Being an Honest Blogger and What That Means to Me...Honestly! :)


Hi Everyone,

Today this is a different type of post for me and it was a strange decision to make to do one like this so I'd really like some feedback on whether you like this kinda post or do you rather when I stick to my makeup journey and product reviews.

I am a very lucky blogger, since I started blogging I have made some wonderful connections with PR companies and Brands alike and at times over the year, I am gifted with products to review or receive goody bags when I attend events. It’s possibly one of the best things about being a blogger as you can discover brands you have never heard of but will forever support and also try out products maybe you couldn't afford to splash out on all the time.

As you know the beauty industry moves a mile a minute and while we strive to have ‘go to’ products or staples in our kits, you do get so distracted with all the ‘newbies’ that are launched. I may not have massive expenses in my life like... be married, own a house or have any children but whether you have all or none of them; I personally cannot keep up with the latest trends, buying every single product that comes on the market, my bank balance just will not allow it! I currently have a wishlist that I cannot tick anything off as I have a huge year of weddings and hens so I love when I get something in the post, it literally has become my favourite thing.

I do however feel really strongly that even if something is gifted to you, you deserve as my readers, to hear what I really think of products. I know at the start of blogging I wanted to like everything so I wouldn't have to tell a PR I didn’t like something so they would keep me on their blogger list, but that’s just a ridiculous notion and it didn't work because I couldn’t do the whole “you need to buy this” when I couldn't see the value in the product. We have a duty to each and every one of our readers to be honest.

I have seen countless posts on social media of late about bloggers who ‘love’ everything being fake and ‘shallow’ but I have to say, there have been maybe two  products I purposely didn't review because I didn't like them at all but that is all down to personal preference and I think it’s important to remember that.

We are all individuals, my skin type, body type and personal taste could be miles away from yours so if I don't like something it is only ever based on my attempt to use something. For a classic example, I could probably buy or be sent 5 different liquid liners, I can judge how long the application stick is, how black the pigment is in the liner but I can safely say none of them will make the grade with me. Why is that? I am absolute crap at using liquid liner. Liner is a very difficult part of any makeup application, I have never gotten a decent flick, a straight line or a happy result with liquid liners. Thousands of you will wake up every day lash it on, and love it and I am so jealous! So that’s my thing, my one thing I cannot get over and it’s mostly because I practice so hard with my gel and my pens that I just don’t even try anymore. I don't think I'm being ‘bad’ towards any brand because I know I am just being honest and that’s really important to me.

I have not ever to this date been paid to write anything and although I am not totally sure that’s the same thing as being ‘sponsored’ I assume it’s similar. I do buy makeup, I avail of the 3 for 2 offers in Boots a lot. I get vouchers for MAC & Inglot as presents and I spend my own wages a lot of the time. When something is sent to me I like to review it, sometimes it takes longer than I’m sure PR’s expect but blogging is not my full time job. I write posts when I’m not in work, I schedule them or post them at good times of the day for you to read them and sometimes I lose out on much needed sleep because I pressure myself into getting a blog post done.

This is not always productive so I am trying to get much more organised with my postings. I may not be in a position to review every product in single posts which leads me to the ‘Tried & Tested’ blog post notion. I think I will start putting a mix of products into posts, let you see what I liked, maybe what I didn't like and what I recommend.

I would love love love some feedback on this post if this is something you’d be happy to see or if you have any comment on my post here in relation to opinions on blog posts.

Please do keep in touch and thank you to each and every one of my readers for supporting my little dream!

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  1. Totally agree. I'm a stay at home mum with a mortgage so the luxury of buying is not afforded to me. So like you I am always delighted to receive some goodies to try out and I won't forget how lucky I am to receive these gifts. I also rely on birthdays and special occasions for vouchers so then I don't feel guilty about my splurge in Boots lol I strive to give my honest opinion on everything and maybe something I live may not be for the next person and vice versa. Great post x

    1. Thanks so much I really appreciate the support and now I'm glad I wrote the post xx

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