Green Angel Seaweed & Teatree Rescue Cream- Review


Hi Lovelies,

Have you heard of Green Angel Skincare?

“Green Angel creams and essential oils are based on the fusion of two ancient therapies – Thalassotherapy and Aromatherapy. Thalassotherapy refers to the variety of treatments that use seawater and seaweed to tone, moisturise and revitalise the mind and body and to improve circulation. 

Seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals, iodine trace elements and iron and has huge therapeutic benefits. It is especially beneficial to people who suffer from skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Seaweed is made up of almost the same composition as human blood plasma, and because of this the body can absorb the vitamins and minerals quickly and effectively.  The seaweed used in all Green Angel products comes from the west coast of Ireland and is meant to be one of the purest waters in the world.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils. The oils are derived from plants and are chosen for their individual healing and therapeutic benefits in treating skin conditions, enhancing beauty, promoting wellness and bringing balance to mind, body and soul. The oils penetrate the pores of the skin and cell membranes and absorbs into the blood and tissue providing tremendous benefits.

So by combining Irish Seaweed and Natural Essential Oils and using this as a base, it gives Green Angel a 21st century superior range of ‘top to toe’ skin care products - many of these are award winning , such as the Green Angel Hand Cream, Night Cream , Eye Gel, Body Cream and Body Smoother”

There ya have it a little blurb on Green Angel it’s a fantastic Irish company which has seen itself grow in products and fans over the last couple of years. I was sent a beautiful package from Green Angel a few weeks back to road test one of their latest products for the face, the Seaweed and Tea Tree Rescue Cream. Let’s take a look at what’s in this cream and what are my thoughts on it.

Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream

Green Angel Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream combines the therapeutic and rejuvenative benefits of Irish Seaweed with Tea Tree essential oil, renowned as a natural antiseptic.    This gives a powerful formulation which will help soothe, preserve and heal the skin.  This powerful Rescue cream can be a gentle method of helping to control skin irritations and problems such as acne, eczema psoriasis, rosacea, cold sores, athlete’s foot, insect bites, minor cuts, scrapes or scratches. Gentle enough to use on all skin types.

Essential Oils / Active Ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile, Lavender, Comfrey and Ginseng Extracts, Irish Seaweed Extracts (Bladder Wrack, Toothed Wrack, Carrageen, Knotted Wrack) Sea Lavender Extract. Size-50ml Price €20 in Pharmacies nationwide.

All green angel products are also available on

I am a smell person, I have said that time and time again on this blog and I absolutely love the smell of tea tree. I think it’s from being a child I think for me it’s the smell of healing, of something getting better. To me, tea tree is a clean smell so when I opened the jar of face cream I was delighted you can actually smell the tea tree.

I also feel I was the right candidate to test this product over the last few weeks as my skin hasn’t been the best. I think this is down to too much stress and poor diet, it’s on the way to getting better and I really do feel this cream has helped. It’s used very sparingly on the skin so the €20 jar will last you ages. I feel it’s very good value.

I already own the seaweed and aloe eye gel, I like to keep it in the fridge so it’s lovely and cold in the morning to soothe my sleepy eyes and in the evenings it’s so nice after the stress and strain of daily life.

This new rescue cream is a really good product if you're conscious about the type of products you are putting on your face. Sometimes when we have spots we go attacking our skin with really harsh products that will only cause damage to the rest of our skin if these harsh chemicals are put on them to solve only one problem. As I said earlier, I use this product really sparingly, I only use it on the areas of my face that need it. You just apply a thin layer and gently rub it into the skin. I have used it on the problems areas on my face and continue to to do when they flare up again.

I also had a gift set from Green Angel I won at a Bloggers event a couple of years back which included a soap a hand cream and a body lotion and I loved them all. I think if I was to choose one treat for myself from Green Angel I would next try the Seaweed and Apricot Facial Scrub as it just sounds like something my face would love, getting rid of all the dead skin cells leaving my face all clean and radiant...yep deffo me!

Be sure to check out all the Green Angel Skincare products on on twitter @GreenAngelSkin

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