Tanning Series Week 4- The VIP Collection by Vicky


Hey Beauties!!

So here we are at week 4 and I have to say straight off the pics are not great for this post. I left my camera in my friends how so my after pic is actually on my phone but bear with me for the description.

This week I tried out the 'VIP Collection by Vicky' who we all know from Geordie Shore! She might come across as a demon sometimes (and utterly terrifying) but you have to love some of her one liners and her descriptions of people have me in stitches, and I cannot deny she looks absolutely amazing! I was of course slightly skeptical about this tan, as don't get me wrong, the Geordie Shore girls now how to get 'tanned' but I wasn't sure if this product would really work for me.

The packaging is not great but don't judge a book by it's cover

I was sent the tan a few weeks back which is a mousse tan and in the shade Golden Goddess Medium. As with all the tans I wanted to feature in the series, I am quite pale and with the wedding I went to in London, I didn't want it to be too dark. Well the medium tan with one coat, is just that... not dark at all! I applied the tan to my top half as did my friend Lainey who was staying with me for a couple of nights. We decided to try it out together and applied a good amount of mousse to our top halves and waited for it to develop. 

I had a teeny amount of old tan off, it's a good sign tan lasts but doesn't help my pics

I do like the application of this tan, the mouse glides onto the skin and it is pretty dark so you get a great colour indication where you have placed it on the skin. I applied this tan with a standard tanning mitt and had no issue with the application at all. The smell isn't overpowering either so that was a positive. The tan states that it will develop over the next 8 hours so we took it handy and kept an eye on our colour. I did see a soft tan shade but even for me I still felt a little pale, so the next day after a shower I applied a second layer of tan and this was it, I was now a bronze goddess.

The second coat went on with complete ease again, it topped up the colour beautifully and I was now a deep brown with no streaks and Elaine agreed that she loved her. After the shower, although there was of course run off in the shower, the colour didn't really fade and I love that about this product. So we were now darker and happier and the wear off has been great. I have some drier skin around my hands so I needed to keep an eye on that but we are about 5 days into the tan and it's fading gradually which I like.

Really must get my nails done but you can see the beautiful bronze colour

I will have to start scrubbing soon as I need to apply my next tan for next week's post but if you are looking for a long wearing tan, then I have to say even with all my skeptical thoughts, the VIP Collection bu Vicky is a beautiful tan so I hope you will all try it at some point.

Ha they may kill me but here is Elaine, Me and Amy pouting silly but looking brown ;)

You can purchase the tan from www.viptanbyvicky.com and also take a look at their Facebook page HERE  You can also tweet any questions you may have to @VIPtanByVicky The Medium tan retails at £15.50 for a 200ml bottle. I just wanna thank all at VIP Tan By Vicky for sending me the product, it will certainly be added to the 'night out' tan drawer :)

Emma x

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