Monday Makeup Series- Week 2-Orange


Hi All,

Here we are at week 2 of the rainbow challenge and this is a different type of look for me using pigments! Thanks as always to Lainey Moore for taking part with me and you can check out her Facebook page HERE

My lord they are such messy things it's unreal but I created this basic orange eye look on my last night of the Inglot Makeup Advanced course which you can read all about HERE

I don't use loose pigments that often so this look was created using two although sometimes a phone picture just wont do the look justice. For this weeks look then, I also attempted to use another product I am not always good at and that was a liquid liner.

It's completely OK to point out that the liner in this look was just not up to scratch but as I don't own the pigment myself, I didn't want to risk making the black line massive and then you wouldn't see the look at all!

I quite like orange colours on blue eyes as this can really bring out them, but for me personally, I think it really helps when I also have tan on, so my face is darker, my teeth look whiter and my eyes appear more blue (I will not say bluer haha)

By reading those last few phrases, it's clear to see that my love of makeup is quickly leading to a love on myself... can we all say VAIN!!  I do think as the weeks of this challenge go on, I will try and get more creative with the looks and try and make some more dramatic and maybe even a soft one here and there just to see if my skills are progressing from all the lessons I've had.

So here is my look:

Now I have to say when I got Elaine's pics of her look, I was so so tempted to try and fix mine, she looks fantastic and the fact that she themed her nails and lips to the look, I was so jealous but fear now I may even dress as blueberry if we have a blue week LOL!! I really envy just how amazing Elaine is at her liner, just flawless and I'm sure you will be sick of me saying this over the weeks but liner seems to just be the bane of my life, I am always buying new brushes to make it easier on myself so that should make for a very good find it and when I finally master it! Elaine's blending is always superb you can tell her is a real pro!!

Here is Elaine this week feat the orange look:

Really hope you liked this week's look and we will both be back next Monday with our next colour look in the 'Rainbow Challenge'

Emma x

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  1. Love the idea of rainbow week! Its good to change up your routine and get creative sometimes :) try an angled brush with your liner ;) and aim it with an invisible line towards the end of your eyebrow if it helps xx

    1. Thanks hunni I think I overload the brush as well so we'll get there :) xx

  2. I use an artists little paint brush like a detail brush try one really thin one. There great.

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