Inglot Beginners Course- Week One The basics!


Sorry this post has taken so long but ladies this course..... was ace!!!

If I had been smart I would have started this blog when I started my blog three weeks ago but howsever I am extremely excited to tell you all about my amazing time at Inglot Blanchardstown...

I have decided to post about the 3 weeks separately as I feel there is too much info to do all 3 together and I really don't want to leave anything out.

And in case anyone from Inglot is reading this... Give me a job please!! I'll even work at weekends for free just teach me to be great and let me play with the make up. :) Check Inglot Ireland out on 

On a realistic note though ladies, it was amazing! I felt so lucky to have won the voucher in the 12 days of Christmas giveaway that now I am so focussed on becoming an accredited MUA in 2014. I have been looking up loads of courses and unfortunately for me, I cannot fully train with Inglot but I will be going back for many masterclasses and checking in with my fellow Inglot addicts regularly.

The cost of the course is €199 for three weeks in a number of venues; the new South Anne Street Pro Store and Blanchardstown are two of the venues you can train in.

So I arrived to Inglot Blanchardstown just on time for my first Tuesday and was greeted by Laura, Julie and Maria. All the girls were such good help over the three weeks and we had some great laughs especially when it came to me applying gel eyeliner ( I need to practice a lot!!!!)

So night one was all the basics of applying a good face;

Laura had brought in a model for the class and as she carried out all the steps on the information sheet we got to see exactly what she was using and where she was using it. After she showed us the completed look on her model we paired up with others in the class and I met the lovely Jade.


Inglot has three different types of liquid foundation;

YSM for normal to oily skin with a demi matte finish.
AMC for dry to combination skin with a medium coverage.
CREAM for normal to combination skin which  is super long lasting.

They also have a CREAM to POWDER foundation and this goes on as a liquid and sets as a powder.

*For myself I bought the YSM foundation in 49. This was the best colour suited to my skin when I had no tan on and it also has the demi-matte finish which I need for my skin while giving good coverage (and we all know I need that for my skin lately)*


Inglot have recently released a new under eye concealer which again I bought in 91, the lightest shade. The skin under your eye is 1/3 the strength of the rest of your face so it needs to be treated very delicately. It is best not to use a lot of product around your eye area so do not apply foundation there, go back in with a good under eye concealer which is two shades lighter than your foundation to brighten up your eye area. This is a light weight liquid and very fluid so it feels very light on the skin.


Using a powder to set your face is a really good way to ensure your make up lasts longer. When you have put foundation on your face be sure to leave it 'set' for 2-3 mins. Your foundation needs this time to settle onto your skin and match the heat of your skin, then you can go back in with your powder.

For me, I chose to purcahse the Inglot powder no.11. This was the best matched colour to my skin and the YSM49 foundation. When applying powder for setting, tip one side of your powder brush into the product, tap off the excess by tapping the brush off your arm and then press onto the face. This will help to hold the foundation in place for longer. You do NOT need to swirl your brush into the powder and swish it all over your face (and yes I used to always do that too!)


Oh momma!! Sparkle Dust no.2 I love you!!! This is an amzaing product and yes as it sounds it is completely glittery and amazing for night time looks or a really bright day look. You need little to no product on your brush you will be glowing and be so so careful of fall off. For this I like to use a small brush (personal brush would be the RT setting brush) or the 6SS Inglot brush. Tap some product into the lid of the pot and then dip your brush into the lid, sweep the brush gently onto the back of your wrist to use up most of the product (this would just fall off your cheekbone) then when you think there is little to no product left on the brush, dab/sweep it onto your cheekbone lightly. It is ALWAYS better to need to add more product than it is to add too much and have glitter all down your face.


In the class we discussed contouring and people had many different opinions on colours to use. It became very clear that the colour we thought would suit our skin colour was sometimes too dark. This was quite interesting to me as I had always been weary of contouring my 'pale' face but again I was matched up to a great shade in Inglot. Again just with the highlight less is more and the key to good contour really is blending. You need to keep the brush moving even before it hits the face and using back and forward motion or small circles to ensure the colour is blended out and you don't end up with harsh lines in the hollow of the cheeks, along the jaw line or on the temple.

*A new tip I learned from the course was, contouring along the jawline actually means under the jawline. Start at your ear lobe and brush gently under your jawline.*


As part of the back to basics package in Inglot you can get a foundation, powder and a blush for €50. This is a serious bargain and I would reccomend to anyone intent on using Inglot to start with this package. I went with a lovely glitter pink blush.

When applying blush you can use a separate brush if you like or use one side of your powder brush as you only used one side for the powder itself when using the pressed technique. You just want to get a little product onto the side of your cheek and apply it to the apples of the cheek (a huge cheesy grin will help see the apples) Lightly blend it along the cheek bone but you don't want to over shadow the highlight or the contour.


As my readers will know I love a strong brow and I am currently growing back in my HD brows. I had a little upset with them but they are back on track and using my HD brow palette, they always look good. 

First thing you want to do with brows is to brush them out using a clean disposable mascara wand. This shows you the actual shape of the brow and you can see now what you're working with. Jade have lovely brows but quite light so I took a dark brown shadow and an angled brow brush to fill hers in. You want to start by drawing out the shape of the bottom of the brow. You want this to be as tidy as possible and then using upward flicking motions you create the look of more hair/darker hair up through the brow. You want to flick the shadow through the natural hair and in the direction the hair grows so although you looked filled in you are not creating a really obvious fake line.

So that is the end of the first lesson. It was over 2 hours long and all through my application on Jade, Laura Maria and Julie were on standby to help us all out. any questions that we had they were great help. As I didn't know Jade, I didn't feel it was really appropriate to ask her t0 feature for pics, sorry ladies!

We were allowed to choose whatever colour we felt suited our model, we had free reign on our opinions which was great because it can really help to build your confidence. I have to admit that seeing as this was my first lesson which involved another person and doing their make up I was really nervous. I got home and really questioned if I thought I could do this but then I thought, you have to start somewhere and that's exactly what I'm doing. Up to now I have only gotten lessons on myself so I was really excited to get back for week 2 as it was all about eyes. 

Stay tuned for week 2 and 3!!

Emma x
Twitter: @emmajcsheehan
Instagram: emmalvsapose

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  1. Sounds like a great course Emma! There's no Inglot store near me unfortunately so maybe the next time I'm in Dublin I'll pop in. :-)

    1. If you do get a chance to go see it deffo stop by... all the girls are extremely helpful and will talk you through whatever products you are interested in :) x

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I'm starting to think I've no other choice but getting the dog a passport and move to Dublin!

    1. Haha now that sounds like a plan but I'm sure there's great courses where you are 2 it's just about hunting them out :) x

  3. ah this sounds great. I live in poland (where inglot is from) so everything is super cheap here. i have that sparkle dust and i think it came out to like 8 euro when i converted the price. found your blog from the #BOBBlogChallenge and followed!

    Stephanie's Look

    1. Stephanie are you serious it's actually cheaper??? My god I need to take a visit over with an empty suitcase that's fantastic it's such an amazing brand. Oh brill ill add you up now and have a read... great to always meet new bloggers xx

  4. yeah I bought a loose face powder...and i looked on the US website and it said $22 so like $20 and i got it for 36 PLN which is less than $10. and each of the square eyeshadows works out to be around $4. its snowing really badly here so i cant get to the mall but as soon as i can im going to get a quad and do a giveaway on my blog

    Stephanie's Look

  5. I so wanna do this. When is the next course in blanch?

  6. Where is the course on for 199 and what do you learn in it

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