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Hi Ladies,

I was not feeling at all like getting up this morning, was it just me or was it absolutely freezing?? I had a very early start and the car was totally iced over which again did not help my Monday mood at all. The only plus to this Monday morning was my chance to show off my new hair... Yep I got the hair did at the weekend and I am delighted with it!

I didn't think I'd go for much of a change but my own hair has just felt so dull and lifeless lately I wanted it warmed up and healthier looking... enter Burgundy Beauty Blackrock!

Burgundy is a salon I have been to many times since moving to Dublin. I have been there for tan, nails and my hd brows and now I was tackling my hair there. The blow dry bar opened during the year and is now thriving with a fantastic deal of 20% off services on Wednesdays (note to self come back on a Wednesday)

I had put a shout out on Facebook for a salon to go to as I find it too hard to get back to Waterford just to get my hair done so I wanted to find someone new. Now if you have been following me since before the summer you'll know I have had a horrible time with my hair in the last few months!!

I have had a bad dye job, the place I will never mention again in my life but I asked for a soft grown out BLONDE  highlights not even ombre just a gentle surfer look and was left with this utter disgrace and spillage spots on my head....

I mean the absolute state of me, I cried so much!!

I then had to lose up to 4 inches off my hair in an attempt to try and sort out the mess of a cut that same dye job person created, my hair was coloured at home this time :) ...

I then couldn't hack the blonde as it just didn't suit me at all so had a brown worked back in the top, again done at home but at this stage my hair was just in shite from all the bleach it had in it, but then that faded and I wasn't happy to I went dark....

That was lovely but that was a huge 16 weeks ago so on 
Saturday I decided enough was enough, time to look after my hair and get the conditioner back right!! I booked myself in with the fab Roxanne for 12:30 and although traffic was a nightmare I made it just in time. Before we get into the nitty gritty I'm sure you want to see the results if you haven't already so here you are my hair change for Christmas 2014.

I love it! Genuinely so happy with how my hair looks now, it's so shiny, I got a little trim off the ends so that's some of the badness cut out of it and i'll have to stay on top of them now to ensure I don't have to get as much cut off as the blonde time! Roxanne used a mixture of two colours and she said the next time if I don't want as much red put into it we can leave out that stronger colour. I am delighted with the condition of my hair and I'll be sure to look after it much better now that I'm happy. We went with a semi permanent colour as Roxanne said, if you don't have grey hair there is no need to be lashing in a full tint as especially in my hair, it needs a break and a chance to recondition.

The salon was buzzing on Saturday as it just so happened to be the salons 6th birthday. Laura and her team have worked so hard in the last 6 years the place is just fantastic and seems to be expanding every time I go in there.

I was worked on by the fantastic Roxanne who is just back from maternity leave. I was recently at a bloggers dinner event and heard Karen from Beauty Baggage since Roxanne's praises and any girl who comes out happy with highlights at this stage must be wonderful gien my woeful experiences. So as I sat reading my free Image magazine and sipping on a small glass of buck fizz Roxanne began my transformation.

Please excuse my nails, I'm trying to let them heal

I really like the salon, all the staff are lovely, it's warm and cosy, the products that are used are the best available and it's really good value for money. I spent nearly three hours in the salon between the time Roxanne took to apply my colour, which I have to comment on... she took such time to ensure all my hair was covered, I was really relaxed, offered lots of tea and mince pies, then she carefully trimmed my hair. I had her well warned I didn't want to lose any hair I didn't need to lose and she promised me she would only take what's needed. Thankfully it was the bare minimum so now I am back on track with growing out my layers and letting my hair come back down to where it was.

The blowdry was amazing! I can never get good body in my own hair and unfortunately the wind on Saturday ruined it in the following hour but in the salon, I had stunning high hair, so soft and silky and I was just beaming. It's taking a little getting used to again now that my hair is darker and I'm not wearing tan but I'll be sure to lash on the tan for the next few weeks. Actually, I am heading back to burgundy on Friday for a spray tan so of course I'll have that up on the blog.

I just want to say thanks so much to Laura and to Roxanne and the team for a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Roxanne was excellent and I will deffo be back to her to keep up the care of my hair. Burgundy Beauty is so close to me and as I said the atmosphere is wonderful in there I'd advised anyone who can, to come and visit them. I have tagged the Facebook page above but you can see the full list of treatments and price list on the Burgundy Website HERE

One final big happy pose from me!

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  1. I am so so so glad you had a good experience! Roxanne is literally the best.

    You look fab!!!

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