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Hello Lovelies,

So come on tell me, who loves being pampered? Well I do!! I was contacted by Lyndsey a while back when she was working freelance in Carrick On Suir, a small town not too far from Waterford but I was never around the area to pop into her and have my makeup done by her. I was very excited when I got an email from Lyndsey to tell me she was now working from a new Hair & Beauty Salon in Mooncoin called Aphrodite. This was closer to me location wise and as I was travelling home more now than ever I booked myself in last Saturday for a pamper session.

Lyndsey had offered me a facial and also a blow-dry by salon owner Kelly. I was due to go out Saturday night with some girlfriends for a Hen Night so this to me was perfect timing. I made my way out to the village of Mooncoin to meet the ladies at 12pm.

I was greeted by Lyndsey who I'm sure won't mind me saying seemed a little nervous. Now ladies, I don't know what she had to be nervous about, I was arriving without a screed of makeup on my face and also my hair tied up a fantastic hun-bun ready for the pampering. We got chatting straight away and I hopefully put her somewhat at ease as people who know me who read this will know, I'm quite relaxed in real life (I swear I am!)

Lyndsey began to talk to me about the brand she uses in the salon, eléni skincare. This brand was something totally new to me but I wasn't nervous about how my skin might react as Lyndsey was 100% confident in the brand, she had met with the buyer herself, she was trained in the brand and she believed in the philosophy of the brand. It launched in 2014 worldwide and is South African. eléni promises much more in their skincare ethos. Because of the carefully chosen active ingredients, Advanced Liposomal Technology, this is why the products penetrate deeper into the skin. 

The science bit from the eléni skincare website

The room I was in for the treatment was beautiful, there was a lovely scent in the room, the table/bed I was on was super comfy. There's something so annoying about lying on a treatment bed and it not being warm or comfy. Lyndsey has lovely candles burning, the lights down low and beautiful warm throws on the bed. I could see the eléni skincare product range on the display table and the packaging is simple but pretty. She also had her work station set up and ready to go behind the bed so I got myself ready, all tucked up in the bed and still had time for a cheeky selfie. 

Lyndsey explained the facial she was going to do was a Luxury TurnBack Time Facial Treatment, this included a hand &arm as well as a mask. This....this is my kind of treatment! I simply had to lie down, close my eyes and was so close to falling asleep at times. For blogging purposes I asked a few questions as we were working through the facial but I was super relaxed!

Here is the run through of the steps to the Luxury TurnBack Time Facial:
1. Sebum cleanse mask 
2. Exfoliating Deep cleanse mask 
3. Even Skin Tone Mask
4. Tantalising Hand & Foot Massage 
5. Intensive Hydrating Massage  
6. Reconstruction Serum
7. Eye contour Smoothing Créme 

8. Intensive stabilising Moisturiser

I have to say the product I loved the most was the Intensive Hydrating Massage and this was down to the scent, the main which was Neroli, it was literally sending me to sleep. Unfortunately for me, it is available only in the professional salon only products so I will just have to go back for another facial to smell it again.

You can check out eléni skincare on their website:  www.eleniskincare.com 
And Facebook: www.facebook.com/eleniskincare 

I was brought out to the main room of the salon then and got to take a little look around taking some snaps which Lyndsey offered to get me some tea. I assumed it was in the salon itself but she said she was nipping to the little cafe next door. Well, when she came back in I had just had my hair washed by Kelly, the owner and hairdresser in the salon and this tray of magic appeared before me. I'm not being funny, I literally looked at this tray of fantastic treats and decided I was writing off my week in slimming world there and then it looked so lovely. Kelly explained this little cafe two doors up from the salon is called The Rose Cafe and it's amazing. The girls have built up such a good relationship since they opened in July 2016 that they wanted to give me some treats for my visit. Who was I to say no :) 

So while I sat in Kelly's chair, I drank tea and munched on the delicious treats from The Rose Cafe. Myself, Kelly and Lyndsey had a really good opportunity to talk while Kelly worked on my curly blowdry. I was so conscious of spilling icing sugar all over myself that at one stage Lyndsey had to ask did I need a tissue but I politely declined as I was enjoying the treats too much and enough had fallen onto my black leggings already :) That's one thing I really liked about being in Aphrodite, you get that real sense of relax when you get in there. Some salons can be intimidating but I didn't get a single sense of that from either Kelly or Lyndsey. You could tell they are two women who love what they do and really want to make a go of their salon so they want people to feel relaxed and at ease while there. The pricing in the salon is also very competitive which is a massive bonus. 

Kelly opened the salon in July 2016 and is steadily building her client base in the village of Mooncoin and surrounding areas. If you would like to try out Aphrodite Hair & Beauty Salon in Mooncoin and would like a 10% discount off any treatment, be sure to quote 'Mastering Your Makeup'

Please go onto social media and 'like' Aphrodite Hair Beauty Salon on Facebook and follow @aphroditehairbeauty on Instagram.

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