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Last night there was such a buzz about Blanchardstown shopping centre you can really tell Christmas is on the way. I had booked myself in for the masterclass in Inglot and was very excited to see manager Laura recreate a beautiful smokey eye on her stunning model Chloe. 

You'll have to forgive my note taking, it was manic in the shop last night... it was the first night of the Christmas event in Blanchardstown so there was people everywhere!!

Laura began by showing us the finished look on half of Chloe's face and then she was to recreate it on the other side. Chloe already had her foundation on so the focus was on the eye make up.

Cheeky little shot before we started :)

Laura began with applying;

A medium brown matte colour (395) all over lid with 6SS blending brush all over the lid and crease almost brining the colour to the brow bone.

Next she applied a warmer brown(391) (darker) all over lid. You can use the same 6SS brush for this and always use circular motions as this helps with blending the colour. You can bring this colour up to the crease but lightly.

Next you take a 19P brush which is a small blending brush and apply black eye shadow all over lid. This can create a small amount of loose product but don't worry about this you can sweep off any excess when you are finished the complete eye make up. Blend together with blending brush 6SS you used before. The most important element of creating a smokey eye is blending. using circular motions is best, there should be no harsh lines between the colours but you should still see the difference between them as you progress up you crease and close to your brow bone.

The real smokey element to this look is created using no.87 pigment and pat this onto lid  using the 19P brush and blend very well. Pigments almost always guarantee fall off but this can be taken care of easily.

Black gel liner was then applied to the bottom lash line using the 23T  brush. Laura gave us the tip to get your client to look the opposite way of brush to help keep them relaxed.  Half way through, ask them to  look the other way when lining the bottom lash line.

Don't worry about being messy with the liner here as you'll smudge it out with a 22T brush. This is a concealer brush but is great for blending out the liner into under eye blending liner downwards.

You can then go back in with pigment (used on the lid) under the eye to smudge the look even more.

*Another great tip from Laura was night was you can use a cotton bud to blend away any excess you may have created.

To warm up the under eye you can very lightly go back in with the 6SS brush using the 609 warmer brown colour under eye.

Back to the top of the eye then; Taking the 23T line top of eye. As your client to look straight ahead and  flick the liner out and towards the brow bone. Starting at the end of the flick, fill the line back in (working from the outside in)

When applying liner to another person, they can sometimes get very nervous if they see the liner brush coming for them so a tip to avoid this is ask your client to look down and to the outside of their body to get the inner corner of eye and then change as you move across the eye.

After you have applied your liner it is now time to add your lashes. For this look Laura chose lashes 76S for a bigger fuller eye. Chloe had beautiful big eyes and quite full lashes herself. A trick is to measure the shape of the eye when choosing lashes, always start in the middle n cut from there.

For dramatic looks use duo glue in black so you don't have to worry about white marks from the glue on the black liner.

*Another tip: Ask your client to look down at their knees when applying lashes so they are distracted but you can make sure they are applied right. Remember to press the false lashes down to sit on the natural lashes.

You can then go back in with the 6SS brush and blend colours on crease almost to brow bone.

Taking a clean fluffy brush, you can now clean off excess pigment/shadow which may have fallen onto your cheeks.

Onto the face:

Use a lighter concealer to highlight the look. This can lighten the eye area after you have applied such dark colours on the eye. Pat on concealer no.95 with your finger.
Pressed powder in 42 was used to create a small glow, this powder was slightly lighter than foundation and patted onto the face lightly.
Next Laura took their new Hd illuminating powder no.45 was patted all over face. This created a beautiful glow all over Chloe's face and really set off the festive party look.
Next a contour powder in 45 was used  to contour the hollow of the cheek. This runs from the top of ear to  outer corner of eye. You only need to lightly brush in straight line and be sure to blend out. We all know how much I love to contour but I just struggle to get the balance right to look like I have anything on to looks like there's way too much on. Once the hollow of the cheek is done you can then work the powder up into temple. 

Blush for this look is quite subtle and for this look, no.32 blush was applied using circle motions on the Apple of the cheeks. You need to have the cheesy smile on your face to be sure you are applying your blush in the right place.

Now as we all know Christmas is the one time of year when glitter is completely acceptable and this highlighting sparkle dust no.2 is perfect. This is a must on my Christmas list now. You need only a tiny bit of this on your brush. Be sure to tap off the brush on the back of your hand and then very gently, pat onto cheek bone n temple. You will be a sparkly goddess now.

The lipstick used was slim gel 62. This is not a conventional red colour but very festive and really set off the smokey look on Chloe. You can apply this with small lip brush.

Finally to complete your look, Highlight in brown bone using 395, pat in with finger but not into dark section.

Chloe was a beautiful model and Laura was a fantastic teacher. She always made sure that we could see and could follow her instruction easily. She was kind enough to even take a call from me this morning just to run over some of the brushes to make sure I have the right details. Below now is the product list used for this look. You can call in to Inglot Blanchardstown and ask any questions you have about this look. The girls who work there are so helpful and I am a big lover of the brand. Much easier to purchase now that I made the move to Dublin :) I am attending Liffey Valley Inglot next week so will bring you a full post on that look after it. Thanks again to Laura and Chloe for a great masterclass.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

Twitter: @emmajcsheehan
Instagram: emmalvsapose 'Emma Sheehan'

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  1. I wish there was an Inglot shop near me! So jealous!
    Great post, love all the detail!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx

    1. Thanks so much Rachel I have to say I'm in love with Inglot just started to write my posts on the course I did there :) xx