To Wax or Not to Wax?! A very different/difficult post ;)


I am Irish, pale and pasty white but with the very unfortunate situation that I have extremely fast growing dark hair on my legs/bikini line.

Yep this is a completely different type of post but I was interested in a new product, have tried it and it’s time to blog about it!

I had seen on twitter there was a call out by Waxperts Wax for bloggers to try their wax and write about it….

I got in touch with the lovely Trish from Waxperts Wax and we planned a trip to a salon for a full leg and bikini wax in the Wax It Studio in Greystones with lovely Lisa Collins.
A bitta waxing info for you on Waxperts Wax. They are an Irish company based in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin and you can see them here on Facebook:

Waxperts Wax is a purple substance and is stretchier than normal wax and can be heated to a lower temperature for comfort. We all know that waxing can be an extremely painful process but Waxperts have made it as easy to your skin as possible, only attaching to the hair and not to your skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The have a full range of hot wax, strip wax, cleanser, pre and post waxing products.

Waxperts Pads are another fab product they have developed and these are used post waxing to keep you smooth and to take care of any ingrown hairs you may have from the wax.  I was sent a pot of these as well and I really like them.

Courtesy of The Beautiful Truth Blog 

So back to me…

As I said not only am I pale with dark fast growing hair but I also have very sensitive skin. This is where I felt the waxperts wax might be perfect for me. If I shave I will have bare legs for only one day and quite dark pores on my legs, I never feel that real clean shaven for too long as in I would have stubble growing the next day and need to shave again but if I did this for smoothness then I would hurt my skin and end up with red marks all over my legs like a razor rash which can be very irritating.

Now don’t get me wrong, shaving is just so easy and convenient it’s what I always do, I have only ever had my legs waxed maybe four times in my life and this was for pure holiday purposes. I hated the feeling, literally feeling weak coming out with horrible red marks all over my legs, sore and sensitive for at least 36 hours and my bikini line even longer!

I had read about Waxperts Wax and after emailing Trish I was linked in with Lisa Collins from Wax It Studio Greystones which you can check out here on Facebook:

I arrived on time to my appointment at 11:30am last Saturday having grown my hair for three previous weeks, I felt like a werewolf walking around and I think with the storms I had more heat than most haha!

Quite nervously I explained to Lisa about my fast hair growth and also my sensitivity and she put all my worries at bay.

Lisa has been working in the beauty world for over 13 years. She has worked in several high profile salons in Dublin and set up her own studio, Wax it Studio in Greystones over a year and a half ago. She is a local girl who loves her community and working with other local people. She is based next to the Roches Clinic and she is currently the only clinic in Co. Wicklow dedicated to specialise waxing.

One of the unique aspects to the Wax It Studio is a policy where there is no ‘double dipping’ of the spatula when waxing. This is great for minimising any risk of bacteria or germs getting into the pores or the wax pot and ensures a clean and safe wax each and every time.

I have to say at this point, Lisa is amazing!! I was so nervous and literally for the first while kept talking about how sore I find waxing, how I hate it and why I don’t see it works for me and each time Lisa was able to calm me down and explain all the benefits of waxing and especially for someone with skin and hair growth like mine.

So the gist of the waxing situation for me is with my sensitive skin and fast hair growth I will be left with a second growth from my first wax which I always noticed after waxing I was never ‘totally hair free’, my second application will then take that second growth and my first waxing regrowth so really it’ll be from my third waxing that I will see a clear hair difference but also a pain difference.  Pain is key really with waxing and I don’t think it is ever going to be pain free for me but it will certainly be lessened according to Lisa and she deffo has my trust.

Lisa has fantastic customer service, we chit chatted about all things blog and beauty while I was there and she made a very good point, you need to build a relationship with your waxer as you would your hairdresser and it was from all her kind words and positivity that we have decided to go on this waxing journey together.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not pain free but it was deffo less painful than other experiences I have had. I liked how the wx wasn't overly hot, the peeling of the strips was not fast and severe, still quick enough for you to get over it fast enough and the pain really does ease after a few seconds. The bikini line was done with what can only be described as glupy wax. You do not use to use a strip for this and it peels off. It's much thicker and it really takes most of the pain out of the bikini line which we all know can be quite bad. I was relatively surprised by how little pain I felt on the bikini line.

I will absolutely be sticking with Waxperts Wax and with Lisa as I am already booked in with her again for March 15th. We are determined to be clear legged for this summer!

If you don’t like pictures look away now but I suppose it is only fair that you see the before and after of the process! Poor me :(

As I said before, it's quite bad so please be kind with comments

I had my jeans on because I forgot a direct after pic but all good now

It's not easy putting yourself out there into the blogging world but that's what this is all about. My love of make up has been generated by my want to learn to cover up things I don't like (like my spots) and to look and feel great. I really think this summer could be different for me to get my confidence up and get the legs out.

It's really tough when you feel personally things are worse than how others may view them, for me the hair on my legs was the cause of bullying when I was in primary school, one horrible boy wrote on my school shirt at the end of 6th class 'bye hairy legs' so to say I have a slight complex is an understatement. Even going to get them waxed has been really hard because I would always think the waxer would laugh or think they're horrible. I am so glad to have found Lisa who I felt really put me at ease and I trust completely she will have me looking and feeling great.

I hope to anyone else out there who likes their waxing and just wants to try something new will try out Waxperts Wax or if like me you need someone to help you get over the hair worry and get your feeling better, try get to Lisa in Wax It Studio Greystones and you'll see why I've fallen for her charm and now a dedicated waxer!

Have a wonderful weekend ladies...

Emma x

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  1. Fantastic post Emma! fair play for having the courage to post pics! Might consider waxing now :) x

    1. To be honest I was totally considering chickening out but I guess is girls were to read and it hear me saying how big a deal it was for me I needed to get brave and show what I was talking about just hoping to god nobody says anything bad x

  2. There's nothing bad to be said!! great post and the before and after pics are really helpful for showing the effect of the treatment! Well done for being brave :)

    Love your blog btw!

    Donna x

    1. Heya Donna awh thank you so much I was a nervous wreck but I am literally beaming with confidence since getting my legs waxed cant wait for the next time to feel all smooth again hopefully the sun will be out and so will my legs haha :) xx