Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation- Deep Sea Hydrating Complex Thoughts and Review



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Today on the blog it’s a review of a foundation I’ve been wearing the last week or so. It’s the Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation Deep Sea Hydrating Complex…. That’s a seriously long name for a foundation but if the hat fits!

So let’s take a look at some of the facts about this foundation:

“Dry skin can now be a thing of the past with YOUNGBLOOD’s Liquid Mineral Deep Sea Hydrating Complex. While some foundations can exaggerate dry, rough patches, this moisturising foundation contains hydra-smoothing concentrate, so dry areas become incredibly smooth with a perfect dewy finish. This genius deep sea hydrating formula is produced with a special blend of rare reduced salt seep sea water, botanicals and more than 20 ocean minerals, (including iron, potassium, magnesium and copper), which revitalises skin and creates a silky, pore-free appearance that will last for hours. The powerful formula is free from talc, perfumes and chemical dyes and is enriched with herbal extracts cucumber, cactus and green tea, known for their soothing and anti-aging properties. Perfect for normal to dry skin, YOUNGBLOOD’s Liquid Mineral Deep Sea Hydrating Complex is the perfect liquid mineral foundation for skin that needs a "boost" of hydration to achieve a healthy-looking glow. Available in nine hydrating shades, YOUNGBLOD’s Liquid Mineral Foundation Deep Sea Hydrating Complex can be used alone for a boost of tinted hydration and dewy finish, or can be applied under YOUNGBLOOD’s Loose Mineral Foundation for a flawless finish.”

My thoughts: So I guess it would make sense that this foundation should be awful on my skin seeing as I see oil as my no.1 concern, well you can imagine my absolute delight when it wasn’t. I don’t like to accept things if I really feel they may not suit me because I don’t think that’s fair knowing that something is most likely going to get a negative review. For this foundation though and reading so many other reviews online I thought I just needed to try it so requested a blogger sample. It arrived and I was delighted to see the shade It was a nice warm shade, one I would be able to wear with a light so I opened it and threw it on the first day it came.

Over the last few days I have worn it; with moisturiser & primer, with just primer, with just moisturiser and then with nothing at all one day. This is how I really like to test a foundation, you can see it on your skin and notice the changes using other elements can have on it. I used the youngblood primer sample I had one day, I used the nivea aftershave balm another and lately I’ve been using both Vichy and Ziaja skincare products.

Over all the wearing of the foundation, shine on my nose was my biggest concern. It didn’t seem to matter what other product I had on my face, the oil build up always sat on my nose. This was such an easy thing to combat as I carry some setting powder with me in my handbag at all times. I loved the shade on my skin, I felt I looked really healthy all throughout the day. The longevity of the foundation is also another plus, I had an event after work one evening, applied the foundation around 8am and didn’t touch it all day, it was still perfect when I arrived home that night after 9pm.

I think people are becoming more savvy about what they want on their skin, they want to feel that products will not only conceal what they don’t want others to see such as spots, fine lines and under eye bags, they want to know that the products are actually going to help their skin, heal it where possible, treat it correctly so as not to upset the problems anymore than they already are.

Youngblood is a brand that focuses on looking after your skin as well as making you feel beautiful. As I said earlier I have a sample primer and also a sample of the mineral makeup. To be fair it was hard to get to full grips with the mineral makeup as the sample was quite small but all in all with this Foundation I do give it the thumbs up. I think if you are someone with quite dry skin it will feel like a gem to wear, as for me once I have a little powder on hand to take care of the nose shine I was really happy with it.

YOUNGBLOOD’S LIQUID MINERAL FOUNDATION DEEP SEA HYDRATING COMPLEX: (€37 RRP) is suitable for all skin tones and is cruelty-free, talc-free and vegan.

 STOCKIST INFO: Arnotts Department Store, Dublin and from select pharmacies nationwide.

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  1. I really struggle with dry skin, so it is nice to know that there are foundations out there that can help with that! I would love to be able to have soft and smooth skin again!

  2. Hi there,

    What colour foundation did you use from the YB collection?

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