Johnnys Chop Shop Review- A male perspective on the blog!


Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is a little different from me as it is in fact a guest like post from none other than my future hubby! It’s amazing that now we’re into 2017, I can say I am getting married next year! Well one thing J is quite fond of is his hair. He often complains that he has been wearing his hair the same way for years. Lately he has actually taken to getting it cut differently and over Christmas he has grown a beard. I’m still totally on the fence about this beard type thing but his hair looks great!

It’s rare that within the female beauty world, we are offered the chance to review male products. I have only asked J to try out some skincare before but when I got the press release email about this new brand of hair care products, I thought it would be something he would be really interested in. So let’s take a look at the brand first and what he tried…

“Johnny’s Chop Shop is a men’s barbers. It is also a cutting edge men’s grooming collection and lifestyle brand. Referencing vintage Americana imagery the brand ID is a fusion of 1950s and 1960s retro style and modern day trend. The JCS brand will give young fashion conscious men the sharpest looks and the right products to create them. It will also provide tutorial support online to guide consumers on the journey to cool. It is about crafting honest, slick styles for guys who want to be well-groomed combining traditional methods with directional techniques for remarkably uncommon results.” (Press release)

There was a bit of a calamity with our package when it arrived, J had actually received 4 products but one burst open in transit but we were able to save three of them so here’s what he tried and how much they cost. You’ll see from the prices they are 100% reasonable and perfect for the pharmacy market.

JOHNNY’S FIX Hairspray Johnny’s quick fix style setter puts hair right in its place. End of. 200ml RRP €6.99

JOHNNY SHEEN Hair Pomade Slick shine and uncompromising hold for authentic vintage rockabilly style. 75g RRP €9.50

GLIDE EM HIGH Grooming Cream Quick and easy grooming cream for a laid-back look with a touch of polish. 100ml RRP €6.99

To be fair to J, he said he would happily tell me about how he feels about the product but he wasn’t going to write the blog post (I was chancing my arm assuming he’d do all this hard bit) but anyway… J has loved all of the products. He first used the Glide Em High cream going to work every day. He said it was really easy to use and he didn’t get that ‘wet look’ with the product. J’s hair is fluffy (its so soft it literally stands on end) so he likes it to still look like his hair after he’s applied product. When this was all gone he did say he would like to have it in his drawer as a constant as he found the product the nicest out of the three he got to use. For €6.99 I promised to keep him in supply of this. He has to be fair tried so many hair products, we even purchased bed head products at one point spending ridiculous amount of cash on hair gel in New York and he hated it so this one, the Glide Em High got a rave review from the man himself. 

The next two products I found hilarious to watch him use, first off he didn’t know what hairspray was for, he told me he only ever sees me lashing it on the top if my head when it’s curly but low and behold he was there spritzing the ends/tips of his hair after he had placed where he wanted it to sit in the mornings. I think it’s really good when a man wants to look after his look, I think nowadays it’s good to see more products becoming available for guys and not that J would be a sucker for packaging like me but he did say that he liked the style of this brand and it is something he could see men of his age going for. In this ‘hipster’ era we still have floating around it fits really well with the new ‘groomed men’ we have walking on our streets.

All in all, J was delighted with these products, his feedback was really positive and I didn’t tell him anything about the stockists or the pricing while he was using these. It was only when I went back to him for feedback in order to write this post, we talked about how much each product was and where we could find it. Thanks to all of the messages back on Snapchat about it being in Boots.

The verdict is in Johnny’s Chop Shop products get a massive thumbs up from Mastering Your Makeup and he will deffo stay using them in the future! 

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