#DeiseBloggers Event- A great day out!


Hello Everyone,

So here we are all done and dusted with our first Bloggers Meet Up in Waterford. How did it all go? It was amazing!!!! Awh probably the best Saturday afternoon I’ve had in ages. Heading home to Waterford at the weekend, the car was jam packed with treats for all the attendees and my head was racing thinking of all the things I’d say about Ziaja Skincare while on the stage (and yes we really did have a baby stage)

I posted a lot about the event before during and after so I just wanted to write this post as a big thank you and well done to all involved in the day. Lisa came to me months ago asking advice on a bloggers meet up, she said that herself and Jodi were thinking of coming together to make one happen in Waterford and it just took off, myself and Rachael became part of the organising team and soon we were on the way to a brilliant event. I have to say without the girls coming up with the idea to host one, this never would have happened and I really have to say, fair play to anyone who can manage to arrange and host an event all by themselves but even the four of us were kept busy all the time in the lead up to the event, taking on different tasks and spreading the jobs which did make it easier. 

We had the venue sorted thanks to Rachael. I have to hand it to Sinead in the Kazbar we were absolutely spoiled on the day. We had the top floor to ourselves for the event, heat on , music playing. We were each gifted vouchers from the Kazbar, a massive spot prize was given to the group for the raffle and then to top it off, Sinead gave us platters of food and drinks for the goodie bags. It was such an amazing place to have the event, I really enjoyed our time there so huge thanks so Rachael for sorting the venue and to Sinead for being so kind and generous to us.

We had beautiful #DeiseBloggers cupcakes on the day from Kilmeaden Cake Supplies and handmade cards organised again by Rachael. Lisa made a brilliant #deisebloggers frame for people to post in and posters all over the walls so the place really felt like it was all ours. I brought along the Ziaja Skincare Ireland frame so we had loads of props for posing. We encouraged people to bring something festive to wear and it really felt like Christmas was kicking off in Waterford.

As you can imagine if you have seen any of the posts so far on the day or snaps or tweets, we were blown away by the support from brands/companies for the event. The girls couldn’t believe they were given so many goodie bags, 4 in total!! I am going to list all the brands in this post along with their social media so you can see just how spoiled we really were. Of course I forgot to take my own picture of all the treats so I was thrilled to see so many of the girls posting their entire goodies on social media. Anyone rooting through the goodie bags on snapchat has stories the length of my leg nevermind my arm!

These are the goodies each blogger received thanks to Jamie from Grey Skies & Silver Linings for this!

Here is the amazing list of Brands/Companies which supported the #DeiseBloggers event. 1. Penneys                                               
2. Wet&Wild                                           
3. Moogoo                                             
4. Ziaja                                                 
5. Blank Canvas Cosmetics                 
6. Babydoll Cosmetics                            
7. Thalgo                                                
8. Skinlogic                                               
9. French Cosmetics                                                                            
10. W7 Makeup                                       
11. So Fragrance                                      
12. Propercorn                                      
13. Beverley Hills Formula                    
14. Impress Nails                                    
15. WaterWipes                                    
16. Flormar                                           
17. Nima Brush                                     
18. Billon Dollar Brows
19. Artistry (Amway)
20. Lulu Belle
21. Glove Your Body
22. Nia
23. Declare
24. Popchips
25. DreamDots
26. Vichy
27. The body Shop
28. Catrice
29. Gucci
30. Nuxe
31. Nivea
32. Pease Cosmetics
33. Pura Vida
34. BioDerma
35. Eireskids
36. Headmasters
37. Childs Farm
38. Conefreys Pharmacy
39. Kilmeaden Cakes
40. Kazbar Waterford

It was just fantastic on the day to be able to say that 40 companies supported such a great event for bloggers in Waterford. Each of the four girls on the organising team went to great lengths to ensure everyone got some fab goodies but I never expected it to get so big and not to mention that some of the attendees even added to our bags so big thanks to Ellen & Shirley.It was a really nice feeling to hand everyone their bags as they signed in, people's faces just lit up and they were so shocked, it also meant we all have loads to blog about now so our blogs will be jam packed well into 2016.

Lisa Rachael & Jodi introducing the day

On the day it was brilliant to hear from a few people their blogging experience and about their jobs.  Lisa, Rachael, Jodi & myself spoke about ourselves at the start. Shirley got up and spoke a bit about working with brands and then Laura got up to speak about the new products coming into Urban Decay. I have to say it felt like a really good and safe place to chat to others, ask questions and get some advice about your blogging styles or likes or even where to go next.

Shirely, Myself & Laura with an input on the day

The demo from Gail was excellent, of course I am going to say that because she worked her magic on me. She chose a look from Jaclyn Hill and I loved it. I never think to use purple on my eyes, it was a really out there look and I was thrilled to start jumping back into pictures so thanks a million to Gail for coming.

A great action shot from Kenny

Of course now that I have mentioned posing I have to say a huge thank you and well done to Kenny, Jodi’s brother for his amazing shots on the day. I have shared some of his pics on the blog Facebook Page and of course I have some at the end of this post. 

As well as the brands I’d like to you see all the ladies involved in our day. Each blogger signed up months ago to come to the event, people took days off work, some girls used the event as their lunch break and missed out on eating, the girls were so lovely and I am thrilled now Waterford has such a wonderful group of bloggers who can link in and catch up more often. I’d love to see more brands and PR companies bringing events to Waterford as there are some seriously talented ladies down there.  I have linked all their Facebook pages below so get following them!!

Here is a linked list of all our bloggers on the day:

1. Emma Sheehan- Mastering Your Makeup                       
2. Lisa Murphy- Cuddles & Contouring
3. Rachael Butler- RachsBeautique
4. Jodi Roche- Jodi Roche Makeup
5. Emer Rutherford- Penneys to Prada
6. Ellen O Keeffe- Bumps & Roundabouts
7. Melissa Gallagher- Melissa Gallagher Blog
8. Shannon Whelan- Makeup By Shannon
9. Nadia Hallahan- Make Up By Nadia
10. Shirley O Kane- Lily & Olive
11. Catriona Dineen- Catríona Makeup
12. Zane Kervica- Zane Krevica MUA
13. Laura Dempsey- Laura Dempsey Makeup
14. Aoife Doyle- Fairly Fabulous
15. Janat Flannery- Blossoming Beauty By Jan
16. Jamie Walsh- Grey Skies & Silver Linings
17. Gail Roche- Glamour Puss Makeup

Finally here are so more of the brilliant shots we have from the day, really hope you enjoyed the post and keep an eye on the #DeiseBloggers for lots of posts and reviews of products real soon.

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