Blank Canvas Cosmetics Magnimarble Brush Set


Hello Lovelies,

So here we are back to talking about brushes. I have such a love of makeup brushes. I legit convince myself each and every time i get new brushes, that these will be the ones to make me a pro! You can see then my complication at owning over 150 brushes at this stage and still no where near pro status!

Anyone following me here for any time at all will know the serious grá I have for Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes. These were the first brushes I ever purchased on the blog. I have also purchased not only for me but for my family and friends as I really feel Una and her team have created stunning brushes over the years.

As my love for Blank Canvas grew so too did my connection with the brand. Twice yearly, you can see my working my butt off on the BCC stand at the Irish beauty shows held in the RDS arena. I am there on the Sunday's as I work Monday's and I live for those days. It is mental on the stand from the minute the doors open until it closes. The shows take place in March & September and there's always a new release from Blank Canvas available. There's always something I have to pick up or pick up for someone else who can't make the show. There are always fantastic discounts on the day you literally cannot stop yourself from shopping. Brush Sets and Palettes with huge reductions not to mention there's about 30% off individual brushes so you're gonna stock up.. it's the law!

I have already been peeking on the Website and  Instagram on the lovely Sinead Cady 'The Makeup Chair' to see what's going to be at the show in the next few weeks and there seems to be a new beauty blender with my name all over it!!

For Christmas 2017, Blank Canvas Cosmetics sent me their STUNNING new magnimarble set. Unfortunately because Santa and the postman were so busy, my parcel made it's way all the back to BCC hq and didn't even get me to. Thankfully it made it's way the second time so it was a spectacular birthday pressie instead!

Let's take a look at all the details of this stunning new set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics website...

Luxury Magnimarble Brush Set with holder- Limited Edition €100

This set contains:
10 gorgeous marble infused with copper ferrule and magnetic base brushes, not only beautiful to look at but all multi functional.
1x Magnetic frame to display your designer brushes in a number of positions-upright/upside down.
 Packed in a luxury keepsake gift box

MF56 Medium Buffer:  Perfect to use with liquid, cream or powder products such as concealer/contour/highlight.
MF08 Dome Buffing Brush. Ideal for foundation/blush/contour application.
MF38 Duo Fibre Face Brush: Ideal for sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face.
MF35 Small Angled Edge Face Brush: Use to apply or blend concealer, foundation, cream contour, and powder products.
MF47 Medium Powder Brush: Ideal to use as a finishing brush for application of blush/powder
MF22 Jumbo Buffer: Ideal for buffing concealer/foundation to smaller areas.
MF48: Flat Concealer Brush. Use with cream or liquid products.

ME45 Duo Fibre Eye Blender: Amazing eyeshadow blending brush. Great for concealer too.
ME11 Brow/Liner Brush: Perfect for brow grooming or applying liner to the lash line. Great with powder/gel/cream product.
ME04 Flat Shader: Ideal for applying or shading product. Also great for applying lip product.

With Luxury Keepsake Gift Box

Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? And I have to say straight out as good as pics are, you cannot beat the feel of a good brush. They are super soft. I took my pics and made my little video the minute they arrived in the door but I was almost afraid after that to touch them with product. They're the type of brush that you stroke along your face after a tough day at work (I cannot be the only one to do that)

My thoughts are that €100 price tag will scare people off. I ask you, plead with you to consider what you are getting for that money. It is 10 brushes, 10! That doing my spectacular maths shows you €10 per brush for the quality and look of these babies is a bargain! The brushes are unreal, I love the face brushes, hands down my two favourites from the entire set are the MF08 love the feel of this brush and it's amazing for my foundation, gives such an even finish to my skin. Secondly I love the MF47 for that little something extra when you think you're finished a look, it's so light that you can give your cheekbones that extra sparkle or add a little more contour without disturbing what you've created already.

The case and the magnetabilty (I don't know if that's a word) of the products are so cool!I mean come on, you never have to put your brushes on a dirty surface, you don't have to worry about them losing their shape ever because the base of them will literally stick to the frame and voila, shape is perfect! Now just in case anyone wants to try their brushes using the magnets, DO NOT stand your brush directly up after washing it, this can lead to water seeping into the handle of the brush and you losing your head because you're loosening the glue. I'm just putting it out there because it might seem like a really good idea but we try our brushes on their sides not standing up! I would have for someone to lose a brush head over this cool new magnet box.

This brush set is a stunning gift, whether you want to treat yourself or there's a special someone who really deserves a great brush set. I adore the face brushes in this set and have been using them now quite regularly once getting over getting product on them. So super soft and they clean so easily for me when I use the Blank Canvas Brush & Sponge Soap. I find that if you look after your brushes properly they also look after you. Keeping your brushes clean and in their original shape will help them last much longer for you. 

I have had a few nights away recently between heading home to Waterford and off to see friends, the magnimarble brushes also fit perfectly into the blank canvas cosmetics standee so are perfect for travelling. 

Is this brush set something you see yourself investing in? Have you tried them?

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