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Hello Lovelies,

Today on the blog we are talking one of my great loves, tan!!

Janice O’ Sullivan, creator of the latest self-tan SunKiss, shares her top tips for applying self-tan to ensure a perfect result every time!

Top Tips for Applying Fake Tan

Tip 1: Hair Prepare
It is important to get rid of any unwanted hair before tanning, wax 48 hours or shave 24 hours before applying. This ensures the skin has calmed and any shaving cuts have healed.

Tip 2: Scrub Up
Exfoliate to gently remove dead skin cells. For maximum exfoliation, use exfoliating gloves, working the scrub in a circular motion, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, which will result in an even golden colour.  

Tip 3: Oil Free
Make sure your skin is free from any deodorant, moisturisers or perfumes, as they can leave traces on the skin that can cause streaking.

Tip 4: Shower Power
If you’re tanning at home and shower just before your tan application, blast your skin with cold water just before you step out of the shower. It will close all of your pores so no tan builds up, blocking your pores. 
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Tip 5: Dry Off
After showering, towel dry and wait 10 mins before applying your self-tan.

Tip 6: Commit to the Mitt
The mitt you choose is very important to give a streak free and even application. SunKiss tanning mitt is a luxurious, double sided, velvet tanning mitt. It’s fool proof and will glide over your skin creating a fabulous glow quickly. Spray SunKiss Tanning Mist 6-12 inches from the body in sweeping movements to achieve an even tan, or spray the tan on the SunKiss mitt and rub! Alternatively pump SunKiss Tanning Mousse onto the mitt and apply to the skin by rubbing gently and evenly which will allow the mousse to absorb, giving a flawless glow! 

Tip 7: Streak Free 
Make sure the area you wish to tan is covered all over with an even layer of tan. 

Tip 8: Aftermath 
For best results apply in the morning and leave your tan to develop for 4-6 hours before showering. Allow to completely dry before contact with clothes or hair. Wear dark, loose clothing once you have finished your application.

Tip 9: Upkeep 
When showering for the first time use a gentle shower gel and pat skin dry with your towel, rubbing will scrub off the tan.
Tip 10: Finish it off
Moisturise to lock in hydration and watch your tan naturally fade leaving no patches or un-even skin tones, SunKiss tan wears really well for up to 5 days!

Enjoy that SunKiss tan!

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"SunKiss is a responsive tanning product that adapts to your skin-tone to create the sun kissed and natural glow you’re looking for. Originally a professional spray tanning product Janice wanted to create a high quality tanning system that could be applied at home. Easy application and a sweet fresh scent were key to the final product design which Irish consumers can now enjoy. With SunKiss you know that you are going to look authentically tanned with a healthy glow!"

SunKiss instant self-tanning mousse 200ml – RRP €12.95 and self-tanning mist 150ml - RRP €12.95 & the SunKiss luxurious tanning mitt - RRP €5.95. This is a budget friendly tan which I have to agree will really suit the Irish skin tone. I find with this tan a natural glow is what you get, this may not suit some people who like to be super dark for nights out but for someone who loves to wear tan all the time and can't really embrace the pale in her life, this tan is right up there with my faves for a weekly glow. I have layered this over a couple of applications to get it darker on my skin but I like the natural glow. People often ask me to equate a tan to a foundations shade and I think for me the SunKiss in the medium colour would be similar to a MAC Studio Fix foundation in NC20. I can't even wear NC15 when I'm pale as that's too dark so you can see now why I like to have a glow all the time!! 

Have you tried the new tanning range? Let me know your thoughts!

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