My Top 30 at 30!!


 Hello Lovelies,

So yes you read right at the title, I am going to bring you my top 30 products I love now that I am turning 30! For anyone that doesn’t know me personally, I am birthday obsessed, I love my birthday! I love other people’s birthday’s too but of course my own is the greatest ever. I think it’s such a nice thing to celebrate the day you became you and next Monday the 16th of January I will be me 30 years. I’m excited for this year my 30th year, I will be in full wedding planning mode, it’s the year of me so I’m hoping the blog will grow in 2017 just like I plan to as a person.

Anyway… rather than bombard you for 30 products in one post I am going to divide this into 3 so 10 products per post. These products will be a mixture of blogger mail I have received and fallen for (honestly of course) others will be gifts I have gotten and others will be products I have purchased myself and loved. I’m excited to bring these posts because I really do have a lot of products I really like. Just to note, the products won’t be in a preferential order that would be way too difficult and there will be a mix between makeup, hair and skin. Hope you like it!

1. Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation: This foundation came into my life before I went to New York and I decided to seriously test it in the Sunshine. It was claimed that even with my oily skin, I would be able to wear this foundation without powder and you know what? I could!! This foundation is a little pricey up around the €50 but I have to say when there’s a foundation that doesn’t make me like a disco ball and still gives coverage it is well worth the money so it’s one I will never be without going forward!

2. Vichy Dermablend Powder: A little pot of loveliness this is and a thing of beauty also. This powder is only €20 and a must for anyone who does have oily skin. It’s so light so I can wear it with darker tan without looking like a ghost face! Vichy have such good ranges for all skin types that this powder was very welcomed in my collection.

3. Blank Canvas Cosmetics Solid Brush and Sponge Cleaning Soap: I know I know, I literally only used this for the first time last week but I am telling you, since that first use I have been washing all of my brushes with this bar. I also went online and bought two more of them for my sisters who have a total aversion to washing their brushes so now they really have no excuse. There is a nice scent off the soap, it cleans the brushes in seconds and I mean super cleans them not a trace of product left on them and its super cheap.

I am of course a massive blank canvas cosmetics fan, anyone that follows the blog knows I fully support Una and her BCC team. I have so many brushes and have modelled and worked with them on the beauty shows so it’s safe to say you can never go wrong with any product from Blank Canvas. If you head over to the blog and search ‘blank canvas’ you’ll see loads of posts I have written so deffo check them out! If you are in need of some brushes there was a fantastic clip of the new #dimensionseries brush sets online.…Yay!!!


4. SOSU Premium Lashes in ‘GiGi’: Lashes are one of the greatest loves of my life. Lashes and me are the best of mates most times, let’s face it I wouldn’t go out without a pair (I honestly would feel so naked) These SOSU lashes in GiGi are that real fluttery look and for just under €6 again amazing value. I have picked up a pair of the Penneys exclusive lashes by SOSU in Holly, haven’t worn them yet but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they’ll be fab on my lash line!!

The first 5 shades I bought are my favourite!

5. Inglot What a Spice Collection Eyeshadow: I decided to include the what a spice collection shadows as I now have 7 of them. To be fair the first 5 I bought I really wanted and then next two I ‘needed’ you know how it is. One of the greatest products Inglot do is their freedom system shadows. I currently have two 10 pan filled palettes and then I also own 3 flexi palettes. Not all full yet of course but I’m working it! The what a spice collection shadows are €6 each and with my pro discount come in at €4.20 (I love my 20% off) Also when my parents recently went to Poland a few weeks back they came back with a stunning haul for me. I’m thinking in 2017, I need to get myself to Poland even if it is for a makeup haul with ‘some’ sightseeing.

6. Dermalogica Daily Shampoo & Conditioner: Dermalogica is a brand that is in my heart, and on my face! When the shampoo and conditioner were launched, it was something I was really happy to review. I did have high hopes but a few concerns as the products are so good on the skin, I really didn’t want the hair products to be ‘too good’ on my hair and strip the colour out. But after finishing the whole bottle of both products, my colour was intact, my hair was silky smooth and super shiny so it is well worth the 20 odd euro you pay for these products. I think these hair products make a stunning gift for a hair lover or in fact someone who’s hair needs a little help.

7. The Balm Nude Dude Vol2 palette: This was gifted to me at an event towards the end of the year. The Balm as a brand exploded throughout Ireland in 2016, I’m assuming mostly due to the big influencers showcasing the products on their social media accounts especially Snapchat. The Balm as a brand wasn’t overly available in Ireland so when I had the opportunity to attend an event I was delighted. I began purchasing from The Balm in Castle Pharmacy in Waterford and when I saw this palette I really wanted it. I’m like that you see, I just want things but funds don’t always allow for all the ‘I wants’. These palette is super sexy, you can create so many beautiful looks with it and it’s a regular in my makeup applications. I think this palette is around the €35 mark (€35 in Debenhams) so a little pricey but worth it!

One of my best presents...this mascara from 'Big Blonde Girl Cat!

8. TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara:  Now that’s a massive bloody claim to be put on a mascara but I will say this, I LOVE this mascara! It is unreal, it gives me so much length and fullness that I’m needing a new one so soon (note to self: pick up the new mascara) and actually this will be a birthday treat to myself but this is the mascara that I never want to be without. I’m not sure if it beats my Urban Decay combo but its 2nd and almost tipping it…almost!

9. Beauty Blender: I had to buy this in New York. I was so on the fence about the original beauty blender because let’s face it, €20 for a sponge seems mental. I picked mine up in Ricky’s and it was $25. I did buy the one with the soap with it and now that I think of it, I haven’t actually taken the soap out of the packet yet. I’m rambling but anyway…the beauty blender, the real one is very different to most other blenders. To be honest the only one that even relatively compares is the real techniques (the orange one) Cheaper beauty blenders are grand but if it’s the same texture and bounce back you want then the original is brilliant and really works the product into the skin.

10. Cocoa Brown Rose Golden Goddess Oil: Let’s just be clear as stated in the top of this post, these products are not ranked in order because this oil, the rose gold shade, has attended every single night out with me since I got it. I love the colouring of the rose gold. I started being subtle with my use of this product but then I just started lashing it on all over my legs when I’m heading out. I use it on my collarbone, the tips of my shoulders, as a highlighter on my cheek, tip of my lip anywhere that needs to glow I put this on. I haven’t yet tried to the ‘ice’ shade but the more I am seeing people using it as a highlight, I am starting to question if I need it too. Let me know if you do have it. At the moment, I have the rose gold packed into my suitcase for my birthday surprise weekend (I don’t know many details but I’m being brought away and need going out clothes) so it’s sitting there waiting to be lashed on again. Such a brilliant product from Marissa Carter!!

Ok so there we have the first 10. Apologies the post seemed to go on but I am so passionate about all of these products that it’s actually hard to stop typing! Stayed tuned for the next 10 in my top 30 at 30!!

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