Our smokey looks at Waverley Academy!


Hey All,

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend and not too full on chocolate, I loved my 1st can of coke and packet of taytos after all of lent not having any.... Oh it felt amazing!!!

I've had a pretty quite bank holiday weekend but still been out and about loads with family and that so apologies for the late posting.

Today I wanna do a double week update on my time at Waverley Academy. We have spent the last two weeks of class, learning about smokey evening looks and also practicing them so I decided to do a double post as we had more time to practice on each other last week. Firstly I had to pack up my kit Thursday afternoon and get ready for my trip to College. Also here is a pic of the set up of a station at Waverley.

So on week one of the evening look, Tanya (our tutor) showed us a simple but beautiful eye look on Elaine. I literally had to stand and sneak some pictures as it was driving me mad there was no pics in my posts so here we are....

Tanya explained to us that you need to use at least 4-5 colours when creating a smokey look, you don't need to be as structured but you do need to keep an eye on your blending so the dark colours do not reach your brows and also that your colours do not have any harsh lines, you need to have blended colours looking natural on the eye.

Last week I then worked on Lisa who happens to be a fellow Deise woman so to be fair we spent so much time having the catch ups we did work really hard to create good smoked looks.

Before we carried out our makeup looks we went through our cleanse and tone procedure. This will be a part of our exam so it's really important we go through it time and time again so we can all get really high marks in our exams.

The evening look will be part of our look book but not part of our practical exam. We have four different looks to complete, day, evening, bridal and fashion. I have asked a few of my friends in Dublin to be a part of all of these looks so I am really looking forward to getting them out of the way and getting loads of practice in. We have both our day and our evening look due for next week so I shall be posting pics of them once the girls OK it.

We then had about 45 mins to create a look on each other so I used mostly cranberry tones and dark browns on Lisa and tried to work on the flick of the gel eyeliner but it didn't go to plan so we just left it. We were running out of time but it is something I feel will be the death of me at times!!

Here is the look I created on Lisa:

Top Left: This pic is taken without flash on my Samsung S4 and the other three pictures have been taken using the Beauty Mode on the Samsung S4. This does enhance features and clear impoerfections but Lisa is naturally stunning.

Here are a few more snaps of the girls at work on the night....

I really enjoy the weekly atmosphere in the class we have. We are now down to 12 as Roisin has had to leave us because she got a new job (Yay for Roisin) but there's just a really good bobd between the girls already, none of us are experts, we help each ther out, Tanya is great working with us, we are doing these weekly question sheets and they are really helping us to retain the info, doing sample questions was really the only way I could learn to study so we are doing them week by week and keeping track of our own prgress. I love the vibe in Waverley Academy and I really hope that after this class I will go on to continue to work with Waverley. I can see myself teaching (you heard it here first!!)

Lindsey kindly sent me these pics after class as I wanted to showcase our work and also here is the purple look Lisa created on me with the fab before shot thrown in there!

Before and after of me created by Lisa

Leah's look created by Lindsey

Danielle's look created by Roz

So there we have it ladies (and gents if you're reading this) my first full showcase of what we do at Waverley, I cannot tell you enough how much I love going there but I'm hoping throughout this diary you see all the love I have for the place and also how much I have progressed in my ability and knowledge of the makeup industry.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with me at emmajosephinesheehan@gmail.com

Emma x

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