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So today it is time to talk about hair. Now we all know at this stage how much I love my hair, it's actually quite a love hate relationship, I love it some days when I'm sitting in Zinc Hair and Beauty and Lisa is working her magic on it and about two days later when I have to wash it myself and style it until the next time I see her it's a hate thing. I just can't seem to get it right or more so I can't seem to get up at 6am in order to get ready for the day looking as good as most of the other beauty bloggers do on a daily basis. But enough of the ranting, today we are talking about Hair with Bad Habits and a new product to help them out!!

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Recently ALFAPARF MILANO launched Thirsty and Hair with Bad Habits, these are additions to the Precious Nature – Mediterranean Hair Menu

The Precious Nature by ALFAPARF MILANO range has introduced two new “Mediterranean menus” or line extensions: Thirsty Hair and Hair with Bad Habits to complement its existing Precious Nature ‘free-from’ range of luxurious hair products. The Thirsty Hair trio is specially formulated to nourish and provide a new vitality to parched, dry, dull hair without weighing it down.  The Hair with Bad Habits trio offers the perfect routine to repair and reinforce ‘hair with bad habits’ or hair damaged from overexposure to the sun, heat, chemical treatments, bleach and by using aggressive products. All products in the Precious Nature range - including the new Thirsty Hair and Hair with Bad Habits - contain 100% natural extracts derived from the world-famous Italian cuisine, to expertly respond to distinct hair needs while delivering a pleasurable beauty experience, thanks to the delicious fragrances and luscious textures used. The Precious Nature range is entirely free-from sulphates, parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, synthetic dyes and allergens*.

The breakthrough product in these new ranges is the Hair with Bad Habits Cleansing Conditioner which means cleansing the hair with conditioner rather than shampoo.  This multiple-beneficial Cleansing Conditioner has a soap-free, low-lathering formula that provides suppleness, manageability and shine while gently cleansing.  It was developed in direct response to research showing that 7 out of 10 women believe that foaming agents used in many shampoos are too aggressive for everyday use on damaged hair. ALFAPARF MILANO’s development team guarantees that their Hair with Bad Habits Cleansing Conditioner won’t strip the hair of moisture or weigh it down even used daily on damaged hair or scalp. 

The Precious Nature Hair with Bad Habits range contains extracts from naturally derived fig and walnut that will add vitality and softness. Figs are rich in Magnesium, Vitamin C and E to maintain hair health as well as being a notable source of the calcium that forms the collagen so vital for hair repair.  The walnut extract gives strength to stressed or sensitised hair and will result in a 15%+  improvement in hair resistance to breakage**.

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Hair with Bad Habits range comprises three hair care products:
·The breakthrough soap-free, low-lathering Cleansing Conditioner is gentle enough for everyday use on damaged hair, and can be used alternately with the Restructuring Shampoo to ensure optimal cleansing for damaged hair and scalp. RRP Cleansing Conditioner 250ml €12.50
·The Restructuring Shampoo that cleanses and repairs damage to the hair fibre by enveloping the fibre during cleansing to reduce friction. RRP Restructuring Shampoo 250ml €12.50
· Double Cream - a restructuring treatment with a dual action. This can be used as a gentle ‘leave-in’ treatment to nourish and condition lengths and ends or - if left in for just five minutes after cleansing - this intensive yet lightweight hair cream provides instant long-term repair. RRP Double Cream 200ml €14.95

So for this post I am here to talk about the Cleansing Conditioner as this is the product I was sent for review. Now come on ladies.... when you read initially that you cleanse your hair using a conditioner instead of a shampoo who thought this was the oddest thing they've heard? Well I was the same so really the only way to test this out was just to literally test it out! I realise that sounds really silly but I had to read it a few times to register that I use this differently to how you usually use a conditioner but let's get to it!

So basically the plan for this conditioner is that it's job is to cleanse your hair so unlike a traditional conditioner that you use after your double shampoo your hair for moisture after the cleanse, you now use this as your cleanser while maintaining real softness. I have to say from using it in my showers it's really nice. I do like a good lather when I use a hair product but this has been a nice difference as my hair has been so silky and soft after using it. I think this would be really good for someone with maybe thin or weak hair. If someone hasn't been unwell or is not a massive fan of real soapy shampoo and conditioner than I think this is right up their street. Also for hair with bad habits which let's face it so many of us have them, this is really nice to use.

PRECIOUS NATURE by ALFAPARF MILANO range is available in appointed ALFAPARF Milano salons nationwide.  

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