B Perfect Cosmetics- 10 Second Medium Coconut Tan, Mitt & Back Applicator


Hello Lovelies,

I know, you must be thinking to yourself does this one ever wear the same tan twice? The answer is absolutely! But, I also wear different tans for different occasions, I like to be really dark on girly nights out, I like a mid tan for a wedding and I like to be sunkissed all the rest of the time :) It sounds mad but I love to try new tans to see what the shades are like on my skin and how natural they can look while wearing them to work.

The latest tan for me to review is the much talked about BPerfect Cosmetics tan in the shade Medium & the scent Coconut. That's the first thing to note about this tan range, they actually have scents! It's very pleasing to ould nose not to have to smell like a biscuit when you apply your tan or when it's developing for that matter. Usually I am a tanner before bed so in the morning, I can be sick of the smell of myself having slept with it on for about 7 hours. The best way to talk you through this tan is from start to finish so let's take a look firstly at the brands claim for this tan...

Press Info:

"Take centre stage with the BPerfect 10 Second Tan. Get a gorgeous glow in seconds with this new instant tanning formula that works with your skin’s natural tones to create the perfect colour for you. The 10 Second Tan is a liquid non-streak formula that is easy to apply (spray bottle), quick-drying, gradual fade up to 5 days. Lightly scented with soft notes of coconut."

This tan is €24.99 availble in Pharmacies nationwide. I know it is stocked in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy, in Meaghers, Sam McCauley's &McCabes Pharmacy.

My Thoughts!

Application: I have to say, I was always a little dubious about buying a mitt and a tan from the same brand. i assumed long ago that tanning brands bring our their own mitt just to get you to spend more money. I know realise after trying to many tans so many different ways, that if a brand has it's own mitt it's usually because they have found their own mitt to be the best at applying their product. The BPerfect Cosmetics Mitt is no different,. I used it for two of the applications of this tan and on another occasion used a mitt not from any brand and there was deffo a difference in my tanning results. I used it the exact same way but the fabric on the other mitt didn't catch the spray as well as the BPerfct one so I ended up wasting a lot of my product seeping into the mitt rather than just landing it on my skin. 

The spray works really well on the velvet mitt and it does have a slight colour guide also so you know where you have applied the tan. Depending on how brave I'm feeling, for the most part i will apply the tan to the mitt and then swipe the mitt over my body. If I feel i need a top up, I may spray the tan directly onto my skin. You do need to move fast however, as the tan is a total liquid so it will run down your skin super fast which is why you have to be brave and ready to buff with your mitt.

The smell of coconut is minimal to be fair so don't panic about the scent if coconut isn't your favourite thing, you are not walking around like a bounty bar!

Wear: The glow from the medium tan was stunning on my skin. I recently had my first staff night out in my new job and I applied the tan first on the Wednesday night, showered off and reapplied the Thursday and with two coats, I was a beautiful sunkissed brown for the night out. I think the shade medium is what I would call a week tan, I would like to try the dark watermelon shade next to see if it is more of a night out shade for me. I was wearing a black dress to the night out and did feel I would like to be a little darker but all the same it was a beautiful shade and I have washed it off and reapplied to have the same golden coulour for three weeks now.

Wear Off: The wear off is said to be a gradual fade over about 5 days from this tan, I would have to agree that the wear off from the medium shade has been extremely easy on my skin. Once I know I want to start taking a tan off, I will apply moisturiser that I know has oil in it, usually going to bed so it really get to work in my skin and then in the morning shower, I will start to exfoliate my skin as the week progresses. No tanning week is complete in my life without my hot bubble bath to take away the very ends of a tan. I soak in a bath usually with a lush bath bomb but I always add in some Johnson's Baby Oil into the bath so again the oil gets right into my skin and the tan will literally brush off with an exfoliating glove. I won't reapply the tan the same night that i have the bath so I allow my skin to breathe.

Overall, I am very happy with the tan and especially the shade medium. As I have said, it is a beautiful golden shade on my skin type (which is extremely pale) I will deffo get my hands on the darker shade at some point and give that a review also as I'd be very interested to see how well that darker shade takes to my skin. 

Now last but by no means least at all has to be the new back applicator for the tan.... this is life!! It's coming in at around €15 if I remember correctly from the sterling price but 100% I am never going without this product again!! Seriously ladies, I don't know about you but people like J & my Mam are so fed up of me asking them to tan my back when I want an all over colour. J always insists on asking me 'will you back be on show' and that's never a relevant question...I need to half a full tan if I'm applying tan. I probably waste product this way but I can't tan up to my shoulder just to wear a tshirt, I'll do the whole area and feel much better! Now just for clarity, I have our course used instant tan in this way, literally only tanning where is needed but that's more for an emergency Haha!

Posing at a family party with the tan on had to crop out the poor dadman!

So with the festive season coming up like literally around the corner, try it out for yourself and see if you like the glow. I know it seems a little pricey for tan but a little goes a long long way with this beauty, A few sprays and your whole body is covered. BPerfect Cosmetics have a great website which also includes tips and tricks for tanning so be sure to check that out!

Website: www.bperfectcosmetics.com
Facebook: BPerfect-Cosmetics
Twitter: @bperfectcosm 
Instagram: bperfectcosmetics
Snapchat: bperfectbrendan

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