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Heya Lovelies,

So often we hear about the latest way to lose weight or gain muscle. A lot of our time is spent looking through Instagram at all these fabulous people while we sit scoffing our faces on the couch. If that's not you, huge congrats you've gotten over the hurdle I certainly haven't yet!

A new opportunity came to my inbox one day that I was intrigued with. I have seen a few advertisements for things like this in the past but never participated myself. As this was a new Irish company, I decided I would take a chance and offered to write a post afterwards.

From the Healthy Kitchen FB page

This company for this post as you can see from the title is The Healthy Kitchen. Here's some info about the company & what they offer;

We are a company that supplies and provides delivery of 5 balanced, full meals  to the customer’s address/business Monday to Friday.

The menu is designed  by experienced dietitian for people who would like to lose some extra  kilograms, or just take care of their body and health in general,  or improve their overall well-being. Thanks to the healthy kitchen diet, every person is able to change their eating habits and achieve success.

For us, our mission is to prepare and deliver  healthy, quality great tasting food, directly to your door and ready for you in minutes.

Our diet meal plans are suitable for:

obese people,
pregnant and breastfeeding women,
martial art,
kids aged between 6 to 13 years
new parents,
general health improvement

So how does this work you are now asking well.... There are five diet plans you can choose from; 

Whatever your personal background might be, we prepare suitable diet meal plans for each individual person’s needs. Our experience dietitian have developed 5 different diet meal plans that are delicious and nutritious as well as portion and calories controlled.

Everyone is different and has their own specific needs. Choose one of our meal diet plans most suitable to your needs so that it will help you achieve your personal fitness or weight loss goals. Healthy kitchen diet meal plans are easy to follow, there is so much variety and ready to eat in only a few minutes.


Standard plan is for everyone who is interested in simply improving their health, maximizing their energy level, and achieving a goal weight.

This plan contains a balanced mix of nutrients, ensuring that you get the right level of carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fats you need everyday.


Sport focused meal plans are designed for the active individual in mind. Diet meal plans bodybuilding & athletic has a slightly different mix of nutrients that ensures you are giving your hard working muscles the fuel they need to recover and repair after  those intense workout sessions.

These plans accommodate very high activity levels, you will notice that the macronutrient distribution favors a higher protein and moderate carbohydrate intake. This will ensure you have energy to spare as you go about those exercise sessions.


Looking to achieve a high level of fitness or a toned body? If you want to have low levels of body fat with good  muscle tone and definition, your diet will make all the difference.

Our fitness meal plans help  ensure your body burns fat all day long,  giving you the nutrients you need to get through a workout session.

These plans will be lower carb in nature, putting more emphasis on the protein and healthy fat side of things.


Our vegetarian meal plans are 100% meat-free while still getting in all the vital nutrients your body needs to feel its best.

Protein is the hardest nutrient to consume adequate amounts of on a vegetarian diet.

Our diet meal plans provide all essential daily protein required. Note that these plans will include eggs, fish, and dairy products.


Diet Meal Plans for kids are based on balanced nutritional portion controlled meals. The kids diet consists of 3 healthy and balanced ready to eat meals: breakfast, snack and lunch.  This diet plan is suitable for kids aged 6 to 13 years.

So my opportunity was to choose one of the plans and a day would be delivered to my door. I was sitting at home and the doorbell rang, my bag was hand delivered and I was ready to eat for the next day. I wasn't exactly sure what was on the menu for that day but I decided to play it safe and choose the standard plan. I was also able to include that I was not to eat onions or mushrooms in my diet and I was told this wouldn't be a problem.

Let's take a look at what I got...

The first thing I noticed about the meals was the sizing. I had read somewhere that ideally our biggest meal of the day should be our breakfast and that as the day goes on we should be eating less and less. This theory is deffo used throughout The Healthy Kitchen so I wasn't fully prepared for this. 

The second thing I noticed was the amount of food. It is definitely enough for one person in one day. To be honest even with the portion size, I felt like I might be eating all day but again was willing to give it a try.

So how did I get on? My day was made very easy not having to prepare food. I didn't find I was overly hungry, I do however love a cup of tea and a treat of an evening especially now that the winter months are here but I did leave that out even for this night to really give the full package a go.

Is this something I would invest in? Well for me saving for a wedding, a house and trying to remain on slimming world in preparation for the wedding, this doesn't really suit me. J however thinks this is a great idea. He doesn't unfortunately work in an environment where he takes enough breaks to eat 5 times a day so I think you would have to have a fairly structured working life to make this work for you.

Cost is also something I'm too aware of these days. You are talking €20 a day which may mean €100 a week to feed yourself, I don't know about you but currently I do not spend that on food. I think though for next year when I am really in the throws of the wedding preparation this would be an asset to any future weight loss I would like. I think if I was to take on working with a personal trainer, having a set programme and set food would really make it easier for me. I think health is an investment and we all need to look at that. Eating cheap isn't always the best thing for us, more & more studies are showing us the dangers of living on just processed foods so with that in mind, if you are looking for freshly prepared meals, delivered to your door then I would recommend The Healthy Kitchen.

You can find them on social media at:

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