Masterclass in Inglot Liffey Valley with MUA Avril and Enisa


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If you ever sit in the office on your lunch break and scan through Facebook and see an Inglot masterclass coming up close to you... Listen to that inner voice and get there, they are without a doubt, one of the best ways to learn to create flawless look and it’s FREE!!!

This was my second time meeting Avril in Liffey Valley but I have been linking in with her a little through Facebook planning my shopping list in Inglot (which we’ll discuss more later) I really like Avril, her laid back relaxed personality makes it very easy to listen to her and watch her create an amazing look. She is very friendly and so welcoming, remembering people (like me) who have been at her classes before, interacting with them and checking out the hints and tips she gave to them last time offering more help after the class if they need it.

The classes are open to everyone and as I said before FREE so really you have no excuse! If you don’t live in Dublin or Limerick and don’t have access to an Inglot store be sure to like them on Facebook.

Tonight’s look in Inglot was a sort of Egyptian look on Enisa, a stunning MUA who also works in the Liffey Valley store. Both Avril and Enisa have their own Facebook pages and you can see the amazing work they create here;

So as always when working with loose shadows, it’s best to start with your eyes first...
Apply an eye shadow base (Inglot no.1) onto the eye using a concealer brush. This costs €10. This does not need to be perfect, blend out the primer using the 6SS brush. This brush costs €20. A primer like this will neutralise the eye lid and will hold your shadow to the lid also intensifies colour.

Avril then applied Gel Liner no.95 fron the Nobel collection onto the inner half of the eye ysing a 28PO flat brush. You only need to use a tiny amount of this product. Yes I know what you’re thinking, gel liner as an eye shadow but it is amazing!

On top of this, Avril applied no.43 Bronze Gold shadow pressed on top of the gel liner. This alters the colour and makes it stand out.

Taking again the 6SS brush with no.337 Soft Brown Eye shadow, apply to the crease and brow bone. This soft brown is your transition colour. A swift light over and back circular movement is best for blending. Start at the outer corner, leaving most of the product there and sweep in towards the inner eye. Depending on the size of your own eye, your client’s eye will determine how high you take your transition colour. Enisa has beautiful big eyes so Avril was able to take it quite high.

The next step in this beautiful look was to apply your gel black liner to then see how much of a darker brown colour you need to apply on the outer corner of the eye. Funnily enough, some people can be quite anxious when it comes to applying liner so take your time and a good tip Avril says, is to get your client to look in the opposite direction of where you were applying the liner. Avril applied the black liner with the 17TL brush. This is actually a brow brush, but it creates a beautiful line for liner. Using black gel liner can be difficult for people, so take your time at it. You can take it in stages and when creating your flick, mark out where you want the flick to be by placing the brush onto your eye and then fill it back in.  You can clean up the flick line with concealer and a small brush. Squeeze the concealer brush to make it flat and fanned out and tidy the line. A note on liner for this look, the top lash line is lined all the way into to the inner corner of the eye.

Next Avril took gel liner no87 Teal onto the waterline using a 31T brush. All gel liners are fully waterproof and retail at €15. After this, clean your 31T brush of all the gel and then apply no504 Purple shadow as close to the lash line as possible. This teal shadow is a double sparkle shadow and is truly beautiful. Again with the waterline and the lash line, ask your client which way to look to ensure you can apply the colours properly.
Back to the top of the eye... Apply no.239 Dark Brown onto the outer corner using a 10S small shadow brush and then blend it out using the 6SS brush. Next taking no.63 Black, apply just where the eyeliner is on the outer eye and with another 6SS brush blend both the dark brown and the black together.

Go back in with your gold on the lid again if needed.

Clean up the under eye area with a cotton bud. Remember, you still haven’t applied any foundation so don’t worry too much about the fall off.

Wipe off your teal gel/shadow from the 31T brush and now apply no.325 matte pruple right under the wing and onto the lash line.

Taking the pencil brush 8THP, blend the purple into the lash line more to intensify.
Now that all your shadows are applied, you may want to go back in with your black gel liner and tidy up your flick.

*Ladies, makeup applications take some serious time, so don’t worry if you feel you are taking ages, I am only now getting used to my blending and this can still take up to an hour or over to get a full face done. You’re eyes should look similar but they do not need to look the exact same. So don’t panic!*

Mascara: This was very interesting, for this look, Avril applied Colour play green mascara €10 to the bottom lash line only.
Lashes: 14N lashes were applied to Enisa and these were fantastic! They really set off the look, they have a thin band which make it easier to apply directly to the lashes and yet look extremely full. These lashes are €12 and will be on my shopping list for sure. You should get 5-6 wears out of a set of lashes with good care so they are a great investment. When removing lashes from their packaging, with your thumb, push the lashes down off the mould, do not peel them as this can damage them and they can lose their shape.  Use Duo Glue when it comes to lashes, you know my thoughts on this stuff, it’s really the only thing good enough to put on your eyes.

Face:  Avril applied YSM 49 to Enisa. The YSM foundation is for people with more normal to oily skin and on a recent match without tan I would be a 41 (again on the shopping list, it’s getting big now) This foundation is good for coverage, it’s a demi-matte foundation and won’t flash off cameras. Avril applied this with a flat foundation brush 21T and then taking a 4SS brush, buffed it out. This 4SS brush is actually an eye brush but works perfectly for creating a flawless finish to the face. If you do have oily skin be sure to use a primer before. Leave your foundation to settle onto your skin first before your apply powder and this can make the powder very cakey.

Avril moved onto Enisa’s brows while the foundation set. Enisa has amazing brows, really beautiful. Using the no.329 brown eye shadow and the 17TL brow brush, start with under the brow, drawing the line very straight and then flick the shadow up through the brow to fill them in.

To highlight the brow bone, Avril mixed shadows 395 and 330.
Concealing under the eyes can brighten a look if the client has dark circles, for this look as your eyes are aleady done, you can match your concealer to your foundation to be sure you get right up to the eye shadow in coverage. Avril used no96 under eye concealer which retails at €15. Buff the concealer  under the eye with the same 4SS brush you used with the foundation. Use a peach toned concealer if you have dark circles as it will neutralise the blue/dark skin tones.

Once your foundation has now set you can see where you might need setting powder. Avril used setting powder no.15 on Enisa using a 1SS brush and placing it on the ‘magic triangle’. This area starts between the eyes, down onto the apply of the cheeks, the nose and down to the chin.

No.79 Rainbow Bronzer was used to contour the hollow of the cheeks and forehead using the 15BJF brush. To find the hollow of your cheek you can either pull a ‘fish face’ or roll your brush down your cheek and into the hollow, the hollow is where you contour.
The blush used for this look was no.32 which is €9 as a single. Apply this to just the apple of the cheek lightly.

The highlighter was the fantastic Sparkle dust no.2 which you only ever need a tiny amount of, the shimmer is beautiful. This is €18 and I will own it soon! The brush used for this was the 15BJF.

The lip was applied using the lip duo no.30. The duo consists of a stain and a gloss. It is a beautiful product and set off the look perfectly.

This look appears to be so difficult and when I first saw the add about the masterclass I didn’t know if I would go as I thought ‘way too advanced’ for me but Avril and Enisa explained it so easily that I think now with these instructions, it’s something I could try take on myself.

As I said at the start of the post, my shopping list will be completed over the next 3 weeks as I start my beginners makeup course in Inglot Blanchardstown tomorrow night. I am so excited for this and will have fully detailed blog posts on all I learn, new products and hopefully creating a fab look on a model, the last night.

If you have any questions on today’s post please contact me on my Facebook page or

Emma x

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