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Hi All,

So hope you all had a fab weekend, mine was jam packed as I had my two little sisters staying with me in Dublin for the first time. We had a trip to the Zoo, playing pool, shopping and my fave part of the weekend was the Lauren Cleare Masterclass in The Morgan Hotel in Dublin City Centre. You can check her out on Facebook HERE and if you haven't already.... shame on you!!

I actually cannot remember when I started to follow Lauren on Facebook but I was instantly drawn into her looks, every face is flawless, the eye makeup can be so dramatic and yet perfectly blended, for me this girl just seemed to have it all. Lauren works as the cosmetics manager in a pharmacy in Birr Co.Offaly, a small enough town but she has a constant client base, each and every day she posts pictures of people she has worked on. 

I was so excited to hear that Lauren was hosting her very 1st masterclass outside of her hometown and taking it to Dublin so I was totally in!! As I had the twins staying with me, we decided to make it a sisterly bonding experience and head to the first session of the day from 12-2:30pm. This workshop was to cover a flawless face and especially helping us pale skinned ladies look great, a dramatic smokey eye and also how to perfect your brows. This just sounded perfect for us 3, although I have attended masterclasses, workshops, college and courses I am still on the hunt to learn, I want to pick up all the tips I can to help myself get my own flawless look and also when I want to move into the professional world I want to be as confident as possible.

So back to the masterclass, the room in the Morgan hotel was lovely, there were at least three round tables full of ladies waiting to learn from the expert. I felt for Lauren as when I met her she said she was extrememly nervous but absolutely no need for that, she was a total pro and didn't show an ounce of nerves. When I sat at the table I saw two separate goody bags... 2 eeek the excitement!!

One of the Goody Bags was sponsored by Fuschia Makeup which you can check out HERE Fuschia is an Irish brand I have purchased many products from before. I have a range of their brushes, buying sets for friends and family also. I have bought palettes as well which were a great investment as I was learning how to do makeup, they just come with so much product that you can practice for hours. Fuschia also kindly gave a unique discount code of 25% off to all people attending Lauren's class for a limited time and also I received a pro discount form to fill out as I have now finished my makeup qualification. I will then be entitled to 40% off Fuschia products which I will absolutely be using. I will leave other Fuschia Makeup contacts on the bottom of this post so you can check them out for yourself and support an Irish company. Lauren has the Fuschia range in the chemist so I completely trusted her word in relation to the products, which ones she liked and which ones she would constantly use.

The second goody bag is a brand well known to me and almost all of my beauty blogger friends Blank Canvas Cosmetics you can check out their website HERE They forever have special offers and such amazing quality and value you can't help but want them all. Which is exactly what's happened me so now I have a list of brushes I want to add to my collection but again huge thanks to Blank Canvas and Lauren we now have another discount code to use in the coming weeks. I have a beautiful contour palette and lots of brushes from the BC range so I am always happy to promote them as is Lauren, after the class we talked and she told me many of her 'go to' brushes are always BC brushes so there's where my list came from (cheers Lauren)

Lauren had two models to show us looks on yesterday and she gave a detailed description of what step she was taking and also what product she was using. It was a wonderful coincidence or thought out planning but many of the brushes she used, we got in our goody bag and then products from Fuschia we got tasters of so we can all go home and try to recreate the looks now ourselves. 

Lauren doing her thing creating the 1st look

I took a huge amount of notes while at the masterclass and I am hoping to recreate the flawless look once I get my hands on some of the much needed Fuschia Makeup products and my new brushes. I think the class is so worth going to. Lauren began with her favourite skin care routine and again ladies as we all know I have had a wicked time with my skin lately so thankfully I am now on the right track but she told us just how important getting a good skin routine is so please do take care of your skin. To achieve such a good complexion on clients Lauren uses, primer which is actually Clarins Double Serum something I must look into as I have never heard of it, followed by liquid foundation, concealer, setting the concealer, mineral makeup foundation, pressed mineral and followed on with blush, contour,highlight. There's a lot of steps but as you can see from the finished pictures, neither girl looks like they have 'too much' makeup on at all and the most sought after product for me yesterday is the Fuschia Mineral Foundation, the finish it give the skin is just beautiful and it will even suit my combination skin YAY!!

This was the first finished look Lauren created


Stunning 2nd look Lauren created and such easy steps

Lauren is extremely down to earth, she was more than willing to answer any questions we had (which I had loads of) and she has a wealth of information under her belt, it is so hard to believe she only started professionally last July. This girl is a serious talent and I will absolutely stay in touch and keep up with all her latest looks.

Lauren posted today that she is hoping to host her next masterclass in October in Galway so if you are interested in attending this fantastic workshop, get in touch with her through Facebook and you'll be first to know the date and booking info.

I just wanna say a big thank you to Lauren for a fantastic afternoon and not to mention Amy, my little sis is delighted to have won her fab new jumbo buffer brush from Fuschia Makeup which I am not jealous about at all (Fuschia feel free to send me one!) so thank you for that from all of us she was so shocked to have won :) You did a fantastic job and I truly recommend you all give her page and like and follow her fab work!


Lauren Cleare:

Twitter: @laurencleare 
Instagram: laurenclearemua 

Fuschia Makeup:

Twitter: @FuschiaEffect 
Instagram: thefuschiaeffect

Blank Canvas Cosmetics:

Twitter: @BCCosmetics 
Instagram: blankcanvascosmetics 

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