Wear it Wednesday: Brand Focused Face- Week 4 WetnWild Cosmetics


Hi everyone and welcome to my new series on Mastering Your Makeup, my brand focused face. I decided to start this series because I am very lucky to have a huge amount of makeup in my collection and when I like something, I like to have it all. I have no shame in admitting that I own over 20 MAC lipsticks or that if I like a foundation I want it in 3 different shades, for pale for tan and for a light tan. In the next few weeks I am going to create a look where possible with only one brand and sometimes two showcasing both high end and budget brands and showing you what you can do with this makeup. I am going to use the makeup on myself during the week so some looks will be for day time and some will be for night time. I do hope you enjoy the series xx

The brand & why I like it: WetNWild is a cosmetic brand we have all heard of this stage in the Irish blogging world. It first came onto my radar at least two years ago, I hadn't heard of it before but it's a huge brand in America and the price point is just brilliant for people starting off with makeup love and also those of us who just love a bargain. I don't want to say too much about what I love because it's a huge love of mine. I know some people struggled at the start to find stockists but WetnWild is sticked now in most Penneys & in the beauty aisle of Dunnes grocery stores. With products starting at a mere €1.99 it's the perfect brand for young people and make up addicts without breaking the bank.

My Look Picture:

Flash and no flash on the phone 

Today's look wasn't super glamourous but I wanted to bring some sort of vampy colour to it with a bright lip and liner. I used soft colours on the eyes only three shades of shadows from the one palette and then added some liner. The three colours were cream for the brow bone, a brown for the crease and a pink for the lid. I used a little gold glitter on the lid then but as you can see from the pics I was a bit too quick to use it so it meshed with the liner which wasn't dry enough. I tried to correct it with a pencil liner but it turned into one of those leave well enough alone situations. I wanted to use a red lippy as the liner is one of my favourite products from the range. I think going forward I'd actually like to change this look but I was conscious to get the post up on time on Wednesday. 

Base (Primer/Correction) : Cover All Primer & Cover All Concealer Palette. I used the primer all over my face. I used the green Neutralizes on my red areas such as my nose. I used the Brightens under my eyes to give them a little lift and then I had a couple of quite sore blemishes so I used the Covers on them.

Foundation: Foundation today was the Cover All cream foundation in light/fair. This is a good pale shade for me, I think personally I always prefer my makeup looks when I wear tan, I think for me it's a confidence thing and I also think the black of liners or even brown shadows just sit much better on my skin. It's important I feel for this series that I try to showcase different looks but if you follow me I think you'll agree that the 'better' looks on me always involve a darker foundation. Just food for thought as I write this. 

Powder: I used the Cover All Pressed powder in light/medium to set my face today. It didn't add warmth or colour to my cheeks but from wearing this powder a few times I find it very good on my skin. I can get quite oily throughout the day and I don't usually need to top up my face while wearing this powder. 

Cheeks (Contour/Blush/Highlight): Today's look I kept quite simple on the cheeks and this reason was mostly down to wanting to use the MegaGlo Illuminating powder. Its a multi-shade product and I just love the glow it brings to my paler skin. I know it sounds like I have an aversion to being pale but I genuinely really struggle to do an intense makeup look on my own face. It might be a plan for 2016 to get a lesson on a paler look. The one time I actually had a lesson in MAC I went for a paler look and even with a fantastic mentor I still wasn't overly happy with the look I felt I looked quite washed out. Anyway... this powder is fabulous and I think it will be a staple in my summer days look. I used the darker shades on the brush as a contour and the golden shade as a highlighter. I washed it over the cheeks and cheekbones and it really lit up my face.

Eyes (Shadow, Mascara, Liner): A really good buy from WetNWild is the trio of eyeshadows that you can pick up. For today's look as I said earlier I used a combo of a cream, brown and pink shadow with a small pot of glitter gel over the lid. The gel is not the easiest to use as I tried it with a flat shadow brush. I then went in with the mega liner eye liner which has a small sparkle in it over the lid also. This is an ok product but not my fave as the little sparkle can make it look slightly faint. Thankfully I had to hand the Colouricon pencil in black to smudge along the bottom lash line and then blended some brown shadow into that. I really like the ColourIcon pencil, it doesn't drag on the skin and the black is quite pigmented. The pencil is super inexpensive and so long it'll last you ages. Mascara for this look is a freshly opened XXL Lash, this is a thickening, amplifying mascara and it does what it says on the tin. I really loved how my bottom lashes turned out and after taking today's pics I actually added another coat and it was beautiful. A real bargain beauty.

Lips (Liner/Lipstick): As mentioned earlier I really wanted a bold lip so again with a ColourIcon pencil in red I lined my lips. I didn't want to overdraw them but I lost my sharpener so it kinda over drew them for me LOL!! I couldn't wait to use this lippy then called Purty Persimmon no.E970 These are my absolute favourite product from WetNWild. At only €2.99 these are the best budget lippies you will ever buy! There is a huge range of colour, I have at least 15 in my collection now ranging from my favourite nude shade in Bare It All (a total MAC dupe) to a bold pink such as Don't Blink Pink. I advise any lippie lover to head to a WetNWild stand now and pick up some shades. Also if you are someone who is unsure about a lip colour try one of these are they are so cheap and last ages on the lip. My friends will tell you, I will always use an expensive lipstick heading out such as my MAC babies but it's WetNWild I bring out in my handbag. Once topped up I may not have to touch it again at all I just love them. My next shade to get is Pinkerbell, even the name just makes me want it but with the summer fast approaching it's a must have for me!!

My Thoughts:  I know as humans we are our own worst critics but I'm afraid I am just not 100% sold on this look on myself. I think the shadows on my paler skin are a little too satin. I am more of a matte girl myself but I really do have a thing about paler makeup. As the foundation is less than €5 I think I might pick up a darker shade and darker powder and try again. I have a beautiful matte multicolour eyeshadow palette that would be good to try. Lippies wont be a problem to match to a bold eye as I have at least three nude shades of lipstick. I really like the mascaras from WetnWild so I will happily use that again. I do hope you found this post helpful, I guess the aim for me is to show how I use certain products but also just the range of products available from just one brand. Budget makeup is a god send at times and when the payoff is just as good at the high end products you can really justify a little spending on yourself. If you have any suggestions on other looks to do let me know. 

Brushes: For this week's look I used all blank canvas brushes. I have written so many posts on this amazing Irish brush brand that it's no surprise I can use just them to create a look. Yes you will see a small coastal scents spoolie type brush that was just to brush out my brows. My blank canvas one was in the 'to be washed pile' covered in gel brow liner. On that note, I just used the brown shadow from the trio and lightly brushed it through my brows today for a softer look.

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