Wear it Wednesday: Brand Focused Face Week Two: W7 Cosmetics


Hi everyone and welcome to my new series on Mastering Your Makeup, my brand focused face. I decided to start this series because I am very lucky to have a huge amount of makeup in my collection and when I like something, I like to have it all. I have no shame in admitting that I own over 20 MAC lipsticks or that if I like a foundation I want it in 3 different shades, for pale for tan and for a light tan. In the next few weeks I am going to create a look where possible with only one brand and sometimes two showcasing both high end and budget brands and showing you what you can do with this makeup. I am going to use the makeup on myself during the week so some looks will be for day time and some will be for night time. I do hope you enjoy the series xx

The brand & why I like it: W7 is a total budget brand with really cute packaging and amazing prices. I came across W7 Cosmetics at least two years ago and slowly but surely have built up a serious collection of their products as well as writing about them loads. I think for me the brand is one that people should start on, it's really cost effective, the products are good and they are becoming more widely available so easier to access. With prices starting from as little as €2 for products how can you really go wrong? I think for any young teen wanting to practice, any savvy shopper looking for a good dupe and anyone who just wants new pretty makeup then please do check out W7 Cosmetics!

The Look: I forgot to take a before...I know I know bad times but to be fair we've all seen my bare face all over snapchat and the blog before so you get the gist. I decided to attempt some liquid liner for this look which isn't like me as it's always so risky, I forever make mistakes and then end up with serious panda eyes! So here we are...

Seriously Emma better camera next week!!

Dirty foundation lid...My bad!

Base (Primer/Correction) : Porefection Primer
Foundation: HD Foundation (12 hour)
Concealer: Skin Fresh Concealer (medium) a little dark for under eye so used on blemishes.

Powder: Sheer Loose Powder all over face (love) and of course the Banana Dreams for under eye (AMAZING!!)

Brows: Brow Twister in Dark Brown

Cheeks (Contour/Blush/Highlight): Face Shaping Contour Stix/ Hollywood Bronze & Glow

Eyes (Shadow, Mascara, Liner) In the City Palette (base) Toasted (lid) Argan Eyes Mascara, Aye Aye Captain Liquid Liner.

Lips (Liner/Lipstick/LipGloss):  Lipstick Nude & Tinted Kiss over it.

My Thoughts: So there's my look, the foundation is a little on the pale side so it was starting as a day time look but then with adding liner I think it was a little more than I would usually wear to work. My favourite W7 products from this look in order of absolute love are; Banana Dream under eye powder, Toasted Eye shadow palette fantastic bronze colours and then the Hollywood bronze and glow palette. My least favourite product is surprisingly the Contour Stix. I will say this though it was only my second time to use them, I am just finding them a little stiff on my skin but they blend really well so I'm 50/50 on whether it's my application that's dragging my skin or the product itself but I will deffo try them again. I think for me, because I have had such a long term love of W7 I am always happy to try new products, you never feel like you are breaking the bank. It can be hard to source everything you are looking for but I know Cara Pharmacy online are a great stockists and if I do hear anymore I'll be sure to let you ladies know. I do find that the interaction with W7 and bloggers or just on social media in general is excellent so do get in touch with them.

The next product I am looking to get into my collection is the Bronzing Cream "Makeup and Glow" I am seeing loads around about this product, I think it's about €7.50 so I think I'll need this going forward for some summer lovin glow!

That's all for this week really hope you liked it!

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