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Hey everyone,

So who wants stronger healthier skin hair & nails? Course you do, we all do!

Between the weather, stressful lifestyles and then poor diet and exercise our bodies take a serious beating! I for one know all about that as I have struggled to grow my hair, my nails were always breaking and of course the dreaded spots! Bring on the Conefrey's Pharmacy own brand vitamins.

I was kindly sent a two month supply back before Christmas which I am almost finished. The cost of these vitamins is good you can get a 30 day supply for only €7.50 and a 60 day supply for €14.99. They’re super easy to take, just one a day, I like to take it in the morning with my first glass of water and breakfast and then I’m good to go for the day.

These Vitamins contain: "a unique combination of powerful antioxidants to make Hair shine, Skin glow and Nails stronger." 

As the two months are now almost up I can see a real difference myself. My nail technician Elaine has also commented on the different of the nails. They shellac polish is lasting longer on my nails and they are not breaking as easily. My face has also improved somewhat, I still get spots but they’re not big sore and red anymore, they are going within a few days and can be easily concealed.
I would highly recommend these vitamins to anyone needing a little boost or for anyone who is having trouble growing their hair or nails really strong.

Do check out my Facebook page HERE as I currently have a competition live to win some Hair Skin & Nails for yourself!!

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