Natural Beauty Evolution: It Works Facial and Lip & Eye Cream Review.


Heya beauties,

I was recently sent two different products from Natural Beauty Evolution feat. IT Works. You can check them out on Facebook HERE . The IT Works brand a company I had heard great things about and anyone following the ‘wrap’ phenomenon will have seen the name 'It Works' on Facebook and Instagram. I was so excited to receive all the information and I just want to thank Amy, she well and truly went out of her way for me and I loved reading all about the brand and the amazing range of products they have.

The 1st product I decided to try out was the Lip and Eye Cream, this is known as botox in a bottle haha!

Pic from

I was sent a sample jar which contains up to 12 applications and I was eager to try this as my eyes have seemed quite tired lately. I have quite a big cupids bow as it is, but was still interested to see what the effect would be. I placed the gel onto one half of my upper lip and one eye and waited 15 mins. I couldn't see a huge effect on my lip, but my eye deffo seems fresher. I could feel a strong tingly sensations as I had the cream on so I then went back in and applied it onto my other eye and half lip to be sure I was balanced.
I wasn't overly disappointed with the product at all because my skin is still quite young so I am going to get my mum to try out this product for me and I will keep you all posted on how she get on with this.

So when you look you wont see much of a difference, I don't think the pics do it justice but I'll be very interested to see my how mum gets on

The next product I was so so eager to try was the Facial Wrap. This wrap retails at €25 per wrap and it's a great investment. Anyone that knows me, will know that my skin has been the bane of my life lately. I think it is down to a mixture of stress and also mixing products so much that my skin has just had enough. I am now starting a full clean skin regime and ploughing the water into me so I will right it soon.

Pics from

I was really eager to see would this wrap boost some hydration into my skin and I am happy to say I was delighted with the results. The pictures will look mental but the after feeling alone is worth investing in this product.

It was early on a Sunday

So onto a cleansed face I placed the facial wrap and sat back and relaxed for 45 mins. It felt cold and wet but not in any way uncomfortable. You pat the wrap down onto your skin, gel side down and you let it work it’s magic.

And it's not even Halloween

After the 45 mins, take the wrap off and rub in the remainder of the gel. I found there wasn't loads of gel left so it easily spread across my face and I let it be for the rest of the day. I couldn't see a huge change right after taking the wrap off but you can feel like your face has just had a huge drink of water, it felt fresh and clean and awake.
The next day however was a diff story, I have not seen my skin looking so bright and healthy in ages. Even though the wrap doesn't treat blemishes, I could clearly see my skin had taken in all the hydration and was so grateful for it. I then used the leftover gel I had still on the wrap from the fridge (all back in its packing and kept safe) and used it the day after. Again my skin loved it.

My skin just loved it!

This facial wrap has given me such a boost to start my new skin regime and really get myself back to feeling good about my skin. It can be really difficult when you don't like your skin to feel confident especially in this hot weather, we need to look after ourselves.
Another product which I have my eye on are the weight loss wraps, they retail at €30 and you can use between 1-4 to get your desired look, 4 wraps is a full treatment. Again it involves drinking lots of water and flushing out your system and I think my legs and bum could do with a little help so again if I invest in them I will be sure to blog all about it ;)

If this is a brand you are interested in you can contact Amy through Facebook on: There is also a website you can click over to HERE I really like the brand as its full of botanicals and the more natural products we can put onto our skin, the better! They can also do gifts /gift wrapping etc , a pamper party nationwide where the host gets a complimentary wrap treatment of choice and her guests get a discount on their products

So now for the treat, I have an exclusive offer for the facials if any of you are interested in really treating your skin. I have been given the offer of: "A full treatment of 4 facials for €75 including delivery to your front door!!!, single facials also available on request from Amy at Naturalbeautyevolution "

If you have any questions about the products or the brand itself please feel free to contact me through FB @ or Amy @

Have a great weekend!

Emma x

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