Zinc Hair & Beauty- My Hair Journey!


Hello Lovelies,

I was thinking about writing this post for a little while now, I have been going to Lisa and her team in Zinc Hair & Beauty in Kilmainham Dublin since April 2015. I first went to Lisa because I was so sick and tired of my hair being in crappy condition. I had been to MANY salons before Zinc. I had some really good experiences in salons in Waterford but when I moved to Dublin I couldn't find a salon I loved. I also have great notions for my hair at times and wanted to try things but they never worked out so a lot of the time I ended up really disappointed with the results. I actually went for about 5 hair consultations in salons in Dublin before going to Zinc. I really was that terrified and almost all of the consultations called for a lot of my hair to be cut off, again!

I went to Lisa and my hair was in bits... I was so scared to get it cut again. I had lost 4inches at home in Waterford after another failed attempt at getting my hair lighter so now I was terrified to get it cut again. The ends were so dry and broken that there was no clean line at the end of my hair. Even when straightened it didn't look great anymore. 
Lisa was brilliant! She could see from the get go, my hair needed some serious hydration. My hair also had three colours through it. One block of colour right in the middle was a serious build up of old colour. Lisa could also tell that the ends of my hair were extremely pores and would suck colour into them super quick so she knew then she had to colour my hair in stages.

The first time I got my hair done I was blown away by the results. The colour looked so healthy and the ends of my hair that were taken off just made my whole hair look really shiny. I remember Lisa didn't even take a full inch of my hair, she assured me we could work on getting my hair cut a little at a time so it wouldn't be such a shock to me. I was more than happy with this plan.

April 2015- my first visit

Going to Zinc, I also discovered Moroccanoil Hair Treatment. Lisa is a trainer with the brand which was completely new to me. Lisa was able to explain all the benefits to this little bottle of wonder and I couldn't wait to get it into my hair. I was gifted a started kit of the shampoo and conditioner along with a bottle of the oil itself. Now that we are two and a half years into my appointments in Zinc, I still use Moroccanoil treatment, dry shampoo, texture spray and shampoo & conditioner. 

June 2015

September 2015

Another product which I was introduced to while visiting Zinc is Olaplex. Olaplex was a phenomenon to hit salons in Ireland and Lisa was one of the first to start using it. Every single appointment I have in Zinc, my hair is coloured using Olaplex. My hair is treated at the basin with Olaplex number 2 and I also own the home treatment of Olaplex number3. 
I know that in the past I would have considered the additional cost of treatments as a gimmick I wasn't willing to invest in while having my hair done but now I wouldn't be without them. I actually have no idea what my hair would look like without having Olaplex as part of the process but I cannot imagine it being the same. The healthy condition of my hair came back so much quicker using this product. Any colour that myself and Lisa have decided to put into my hair has come out really nice with no damage to my hair and again I have to credit Olaplex for this. 

March 2016

August 2016

December 2016

Seeing as I have been going to Zinc for so long, I thought I would now share the progress my hair has made during my time there. Christmas December 2016 I decided to chop my hair a bit. I was feeling extremely brave and I asked Lisa to cut what needed to be cut. I now have hair which is in much better condition, the length is back and the blocks of colour are now gone.

March 2017

August 2017

December 2017

As well as attending Zinc for colours and cuts, I have of course been in for upstyles so let's take a look at them also.

July 2015

May 2016

October 2016

July 2017

September 2017

I would 100% recommend Lisa and her team in Zinc if you are Dublin based and looking for a friendly salon with huge skills and the latest techniques and products. This post is in no way sponsored, I am a paying customer in Zinc, I have been from day one and will remain a loyal customer of Lisa's as long as I live in Dublin.

If you are also a beauty lover, Zinc is not only a hair salon but a Hair & beauty Salon. I have had waxing and tanning carried out in the salon and again would highly recommend the team there. 

I've really enjoyed writing this post as I enjoy each and every time I go to Zinc for the quality of the service, the great cups of tea, lovely biscuits and of course the craic! Lisa and her team are awesome!!

You can check out Zinc for yourself in Kilmainham Dublin and on their social media accounts;

Facebook: Zinc Hair and Beauty
Instagram: @zinchairandbeauty
Twitter: @info_zinc
Snapchat (Lisa's): @choppy66 

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