Tanning Thursday- Week 14 Laurens Way Tan Gift Set


Heya beauties...

Wow I cannot believe I am on week 14 (well product 14 of my tanning series)

I took a break from this posting for a few weeks, as always life was a bit mental and to be fair I wasn't wearing a whole lot of tan but after giving my skin a break I am well back in the business of tanning this skin of mine!

Today I want to do a brief run down of a beautiful gift I received from Louise in Lulu Belle Beauty Waterford a few months back. Anyone who follows me, knows Louise is my go to lady in Waterford when I'm home. She is pretty much the only woman I will trust with my brows at this stage!

Such a lovely present

So Louise sent me this really lovely Lauren's Way tanning set. It is a perfect Christmas gift for any tan lover in your life if this is something you think they'd like, it's fab. It comes with a moisturiser, a spray tan in dark and a lotion in medium. I have tried all three products and the verdict... I love them all!!!

Laurens way is such a popular brand that I have heard so much about this year. My own bestie Lainey always wears this tan going out and actually gets her tanning done with the ladies in Lulu Belle so I was eager to try it.

All the scents are fab but of course the moisturizer smells the best. In order for your tan to look it's best be sure to do all your exfoliating and shaving at least the morning before your tan. You want your skin to be clean, dry and free from all products when you apply the tan. So for me, for a recent night out, I wore the spray tan on my legs and the lotion on my arms and I thought the results were both really nice. I think as always depending on the outfit you want to wear, you might want another layer of product but for this look I didn't feel the need to top up my body at all.

The lotion is a beautiful golden colour

Like an eegit of course I didn't take a full length selfie on the night but I can say the tan was just as lovely on my bottom half. I find trying to hold the phone for a full length pic quite difficult!

If you would like to get your hands on one of these gift sets in time for Christmas for either yourself or as a gift then be sure to pop into the girls in Lulu Belle Beauty Waterford and pick them up for the bargain price of €25. There is a lot of product in the bottles as it spreads so well using a mitt, you will get loads of use out of it for that brilliant price.

I am hoping to be back next week with another tan to review so enjoy your weekend and hope the Christmas shopping is going well!!

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