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Heya All, (I suppose that should read Hey Y’all because I totally put on an accent reading this!)

Anyway…. We all know I am a huge budget brand lover and a firm fave for me to try is the W7 brand.
I have been very lucky to have received many of the W7 products to review for you guys and here is my latest review of new products. Some I was sent ages ago and then I was treated to a few more products last week so I have included them all in this post...

First up is a product I have been trying for a few weeks now and that is the W7 In The Nude palette. I have been told this is a dupe for the Naked palette which I have and don't use all that often anymore. I am only now getting more comfortable with shadows so it’s deffo going to be used. The In The Nude palette and the Naked  palette and similar I’d agree.

So with the In The Nude palette there are both matte shadows and shimmer shadows so it’s a great investment if you want to practice with not as much cost as investing in the Urban Decay equivalent.

I think quality wise, it is absolutely worth the value. If you don't have the Naked palette then you absolutely should invest in this. It has a great range of colours and you will be able to bring it away with you and not have to worry about it breaking as it doesn't cost the earth. It’s great that for a product designed similar to the UD Naked palette, the quality is almost just as good.

This is the 2nd palette from the W7 range but the only one that I have and I really like it. I took it to Belfast with me on a recent night away and loved the look I created with it.

Here is me wearing the In The Nude palette:

The second product I have just tried from this range is the W7 Brow Bar-Brow Kit.
This is a four colour shadow quad stencil kit for your brows and I am colour three in this palette. I am on the fence about shadow quads lately. My brow colour has been the same and will be the same for the next few years so I don't tend to need three other colours. I think for a budget product, this is a good idea to get as shadows are easy enough to use if you are starting out with filling in your brows. The little brush that comes inside the palette can fray outwards a little, but this can be totally managed by holding the brush lightly and only use a little product at a time. For lasting power, the palette is great and I didn't notice much fall out at all from the application. I like that this little quad also comes with an extra brush for taming the brows, sometimes this is exactly the brush you need after applying shadow so top marks to W7 for sticking that into the set.

The third product in today's post is the Catwalk Face Shaper- Contour Cream Set.
I will not lie... I have been absolutely dreading trying to use this product, I seem to be a disaster when it comes to blending in cream contour products and I'm afraid this was no different. I found for my own skin type, the darker colour is too dark when I have no tan on and it seemed to move my foundation when I had darker makeup on. I also didn't really like the highlighter in this, I have taken a swatch here on my arm and you can't really see it through the camera. I'm afraid this product for me gets the thumbs down, just for my own skin and ability. I was very excited when I thought this product was powder but I'm afraid me and creams do not go so I wont be using this again. If any of you have used this and liked it please let me know some tips.

Lastly a lippy product for you all! This is the Full Time Lip Colour-24/7 Lipstick 
This was a strange one for me, I am not a lip gloss girl, I am deffo more of a lipstick so the directions for this are to apply the red colour first, leave it dry and then apply the gloss. It's an ok product but just not for me. I think if you like stains you'll enjoy this but the consistency wasn't for my personal taste.

The first of the new products to arrive at my door last week was the Candy Blush- Blusher This is a super cute light pink powder blush, perfect if you just want to add a little colour onto your cheeks. It's cheap and cheerful, a light enough colour for anyone who is not a huge blush fan so it's a good starter blush.

I am going to do the final two products together as I think they are extremely similar, they are both eyeshadow palettes and they are the ...Celebrity Secrets- Eyeshadow Quad &
Angel Eyes- Eyeshadow Palette The Quad is quite good as it comes with numbers of which shadow should be applied and the Angel eyes, the colours look so so pigmented. I don't want to be a negative nelly here but shadows are a hard buy. You have seen from above I loved the 'In the Nude' palette, I regularly use it but I think again with these smaller palettes, the quality just isn't up there for me. I found trying to do swatches of the colours difficult enough as they are quite powdery. Over the last week I have created looks using both palettes and I like the Angel Eyes palette better. For me, I think the colours are more to my taste and applying them was easier. I would recommend angel eyes over the quad.

Angel Eyes

Celebrity Secrets

I'm sorry to say that this post wasn't a total glowing review of the new W7 products but sometimes for me, I think brands created too much stuff and they can have such hit and miss products. On the whole, I think W7 is a brilliant brand, they have fab mascaras, I like the HD Foundation, the lipsticks are nice not to mention the two bigger palettes are fantastic. I did even see online there is a night shade palette coming out so I will own that and I would bet it will be awesome.

Somethings things wont be to your taste but thankfully W7 have such good value you can pass it on to a friend or little sister if you have one and not feel too guilty for not liking it. It's great to have a brand so reasonable, you can take your time testing things out and finding especially colour wise what you like and what suits you.

Really hope you enjoyed this post and as always you can catch me on my Facebook Page HERE

Emma x

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