Where did you go... my lovely??


Hello Lovelies,

Long long time no chat! Miss me? Even notice there was no actual blog posts in recent weeks? You know what... if you didn't good for you because I knew there wasn't any blog posts and I didn't miss them! No joke! I didn't miss the time spent needing to write them, to take the pictures or to finally get the laptop to comply with me now I really think it's on it's last legs. I my friends... was having my first block of time of during the summer in years!!!

For those of you that don't know, my day job is nothing to do with beauty or makeup at all. I actually moved job in March and think I have found the one for me after years of searching. It was allowing me to start my day early, spend my day with people and have the evenings then to follow my hobbies. Part of the job gave me 5 weeks off this summer (this wont be the same every summer) but it's just been a brilliant time. I have spent my five weeks spending time with friends, with J, doing lots of fun wedding things and yes using lots of wonderful beauty products that I'm now ready to talk about.

At the end of the day, I've never made a secret out of my priorities in life and with my wedding now less than a year away I will be one busy bee over the coming months. There are loads of the beauty wedding aspects I am happy to share on the blog and then there will be the main things which are private to myself and J. Wedding skin, hair, nail, makeup are of course going to be featured on the blog. I am hoping to make it back to events in the run up to Christmas and I have loads of goodies I want to talk about over the next few weeks.

I have been keeping up to date on my Instagram and I have been using my Facebook page to ensure that I showcase packages that have come through the door along with purchases I have made myself. As I go back to work next week, I am heading to Zinc Hair & Beauty on Friday, I am also heading back to Anita from Adorn.ie to try a second colour of The Manicure Company and then I am back in with Elaines Beauty for my character nails & Dermalogica facial all by the first weekend in September. So you see there's loads to look forward to seeing on Mastering Your Makeup.

I think it's so important to remember what's important in your life. All too often I read blog posts from fellow bloggers apologising for not having posted, feeling guilty for not keeping up with their three blog posts a week. If you are a makeup lover and your fave blogger hasn't posted you will always find someone else to read.(but do come back) I look to bloggers for honest reviews on products I may wish to purchase myself. I interact with bloggers and ask questions in relation to my skin type (foundation is always a big one for me) it's good to know if they have the same skin as you. The beauty market is completely flooded with new products all the time and I for one certainly do not have the funds to buy every single new release. Nor am I of the blogging calibre that means I get every new product sent to me (that certainly doesn't happen) I love all things beauty and that's why I love reading other bloggers reviews and actually taking on their feedback before I choose to spend my money or not. 

I think that's partly why I didn't write on my time off, there's no point in writing a half ass review of something when you haven't really used it or given enough detail into your thoughts so again I'm really looking forward to getting back to writing now I've tried some products during my time off. I hope you are too, I've been using new products, I've emptied some of my most loved beauty products and then of course I've bought some treats for myself as all beauty lovers do.

So that's just a little update for you all and as I say my blogposts, facebook & possibly even my snapchat will be back up & running soon. I completely removed myself from snapchat as my holidays were my own so if there are things to be shared on the snaps then you'll find me at @emmajcs My instagram shot always go to my twitter @emmajcsheehan the Facebook page is as always Mastering Your Makeup!

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