Emma's Soy Candles- Such a fantastic smelly :)


Hey All,

So since getting my own little space to call home I have found myself looking for nice candles to have lovely scents throughout the apartment so let me introduce you to Emma's Eco-Soy Candles!! www.facebook.com/EmmasSoyCandles 

I know you're probably thinking is she for real with the name but yep I will admit that was my first attraction to the product was the face it is named after it's wonderful creator Emma Jane Mc Guire.

I am also very interested in homemade products and especially Irish products in the past few months, I like trying out local companies and raving about them when they are wonderful and Emma's Eco-Soy Candles are exactly that!

I was delighted to receive two of Emma's wonderful candles and have literally been burning them every evening since as I blog away.

So what's so great about these candles??
Well..... they are all natural, handmade in Ireland and are fragranced with only pure essential oils. Emma's are the healthy alternative candle because they contain no parafin. You can check out the entire info on these candles from Emma's HERE

The two candles I received were:

Lemongrass & Neroli Fusion

  • Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil is invigorating, energising and clears the air.

  • Neroli Fusion is a blend of light and precious Neroli Blossom and Sweet Orange Oils with a touch of musky lavender.

The two candles although in a smaller pot are fantastic, there is a real hit of the scent off them which is exactly what you want when it comes to candles, I like to smell them! I will deffo be purchasing a few more of these for the apartment and even the decoration on the little tins are fantastic I love the designs and they match the business card Emma sends you.

Emma's pricing is very reasonable for the amazing product:
A 50 hour Glass Tumbler Candle RRP €19.95
A 20 hour Tin Candle RRP €9.95
*New* Wax Tart for use in an oil burner RRP €4.95

If you would like any more information on these products please contact info@emmas.ie and check her out on twitter @EmmasSoyCandles

Emma x

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