Meeting Little Kiva at Waverley Academy


Evening Ladies,

So this no internet in my new apartment is killing me so I have trekked home to Waterford to get writing over the weekend :) 

I was delighted to be invited to the last night of Little Kiva's class in Waverley Academy. I have watched so many of Kiva's videos on YouTube and you can too here.... 

I really admire Kiva's work so I was so excited when Derek, the college director invited me along to be a part of the last night with her class. You can also look up details of Kiva's class here on the Waverley Academy website... 

I think after my ITEC course, I would certainly look into doing Kiva's course, I could see from her students on the night, they had gained so much knowledge from her. One student, Amy who was the model for the night explained just how much she loved the course, she said Kiva would show them so many looks that she felt she was now able to recreate herself, she also said that she has learned about so many new products she never heard of before and they have been great to use. Here is a pic of the look Kiva created on Amy at the class, I loved it!!

Some of the products used on the night were from a shop in Wicklow Kiva loves called Sunaura, here is a link to their Facebook page.. 

This is not a shop I have visited before but they do have a website you can purchase off although I think if you visit the store yourself you get a cheaper price (so the girls in the class told me)

Some of these new products which I think I may have to invest in are:

  • Banana Powder: This can be used as a highlighter giving the skin a little colour.
  • Cameo Powder: This is a lighter version of the banana and is a matte highlighter.
  • MaqPro Palette: This is a great little concealer palette which you can also get the colours on an individual stick (similar style to the pan stick) and Kiva used both the light peach and darker peach.
The night began with a lovely presentation made to Kiva for her achievements in the academy. Kiva has successfully filled and completed two of her own courses and now she is set to do an advanced course for the members of the class who have just finished the 10 week course. The advanced course will be held over 5 weeks and will be one evening a week, incorporating 5 different looks each week for the class to learn to recreate. Kiva's current class ran for 10 weeks, two evenings a week, that is jam packed with loads of demo's, info and practice time, a perfect course for any Kiva fan like me or if you have a serious love of makeup and want to create beautiful looks this really could be the course for you!

Here is Kiva getting her cert...

After Kiva received her certificate she then went on with Derek to present the class members with their certs. Some of the girls were willing to get their pic taken straight away and some preferred not to as they had arrived to the class without makeup on so here is just a few snaps of the girls with Kiva...

Kiva with Adrienne

Kiva with Alexandra

Ciara and Kiva

Kiva with Fran

Kiva then spent most of the class time applying the look onto Amy. If you would like a step by step guide to this look please feel free to click over to my blog page on Facebook Emma Sheehan Blog  and ill send it to you no problem.

The girls then paired up and tried out some of the tips they had just gotten from Kiva, I loved the Ombre lip look and the girls did really well. Anyone who knows me or my blog knows I love some bright lippy so I will deffo have to try the ombre look.

Some of the brushes Kiva used on the night were Sigma brushes, I am ashamed to say apart from a teeny brush I got from Cloud 10 Beauty as a sample I have NO Sigma brushes I must change this! On this night she used:

  • Sigma E40
  • Sigma E25
  • Inglot 4SS
  • MAC 239
  • Inglot 7FS
It was so lovely getting to chat to Kiva after the class, she totally sold her class to me and hearing such positive reviews from students who has just finished it was fantastic. I really think if you have watched Kiva's videos, you know how passionate she is about makeup and helping you to look wonderful and the course is such great value I advise anyone reading this who is a fan like me GET ON IT!!!

Here is one of Kiva's latest videos for you to check out...

Of course I got my own pic taken with Kiva so here we are!!

Total fan pose ahhhhh!

Kiva's next course is starting on May 15th and if you have an interest in this please contact Waverley Academy on 01-4089769 or email Kiva at her Facebook page Little Kiva 

Finally I would just like to thank Derek for inviting me along to see the class, to the class for letting me in on their close knit group and also to Kiva herself for taking the time to chat to me, answering all my little questions and I really hope to meet her again and take part on one of her courses in the future. I love attending Waverely Academy and this is helping me so much as a blogger and a budding MUA, I cannot receommend the school enough and with so many venues, you too can take part in this amazing place and develop your talents!!

Here is Kiva and her group...

Really hope you enjoyed the post and do check out Kiva if you haven't already ladies.

Emma x

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  1. Really love your blog! I'm a qualified makeup artist but I'm totally considering this course now! I don't think you can ever stop learning with makeup and I love little kiva always watch her videos! The makeup looks she does are amazing!! X

  2. Awh thanks so much Anna-Leigh, I really think I need to take part in Kiva's next course, I'm still studying at the moment until June so I don't know if I can do the May course but deffo want to link in with her again she has such talent xx