Electrolysis- Is it really as bad as you think?


Hello Lovelies,

A hair removal post... I can see what you're thinking already... really Emma? Well as a strong independent women I'm not afraid to talk about unwanted hair because I can tell you now, chin hair is completely unwanted by me!!

During the infamous (at this stage) wedding preparation, I had been regularly waxing my chin. I'd get the usual 1-2 weeks out of it and then one morning, I'd be standing in front of the mirror in the room and BAM I'd look like a yetti. No joke I'd be absolutely disgusted that these little hairs have just appeared and I'd always be wondering where the hell they came back from?

While discussing this one day getting my nails done in Elaine's Beauty, she ask had I heard of Electrolysis? I said yes but wasn't 100% sure what it meant. Elaine explained the process to me and offered to take a look at my chin hair and try out the eletroylsis and I agreed to write a post on it.

On Elaine's Website HERE I have taken all the information on the process for you to take a look at......

What is it??

Electrolysis is the method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. Most areas can be treated, most common is the lip, chin, neck and sides of the face. Eyebrows, abdomen, breasts, toes can also be treated.

There is slight reddening of the skin after the treatment, this should disappear within a couple of hours after treatment.

Why causes hair growth?

Hair growth is a result of heredity or hormone levels. Also some drugs and illness can stimulate growth.

How many Treatments will you need?

Many factors influence hair growth, so you will need to return for several electroylsis visits. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular are will vary from person to person. Most clients retutn once a week or every other week for best quicker results. Each treatment ususally lasts 15mins.

Is it painful?

It is hard to destroy the hair growth without some sensation. The sensation will vary for each individual, and adjustments will be made to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you. Stress and increased hormone levels can make you more sensitive to hair removal.

What does it cost?

Minimum Charge €15

15mins €20

6 x 15mins sessions €100 - Saving €20

30mins €30

6 x 30mins sessions €160 - Saving €20

So there you go all the info on what the process is so now let me tell you how I got on. As always I plan to be completely honest so I am going to start off with a positive, the hair growth rate reduced from the first time having the electrolysis and now that I have had it twice, I did see a slow down in the return of the hair. That's really good news, also paying €20 every 3-4 weeks for the chin removal works out for me similar to what I would be paying for keeping up with the waxing so again that was a strong positive in favour of getting electrolysis.

I do however have some negatives but I have to say that this is a complete personal opinion and while I am comfortable to talk about my own experience, I can only judge my own face and my own hair strength. I found some of it so sore!! I am currently attending a laser hair removal clinic in Dublin City centre, I started last Jan 2018 and have had 6 full sessions and one since the honeymoon. I will have a post coming about that in the next while as I'm still undecided on whether or not I would recommend it to others. In comparison to the little money I'd be spending on my chin getting electrolysis, I'm paying a whopping €180 per session for the laser. 

I haven't gone off topic there just highlighting the comparison because I actually thought that going through that sort of pain the chin would be no problem to me. I was wrong. Some hairs I didn't feel as much as others. The way I would describe it would be a sting, heat and then relief. If you were to count 10 seconds per hair it'd be too much so that is how quick it is.

I went in very brave, I was calm and we were chatting and then one hair really hurt me and all of a sudden I went into a little panic, I was completely overthinking the process and it was reminding me of the laser sessions. I wanted to stop but I knew it would be over soon. Elaine is super at recognisng when you're not OK, she asked me so many times was I alright to continue and offered to stop. My own stubbornness took over and I just wanted it done and dusted. That was my experience on the first session. One the hair has been removed, you feel nothing, so when Elaine said to me we were all done, I didn't feel a thing on my skin, sure it was slightly red but from waxing I'm well used to that! 

I went into the second session much braver, I knew what was about to happen so I prepared myself mentally just telling myself to count through it and I really didn't find it as bad again. Sure it was still sore but nothing like the first time. I do that so often, I build up a little panic in myself and then when I'm getting something done it's never as bad the second time.

As I said at the start I haven't had it done again since the honeymoon but that's purely a time thing. It's something I will consider as a new way to permanently remove the hair on my chin. As I am still working on the laser appointments and the costing of €180 every 6 weeks for the foreseeable future, the electrolysis may be something I come back to very soon.

If you have any more questions or would like any information from Elaine on Electrolysis or any of her other treatments she has in the salon, please do get in touch through her social media, she is an absolute world of knowledge and always happy to help.

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