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Today on the blog we are talking about a sensitive and sometimes embarrassing issue of dandruff and sensitive scalp. It's not a pretty topic and it's not a nice experience if you suffer from it. I have quite long and thick brown hair and at times I have a really dry scalp. I try my best to always get moisture into my scalp and not to let it get dry but it's so hard to manage at times, I have had this problem for a few years now and if I want to wear really dark clothes with my hair down, I find if my scalp is bad, I am literally watching my clothes to make sure all is ok. I was really intrigued when I got an email from Bioderma about their latest offering to the Irish market so over the last couple of weeks I have been putting them to the test. Here's a bit of info on the products...

Bioderma have brought out two new shampoos to the Irish market lately.Nodé Fluide is a daily non-detergent shampoo that respects the physiological balance of even the most sensitive hair and scalp while Nodé DS+ is an intensive dermatological shampoo that prevents recurrence of persistent dandruff and soothes itching

NODE Fluide 200 ml:
Leading French dermocosmetic brand, Bioderma is proud to announce the launch of two products from its Nodé haircare range in Ireland: Nodé Fluide and Nodé DS+. Nodé, the fifth Bioderma range to launch in Ireland is now available in independent pharmacies nationwide.

Bioderma’s first biological innovation and the first non-detergent shampoo to the market, Nodé introduced the principle of non-detergence for the very first time. Since 1977, Nodé was considered a visionary product and today is regarded as a leader for all women who care about the wellbeing of their hair. While this non-detergent fluid was initially created for fragile scalps and prescribed by dermatologists, it has now been widely adopted by all hair types. Nodé Fluide is universal and can be applied on a daily basis and used by the entire family. It is a silicone-free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate-free formula with a pH similar to that of the skin. Whether your hair is oily, normal or dry, Nodé Fluide regulates the fibre of all types of hair while also respecting its natural balance. Nodé Fluide respects the condition of the most fragile scalps, sensitive to stress, some hair dye components, but also anti-dandruff or anti-scale treatments.
Nodé Fluide 200ml RRP €10.50

Nodé Fluide is a non-detergent shampoo that restores shine, softness and provides natural hair protection. Respecting the physiological balance of even the most sensitive hair and scalps, Nodé Fluide’s cleansing base consists of an optimised combination of 2 surfactants which clean the hair efficiently while providing excellent tolerance: Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside and Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids. Ultra fluid, like water, its unique micro-emulsion is made from non-detergent, mild surface-active agents that work in tandem to gently and effectively eliminate all impurities. Nodé Fluide effectively reduces greasiness by mimicking both the natural lipidic film of the scalp and the hydrolipidic film of the hair. Suitable for all hair types, Nodé Fluide is so gentle, it’s compatible after hair straightening treatments - providing hair with a detox action that restores a perfectly balanced structure.

Nodé DS+ 125ml RRP €13.50

Nodé DS+ is a dermatological intensive anti-dandruff shampoo which prevents the recurrence of stubborn dandruff and durably relieves itching.  Suitable for use on adults and children over the age of 3, Nodé DS+ can be used on all hair types to effectively keep stubborn dandruff at bay. Its patented formula, enriched with a combination of powerful and soothing active ingredients, biologically fights against the profileration of Malassezia (the fungus responsible for dandruff). Nodé DS+ gives immediate relief from itching and provides a long-lasting anti-recurrence action that result in a flake-free scalp for even the most sensitive users. Nodé DS+ can be used 3 times a week for three weeks to effectively combat dandruff or applied as a shampoo once or twice a week, alternating with Nodé Fluide.

All the info included above is of course from a press release but you can see how I was interested in the product. I am currently using both products but I only had a sample of the Node Fluide so that is gone now. I am really liking the Node DS as a treatment in between washes. I do feel it's having a positive effect on my scalp. I certainly don't feel as irritated as before. I am being mindful not to constantly put heat onto my hair as this in turn will damage it as well. I am heading into week 3 of this treatment and the results are starting to show, I am not seeing as much dry scalp. I will deffo continue to use it and I will repurchase it again. 

At €13.50 I don't see this as too expensive at all, I think if you have an issue it's important to combat is as safely as possible and sometimes that means paying a little extra. Under €15 wouldn't scream to me that this is too expensive at all as the results are really starting to speak for themselves. It feels like a cream when you apply it and on the second shampoo it will lather up more. There's no awful smell, your hair doesn't feel bad after it, its not like you are cleaning all the goodness out of your hair as it can sometimes feel that way when a product is too harsh for your hair trying to treat your scalp.

Do be careful to ensure you wash it out correctly as residue can sometimes make you think you have a problem with your skin but it's actually just left over shampoo or conditioner. I learned that the hard way years ago so I'm always really careful now to ensure I have removed all my product from my hair. 

This post may not be for everyone as you may not struggle with the same problem as I do at times but it's so good to find a solution to a problem that was once only prescribed by dermatologists so you know you are getting the best available solution to your problem without any consultation prices.

Bioderma is becoming more widely available in Ireland and if you have a stockist question that you cannot find a stockist close to you then please do get in touch and I will be sure to try and find out for you. I hope anyone who has struggled with this issue finds this post helpful, I don't think there's a need to get into the nitty gritty of what it can be like to want to leave your hair down care free and you end up worrying about this sort of stuff but thankfully this Bioderma product range can really help so I hope it works for you like it has for me.

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