Wear it Wednesday: Brand Focused Face Week 5- Catrice Cosmetics


Hi everyone and welcome to my new series on Mastering Your Makeup, my brand focused face. I decided to start this series because I am very lucky to have a huge amount of makeup in my collection and when I like something, I like to have it all. I have no shame in admitting that I own over 20 MAC lipsticks or that if I like a foundation I want it in 3 different shades, for pale for tan and for a light tan. In the next few weeks I am going to create a look where possible with only one brand and sometimes two showcasing both high end and budget brands and showing you what you can do with this makeup. I am going to use the makeup on myself during the week so some looks will be for day time and some will be for night time. I do hope you enjoy the series xx

The brand & why I like it: Catrice makeup was first introduced to me by a makeup artist in Waterford, Maisy who runs La Beaute in the city centre. I had attended a group masterclass with Maisy and my two friends and she spoke so highly of Catrice that I started buying it. I think the first products I bought were lipsticks and now my collection is big enough to have a full makeup application. I even went to Health Express in Tallaght yesterday to pick up some more new pieces for today's look. I got all three of these products for €10.60. The eyeshadow which I actually used as my highlight as I loved the colour was half price so less than €2.

You just have to spoil yourself 

I have to say the brand is really going from strength to strength in the beauty world. More and more beauty bloggers are featuring the brand in weekly posts, it's so easy to purchase now stands are available in Penneys. Most products are under or around €5 and possibly the best product out of the entire range is the foundation which is is well less than €10. So let's take a look at what I used in my look...

The look picture:

Flash making me ghostly :(

The top two pics are with the flash on facing out on snapchat and the bottom with flash on the S6 Edge camera itself

Base (Primer/Correction) : This concealer palette I have for ages and it's well worn into at this stage, I use the green on my red areas such as my nose, the bloody thing is like Rudolph all the time, the pink I use if my eye bags are bigger than a black sack and you can't go wrong with the lightest shade for your brow carving. I've actually never heard so many bloggers talking about brow carving in my life its mental, I didn't even know it was really called a thing until lately, I thought it was just me cleaning up a mess.

Foundation: Awh lads stop the bus, if you have shiny skin you need this all matt plus foundation in your life. This shade, Sand Beige is my absolute favourite day time tan wearing shade. I'll be honest on a night out I'm a total foundation snob and always wear high end foundation but this one is just brilliant. I think this is only around €7.99 maybe and the minute this one is running low I'll be buying another for sure. Oily skin can be an nightmare to deal with so when you find a foundation you like...always have it available to you.

Concealer: This is a relatively new addition to my stash. It's been hailed as a dupe for the Urban Decay concealer, personally my shades are different but consistency wise yeah they're extremely similar but as the colouring is different I can't wear the two at the same time and test them against each other. That's the ultimate way to see if something is a dupe, if you have two body parts the product goes on such as under eye area, eye lids, brows that kind of thing it's very easy to test two products. For the price of this concealer I do love it and again I wear this concealer with the foundation mentioned above and it's perfect!

Powder: Again with oily skin it can be hard to find a powder that suits you that will actually last the day. I find that this powder is a really good handbag friend for top ups during the day, I don't think it works as an all day setting powder but its deffo one I use to to up my face during the day, I love a translucent powder and this one is only €5 so a steal of a price.

Sometimes an eyeshadow will work as a higlighter this one is so like MAC lightscapade

Cheeks (Contour/Blush/Highlight): The blush palette is new from Catrice for spring/summer and it's really pretty. I used the sparkly pink for my look today, it's soft and pretty and as contour was my strong point with the highlight today it was a nice pop of colour on the cheeks. The contour is a serious love of mine, as all beauty lovers know, a matte bronzing powder is what you should use for contouring and this one is perfect. I love the orange glow from it and it brightens up my pale skin something lovely. As i said earlier, I chose an eyeshadow for my highlight today, I swatched the colour and it really reminded me of lightscapade from MAC so I thought it was perfect for this look. At half price it really didn't disappoint and I love the effect it gave on my cheekbones.

Eyes (Shadow, Mascara, Liner) : The eye look today was a but simple but I wanted it to look really blown out and I was happy with the result. I wore this look to work so I needed the look to be some way daytime acceptable. I have to say the contour and hightlight was a bit more than I'm used to so I'll have to fit the looks in earlier in the week haha! White liner is a great way of making your eyes look bigger and less tired so deffo get on of them for the summer. The mascara is new, it only arrived during the week but I saw it was on the stand as a newbie product so I'm really happy with it. I've had loads of the Glamour Doll mascaras over the years I actually forgot how much I like it. It of course helps that it in a beautiful pinky purple packaging, I am such a sucker for a pretty item. The new eye-shadow sticks I also received were perfect for the inner corner. I think these sticks are good for a quick fix more so than a really in depth look, I think it's a great started took for people who want to try new things with their eye looks. They are available in a few colours and the cream sparkle one I wore this morning is my favourite.

Lips (Liner/Lipstick/LipGloss): As I said earlier in the post, the lipsticks were the first product I started buying from Catrice and Frozen Rose is a really lovely pink nude shade. I would recommend these lipsticks all the time to people, they are quite satin and they do last, they are not as strong or matte as the wetnwild lipsticks which I love so if matte isn't for you then I would highly suggest the catrice lippies as a brilliant budget lipstick.  

My Thoughts: There's no denying I love this brand, I think they are on the ball when it comes to bringing out new products and keeping up with all beauty trends. I think this look was really easy to create but there's something about trying to blend eyeshadow when you're half asleep that just doesn't work for me. I think it's a brand that young people and older people alike love, I think they have such a good range of products that it's not age specific at all. The mascara through to the foundation and not to mention the camouflage cream for the brow carving are all must haves for people at the minute. If you have any questions on anything I've written today I'd love to hear from you or any other products you think I need to have in my stash from catrice I wanna hear from you!!

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