascara at the weekend on myself and loved it so it’s a tough one for me. I would certainly repurchase the mascara but use a spoolie for applying it as it lasts on the lashes, it’s not tough or sticky and it’s a super black colour. The RRP on this is €4.95

Pearl Eyes Eyeshadow Pencil is up next and a jumbo eye pencil is not something I always think to use. With this shade called Park Lane, it has made a really good base for my eye makeup. I have used this a number of times over my base and before I put shadow on to intensify the colour and it's really nice. It's not something I'd reach for all the time but I am deffo happy to have it in my kit. The RRP on this is €2.95 and is available in 9 shades in total.

We’ll move onto the final two products I received and they were lip products; Tinted Kiss Nourishing Lip Oil in English Rose & Viva La Berry Lipstick in the shade Blackberry. I’m a big lip fan, I’m not really a lipstick snob but my passion is buying new MAC lipsticks, I wear them a lot at the weekends or to events and things like that but for the most part of the week I am a cheap and cheerful girl. One thing I am not a huge fan of is lip gloss/oil and it’s for the simple fact my hair is guaranteed to get stuck on my lips when I wear any type of gloss so I tend to only give it a go when my hair is up. The shade English rose however is beautiful, really soft and girly, it’s been in my handbag and on the less windy hair up days I have been more than happy to wear this colour over a nude lipliner or a very light lipstick. Sometimes I'll wear it on it's own and it really does soften the lips. I think if you like lipgloss you are going to love this product. The lipstick however is a beaut!! Deffo my kinda autumn colour, it wears well and sure you need to top it up after eating but I never hold that against a lipstick, I quite like to reapply my lippy, I feel it really freshens up the face so this deffo gets a thumbs up from me. The RRP on the tinted kiss is €4.95 and comes in 4 shades, the Viva la berry lipstick is €3.95...I mean wow and is available in 6 shades!!

W7 is becoming more widely available throughout Ireland but if you have any questions on products or stockists then please do get in touch and I will get the answer for you.

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  2. Hi,just wondering where you got your banana dreams loose powder from?im still trying to source some!thanks